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  1. So with the GTX 690 with 4GB of RAM, in SLI mode....is it still 2GB of total available of VRAM while gaming?
  2. I can't believe there is 12 different EVGA GTX 680's when I do a search on newegg. I see some are faster, the more expensive ones have 4 GB of RAM. What would be the effects of having a combined 2GB of memory, vs. having 4GB??
  3. uneedav8

    Hard Reset

    I purchased and downloaded this game from Steam. I see the physical copies at the store. They all are labeled "extended version" on the box. How can I tell if mine has the extended content? without re-purchasing. Anyone know?
  4. I was thinking of upgrading my old cards for something new. I need something that will be able to handle 5760x1200 with lots of detail. So I am thinking about either the GTX 680 SLI or GTX 690. They are both close in performance and price. What would you guys get? What would be the better solution in the long run? That meaning a year from now, if I wanted to add another card, etc. I am assuming it will be difficult to get another GTX 690 ( plus quad SLI always sucked). I also know these will be dinosaur graphics cards in that time. I still plan on making use of them for a while (since they cost so much). What do you guys think?
  5. That's what I plan on doing. Get two cards and maybe add another when the prices go down.
  6. I would definitely remove the coax cable from the UPS and run it straight to the modem. It's a good idea, but I would not trust it being filtered with all the intermittent connectivity. Is that line splitter something the technician installed during the modem setup? I would triple check the splitter and verify that it is the right Mhz. I hate that the ISP's blame everything but their connection. If it is a router problem, it would show up in the logs. You can usually log into the modems web interface by typing in into the web browser. You can click on the logs and see when the connection dropped, that will remove the router as the cause of any problems.
  7. Ivy or Sandy-E for tri SLI system? Anyone better for gaming? What do you guys think? Thanks for the replies.
  8. I have had my PS3 since it was released and have not played many of the shooters I have purchased. I have tried the game pad and just can't get use to it. I have seen many keyboard and mouse reviews and people seem to think they are too laggy. It that still the case? or is there a better solution now?
  9. Good idea to keep noise low but I want to keep this machine as simple as can be......so I guess just air cooling for now.
  10. They usually come with the case hardware for the motherboard. They go between the standoffs and the motherboard. You can go to your local hardware store and usually get small white nylon washers or black rubber washers. Anyone of those will work. Just as long as the screw head does not touch a circuit directly.
  11. If it plays the game well which I am assuming it does, don't worry about how many frames it shows. FPS is good for benchmarking. I am getting a steady 30 FPS in BF3 on my old 280GTX SLI hardware........but it's plays really well, and it's at 5760x1200.
  12. If you want to know your video card's FPS, that's what FRAPS will give you.
  13. In the second link, you will see some of the screws with orange/ brownish nylon washers underneath. You may not have those, you can get those from a pc case hardware, or a hardware store. DO NOT INSTALL THE SCREWS that are touching the circuits without them. I am assuming that is why they placed washers underneath specific screws.
  14. Unscrew those I circled, remove plastic bracket. Put back all the screws you can in the same location without bracket. My link Then it should look like this.... My link
  15. Just unscrew the top plastic piece which includes that long extension, put the screws back. Look at the 3rd picture from my link.... My link
  16. I am looking for a different cooler for my 5770. I need something that is quieter then the reference cooler. The only one I have seen is the Artic Cooling L2 but that takes up 3 pci slots....WTH? I can only afford to lose one.
  17. Just unscrew the stabilizer from the top and then put all the screws back.
  18. This will sound really dumb, but what I did to finally get it working was to install one module, boot up the system, install the second module, boot, all the way until all four was installed.
  19. I guess I am looking for a fanless not just for noise, but the fan pulls in so much crud and dust that I need to air can out the media center every two weeks.
  20. I was thinking about getting one of these for my media center? Have you guys used one that you would recommend?
  21. What the heck is up with Origin? I can play the game fine since day one. I launch Origin the other day and it does the massive update for BF3. Now I can no longer play the game. It will play for about a minute and then crash to the desktop, this happens every time.
  22. I finally got the chance to test this out. I purchased 2 packs of 2x4 GB modules. I installed all 16GB into the system. To my surprise, it posted on the first try registering all 16GB of RAM. The problem is when I tried to reboot the system a couple of times, it would stop on the memory test on the post and receive error code "4E". I then tried to set the timings and increase the DIMM volts up .5 and it seemed to be OK for a couple of more restarts. Eventually, it would randomly hang with the "4E" again. I then updated the BIOS from a 2007 version to 2009 version with no change.
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