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  1. I see it being sold. I just wanted to check and see if anyone knows for sure. http://www.gamingzap.com/ps3-ps2-ps1-component-audio-video-cable.html
  2. Will the PS1 work connected with component? Thanks
  3. Anyone know of any good sound themes for Win 7/8? That will add different sounds to minimizing/ maximizing windows, etc.
  4. That doctor really needs to scrub the idea of swapping drives between sites. He needs to setup each site with its own local backup. Get a CrashPlan, or iDrive account on each server backing up the data online (and be done). Those cloud backup solutions are HIPAA compliant.
  5. uneedav8

    Cloud Platform

    I don't see a difference. People use the word "cloud" like it is some kind of magic. Anything on the web, or cloud is located outside of your local network on the internet.They both require some sort of host (server) to store data. If you lose your internet connection, you lose access to the data.....(sure you can set it up for offline access, and synchronize files locally, etc...but you get the picture).
  6. I think this is what you are referring to..... http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/using-internet-connection-sharing#1TC=windows-7
  7. Thanks for the help, so let say that you plug in the 1600w monster in the 15amp circuit. Wouldn't the PC be using only what is needed from the 1600w maximum? which in my case would be way under 1600w.
  8. I noticed power supplies are up to 1600w and some ever higher. I also noticed that they are using NEMA 15 plugs. Is this pushing the limits? or too much for a standard home electrical outlet? would one have to be worrying about tripping circuit breakers, etc? Thanks!
  9. Well, my PSU has plenty of 8 and 6 pin PCI-E leads.....I just need more and that is why I am asking.
  10. Is it safe to use molex to PCI-E adapters? the 6 or the 8 pin....thanks
  11. Just curious if anyone is using one of these. I have always heard good things about them. I am just trying to figure out if I should replace my TWC DVR with one.
  12. Assuming your system is clean (free of viruses/malware). Run the SFC /scannow from the cmd prompt. If that comes back OK. Create a new user profile, and test applications logged in as the new user.
  13. Sounds like you have it right. The third monitor has to use an active adapter.
  14. I stream Pandora on the browser at work. It works pretty well for a while until I need to step away from the computer for a few minutes. Then when I am back, the music streaming stops. Pandora ask "still listening?". I click yes and the music continues. Does anyone know if the Pandora desktop software (included in the pay version) continues streaming music even if the computer is at idle? I don't think many people would pay just for the higher bit rate alone. Just curious if anyone knows for sure, thanks
  15. The other end is the same, and I do not know what it came with.
  16. Can anyone name this cable? The inside looks like an HDMI connnector, but the outside..... obviously not.
  17. I use a handful of video encoding utilities to convert my media files. In most of the programs, there is a check box to enable GPU encoding. With a supported GPU by ATI or Nvidia installed, you are suppose to be able to check this box. This is supposed to speed up the encoding process. I have been using an old 9800GT for a while. I was able to check,and un-check the GPU encoding box. I recently decided to install a GTX280 in it's place since it is quicker than the 9800GT. I installed it with the latest drivers. Now I noticed that the GPU encoding box is grayed out, and I can't enable it. I tried swapping the cards back to the old set-up which worked previously, and still no go. Both the 9800GT and GTX280 are in the supported for GPU encoding. I tried different drivers with no success. Anyone have any ideas?
  18. Since you said you tried reinstalling the wireless NIC drivers, I am assuming you are using WI-FI. Have you tried to just plugging it to the net with a Ethernet cable just for troubleshooting? See if it has the same issues wired, as it does wireless, and report back.
  19.     I have purchased this router. I can't tell if it is worth $250. What I can tell you is that I was also hesitant on buying this router, it is expensive. I read a dozen reviews on it, and wanted to find out for myself. I figured I can return it if I did not like it. I ended up keeping it. The thing is fast for wired and wireless connections. I probably wouldn't spend this much if I only have one wireless computer, or one wired computer connected to it. I have multiple wired and wireless connections connected at all times and it holds up pretty well.
  20. Is there a way to force a program to run multiple instances of itself? I have searched, but none of the tricks worked for me. Thanks for any help.
  21. What is the thinnest bezel available for a LCD or LED monitor? Most of the thin bezel monitors I see are 16:9. I am looking for a 24" 1920x1200 monitor with a really thin bezel, with HDMI and DVI connections....and VESA mounting. Thanks for any help.
  22. I have had this system for a few years and everything has been working great. The other week, I tried to power on the system and it started but then immediately shut down. I tried to check all the connections inside the case and from the psu to the mb.....no change. I tried another psu to see if the system would start up. I plugged it in and the system booted fine. I then finally located my psu tester. I plugged in the original psu and the tester said that it was fine. So i put that (original psu) back in the case and it seemed to work fine for a couple of days. Now it is back to booting, then immediately shutting down. What do you guys think?
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