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  1. Like RED1776, I have a toaster which contains multiple cards (tri-SLI). The case has a 120 fan opening in the lower front and one in the back middle of the case, excluding the PSU fan. I have really high powered 120x38mm fans that sound like a jet. So the intake fan is pointed at the front of the GPU's. The rear fan is hopefully exhausting the heat from the cards. Isn't this the most optimal setup in this scenario? What do you guys think?
  2. I finally got the fans. I have to says that I am really impressed with the quality. After opening the box, I realize why they cost so much. My only negative on these fans were that I had to use the speed reducers to achieve the silence I was looking for. This is my first time purchasing anything from Noctua. I will for sure buy more products from them in the future, I will have to learn and to the love the tan and brown color = ).
  3. Really interesting info about case airflow, what do you guys think is the best? My link 1
  4. The only problem is I am not sure if it works, whether the limiting factor will be the P35 chipset or the BIOS ( I guess it will be a slight gamble, no matter what). I was just curious if anyone had tried it. It would be about $250 dollars down the drain if it does not work. All my other machines have DDR3.
  5. I have a gaming computer that is super loud which is OK; since I am either gaming with head phones, or blasting the speakers. My other system I use for photo editing and design work. My goal is to get this system as quiet as possible. It is pretty close to that right now but I want it quieter. The problem is the case has 4x 80mm fans. I don't want a new case with 120mm fans. I have use many types of quiet fans and they all seem to be the same. How are the Noctua in comparison? I have heard great things.
  6. I would like to add more memory to my old P35 DFI lanparty board. The manual's max memory specification is listed at 8GB of DDR2 in 4 DIMM slots which I am currently running. This seems to be the norm for most of the P35 boards I have researched. I would like to add more RAM to the system and don't know if it's possible. The reason why I am posting this is a friend of mine has an older intel 975x board, it is also listed on the specs at a max of 8GB of DDR2. He was able to get 16GB of RAM installed and registered by the OS. I can purchase it and give it a shot, but I don't believe I can return it if it does not work. Thanks
  7. Yes, you are exactly right. I just thought it was interesting at first. Not sure how many fps I get but it plays the game well.
  8. I know my setup is old, but I just wanted to vent....
  9. From what I read researching this issue, the consensus is you can only rebuild it when the status is "degraded", not when it has failed. Mine gave me a status of "failed" in the BIOS but I was able to rebuild it in the intel matrix utility. If all else fails, you may need to use a third party program to rebuild and recover the data using the two drives.
  10. If you enter the RAID BIOS and the array's status is failed, you will need to use intel matrix storage manager (download and install it if it's not installed) inside the OS to rebuild the drive. I just had the same exact thing happen.
  11. An honest politician is an oxymoron, politicians who tell the truth are unemployed waiting for Obama handouts....
  12. His death is a huge blow to the tech industry. Apple was either the company you loved, or loved to hate. Steve and the company led the way as the whole industry followed. There are many smart guys they can put in his place and call CEO,Chairman, etc, but Steve was a visionary and those people just don't come around.
  13. Great experience with them = )
  14. It's an old DFI SLI-DR board with a 4000+ AMD CPU, it has a basic PCI-E 5450 ATI card with HDMI. I just playing right to a Sony 42" LCD TV running 1920x1080 resolution. All the media are local on the computer. Thanks.
  15. I need some help on video playback issues. I used one of my retired desktops and built a Media Center PC. It is running Vista Ultimate but I am using XBMC for the interface. I have my whole DVD and BLU-RAY collection on here. I have been happy with this and can not expect much more. On some of the movie playback, I am getting a very slight shutter, sound is fine. I have tried new drivers, it is using the latest shark codec's. I don't believe there is much running in the background besides regular windows services. I don't have any temp monitoring programs running or anything. Anyone have any ideas on what might be causing the shutter?
  16. I am having some issues with my sata 3 cables connected to my SSD. For one, they are really difficult to bend. Two, the connector fits really loose on the sata connector on the SSD drive. I have tried 4 different sata 3 cables and they are all like that. I can sneeze by the computer tower and the drive is not recognized. I was wondering it it would lose performance with a regular sata cable?
  17. NM, I picked up a Patriot Wildfire....
  18. So the OS is installed on the intel SSD and the 3 drive RAID array is secondary? I am thinking something got screwed up with the boot loader. If this is the case, you will have to boot off the OS disk and launch BCDEDIT (boot.ini back in the XP days). Another possibility is perhaps the AHCI setting changed after the RAID was set up.
  19. It is the i7 920, thanks for pointing out the Frio. I have never seen that, it is a monster.
  20. Thanks for the replies. I have 2 systems with the corsair H50's and was planning on purchasing the H70 for my new build. I have just read too many horror stories lately of them leaking, so I an thinking about the air route.
  21. How well does the Thermalright 120 extreme work? Is it still one of the best air coolers out there? I need something for a 2600K and 920, thanks.
  22. Between the Crucial M4 and Corsair Force GT SSD, which one will give me better performance? I know they are close.
  23. I bought some modders mesh from mnpctech.com for a couple of builds. It was the honey comb mesh, I freaking love this stuff. It is only available in 1 x 1ft or 1 x 2ft squares. It says it no available in larger or custom sizes on the sight. Anyone know where I might be able to get something equivalent? I want to replace a clear plastic side windows on my case with the mesh for better breathing. Thanks for any help.
  24. I say go for it. Some people like it, some will tell you your a fool.... and will lose all your data. You need to set it up and test it out. You may not even notice a big enough performance difference to even care. I have always set up all my desktops with RAID 0....even back when hd's were 5.25 inches and you were the coolest guy around if you had a 9.6 GB. I currently have 6 drives in a RAID 0 on one system, and 4 SSD's in a RAID 0 in another system. If I am super concerned with data loss, I usually go for a RAID 5 setup. No matter what setup you have, you will lose data if you don't back up your stuff. You should go for 2 forms of backup, one on a USB drive, another could be an online backup.
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