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  1. Those USB adapters with rip through Crysis like it nobody's biz...lol jk. I was thinking about putting an ATI card in my "EVGA" build. That would be sacrilegious especially since I have the EVGA P67 classified.
  2. No for any functional reason. I have a couple of the 5000 series ATI cards which are working well with 3 displays. I just an putting a new build together and I am trying to have everything "EVGA"
  3. I agree with the previous post, I think Net+ is the best starting point. If this is what you want to do, go for it. Good luck with everything. You speak the truth, IT is not for the faint of heart. When you get thrown into the fire, it becomes a really humbling experience. We get so many guys applying for senior level IT positions that look awesome on paper, then buckle when it comes to onsite real world hands on. Everybody I talk to.... thinks the IT field is so easy. I have been messing with computers for a while, and I am far from a "know-it-all." I am thirsty for more knowledge when it comes to anything computers. It took working in the IT field to make me realize I have a lot to learn. It may sound odd but the more I learn, the more further away I am from my goal.
  4. I am looking for an Nvidia card that will support 3 displays. I know a bunch of ATI cards will do this. I am looking for the most basic card that can do this. It is just for extended desktops, not for Nvidia surround gaming or anything. I need 3 DVI connections. I am hoping that the card will have two dvi connections with a mini display port. Then I can get a mini display port adapter to DVI for a total of 3. Thanks.
  5. So is this game as bad as all the reviews say? 2 or 3 out of ten....
  6. I have not experienced any issues with crossfire and eyefinity at the same time. Not sure if 3 screens makes my gaming any better but I know it makes gaming much more enjoyable. I purchased and installed Homefront and could not get three screens to work and have not played it since. Once you have experienced 3 screen gaming, it feels so odd using a single monitor. It is like going back to standard screen from being use to a widescreen. If you can make use of 3 screen even when you are not gaming, I would say go for it. If you are not a hardcore gamer......I would think twice with the investment.
  7. Is there a specific audio driver and control panel for this motherboard? I looked on EVGA's site and Nvidia and could not find anything. I am getting sound from the generic Windows 7 driver but not 5.1, etc. Thanks for any help.
  8. No Eyefinity or Nvidia surround support......lame
  9. Will 3 cards running in 3-way SLI run Nvidia surround at 5760x1200? and still provide me with a 3 screen extended desktop when I am not gaming? I heard that in order to get a 3rd monitor as an extended desktop, I need a 4th card.
  10. This thing is insane. I thought I would share the link..... http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?p=471732#post471732
  11. Maybe if you run games in 5760x1200.... My link
  12. How does Crossfire X scale when eyefinity is enabled? What about SLI when Nvidia's 3d Immersion is enabled? Does it even use SLI? Just curious because I am gaming at 5760x1200, performance seems OK for now.
  13. I have recently hooked up 3 monitors to my 5870 card. I purchased an Accell active display port to DVI adapter to connect the 3rd monitor. Eyefinity is setup and working. My problem is that sometimes the monitor that is connected through this adapter does not display a single and shows monitor out of range message. Anyone experience this?? I guess there is always a possibility of a bad adapter but I wanted to see if anyone had any ideas. http://www.accellcables.com/products/DisplayPort/DP/dp_dvid.htm
  14. I would say it is the mouse or video drivers. I would reload both.
  15. Even the BIOS update? For me personally, I have had this happen on 3 different system builds with all 64 bit operating systems. The BIOS would see the memory but the OS showed something different and the BIOS update did it for me. I have seen other ones where it shows you have this amount but only this is available......most of the time it was some piece of hardware that shared system memory, not likely in your case since a gig is missing. For example....nvidia and ati had cards that would use up to 64 mb of system ram when needed.
  16. This isn't a hacked or pre-release version of 7 is it? Just making sure...
  17. Look for a setting in the BIOS called memory remap, if that setting is not available.....update the BIOS for the motherboard to the latest version. Make sure to load up default BIOS settings before flashing BIOS.
  18. I think you should be able to do almost everything you want running windows 2008 and windows 7 as a virtual machine is hyper-v. The only problem would be the gaming performance. You can dedicate system resources to the windows 7 machine but not sure how graphics would be. You can also give the virtual machine under hyper-v direct I/O to the physical disk like your were mentioning.
  19. For instance, on the old P5WDH 975x crossfire board, they were running SLI with modded NVIDIA drivers. They were like 90 series drivers, pretty old.
  20. Video game violence causing real world violence is like blaming the spoon, for making Rosie O'donnell fat.....
  21. The system works perfect when in windows? Have you tried it with all external devices unplugged from the machine besides just a keyboard and monitor?
  22. I installed GOW was back when it was new and the only issues I remember was it crashing to the desktop on startup. I have moved on to a new computer and felt like playing the game. It game me some error message about modified file and would not let the game launch. Research pointed to an outdated signature file in the game thats dated early 2009. If the system time is rolled back to before that.... the game launches and then crashes. Has anyone ran into this problem? Or is calling support the only way around it? Thanks for any help.
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