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  1. What is the cheapest graphics card that has HDMI 2.0? I need a graphics card that will display 4K @ 60hz through HDMI for a media center PC. There will be no gaming, just streaming videos. Thanks
  2. What is the cheapest graphics card that has HDMI 2.0? I need a graphics card that will display 4K @ 60hhz through HDMI for a media center PC. There will be no gaming, just streaming videos. Thanks
  3. Control Panel, Internet options, Security, LocalIntranet, MyComputer, and TrustedSites to Enabled. https://superuser.com/questions/1252575/unable-to-install-clickonce-application-due-to-security-settings-windows-10
  4. I really think you should run at least one surveillance camera outside, and place it somewhere that everyone can see it. Low enough to capture great videos of trespassers, high enough that the camera can't be messed with. You will see that people will begin to avoid the areas when they see a camera. People absolutely hate being watched. I purchase a few of these cameras and mounted them outside the house. They work great in the daytime, and at night. They are POE cameras so you will need a POE switch, and just run an ethernet cable to the camera outside. I have a few of these cameras connected to a 5 port POE swith (Trendnet). One other awesome thing about these cameras is that you can install a micro SD card and have it record footage through the day. You can go back and replay footage and all that stuff. They also provide a phone app so you can view the camera from your phone. They have 3 camera types, bullet, dome, and turret style. I like the dome style type since it's difficult for the person to know if the camera is pointing at them. https://www.amazon.com/Hikvision-DS-2CD2142FWD-I-Network-Dome-2-8mm/dp/B017Y4CD9U/ref=pd_sim_421_6?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B017Y4CD9U&pd_rd_r=T2PXK5QQQH935WED5RMT&pd_rd_w=rLBoM&pd_rd_wg=W0d7M&psc=1&refRID=T2PXK5QQQH935WED5RMT
  5. Everything in iTunes is stored in the iTunes folder in Music. All I do is make a copy of the whole folder (C:\Users\Username\Music\iTunes). If I need to restore the same iTunes library to another computer. I just reinstall iTunes, then copy the iTunes folder right back into the Music folder replacing the new iTunes folder.
  6. Install iTunes> insert CD > Select songs > choose rip CD to iTunes > sync iTunes music to iPod =p
  7. I have an All-in-one PC that I want to do basic things with, one of those are playing kid friendly games (must be full screen, and touchscreen compatible). Not sure if I will be running Windows 8.1 or 10 yet. I don't plan on using a mouse or keyboard on it. Thanks for any recommendations.
  8. It looks like the major change happened when they were bought out by OCZ. If you go to their website, they still offer their turbocool series power supplies which is a good thing. Those were the high quality ones we wanted. I agree with Olokul and would go with an EVGA PSU if not the PC Power and cooling.
  9. Yes, after the release of Win 10, and Office 2016. There seemed to issues after installing updates on Win 7, and Office 2010. I have a computer that I just did a fresh install of WIn 7 SP1. I could not get windows update working on it. I think I have tried every fix I found on google. I did a reinstall of the OS again just to be on the safe side. Windows update is still broken.
  10. Just curious if ASRock motherboards are any good. I have had pretty good luck with the other major brands, but never used their products.
  11. I just got a bump from my service provider. The speeds are really nice for the casual web browsing, youtube, etc. I don't want to downgrade, but at the same time feel as though I should be doing more with it. Besides P2P, what can I do it that is legal? Thanks!
  12. Anyone use this program? what do you think?
  13. Really nice work. The G5 case is one of the best designs IMO. All about airflow. I still have my G5 tower collecting dust, have even thought about recycling it. You may have gave me the motivation to do something with it.
  14. This might be helpful if you decide to upgrade.... http://www.lejabeach.com/DFI/P35-T2R/
  15. I am playing the games on a TV at 1920x1080, medium to high settings, I'd like to keep it under $250 I built a Steam box using a Dell Optiplex small form factor case, right now I have a full size GTX 650 card sticking out the side (with no case door on) looking Frankenstein.
  16. What is the best low profile graphics card for gaming? thanks!
  17. According to this link below, that sound option might be in the specific app itself. http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/how-to-configure-notifications-action-center-windows-10/
  18. Is there anyway to know for sure if a PCI-e SSD will boot an operating system on a particular motherboard? without someone already trying it, or documentation from the manufacturer? Is this something that the BIOS has to support? thanks
  19. Is Core Temp safe to use? I have read it is malware, the site is blocked by Open DNS. if not, what is equivalent? I am looking for something that displays the CPU temp in the taskbar, thanks!
  20. I am not sure if I can be classified as an "audiophile". All I know is I do really care about sound quality and I want to hear every sound if possible. I am thinking of purchasing the Soundblaster ZXR. It is pretty expensive. All I do is play music through 5.1 (Klipch) speakers, and some headphones (audio-technica). They are both connected with the 3.5 analog connection. Is this sound card worth it over the regular X-FI, and Z series? for someone who does not do any music reproduction? and has mid grade speakers and headphones connected with 3.5 analog? I know it isn't easy to answer, thanks!
  21. All the same modules, it is for the Z97 with 4790K.
  22. I have recently added another 16GB to RAM to my system for a total of 32GB. The system seems a bit slower now. Is this typical since the DIMM slots are fully populated? and making the memory controller work more? I always read that for optimal performance, get the most amount of memory while using the least amount of modules. 2 for dual channel, 3 for tri, 4 for quad, etc. The memory timings are set by XMP, and not seemed to have changed (going from 2 to 4 modules). I know more memory does not make your computer faster. How do I try to get it close to how it was before? I don't think it is my imagination, thanks!
  23. I purchased the 4790K a while back and don't recall it being labeled as "Devil's Canyon". Is the "Devil's Canyon" a newer version of the processor? Thanks!
  24. I have the original fat PS3 and I have not cleaned it out since it was purchased. I've google this and I have seen the (power on and press the eject button) to ramp up the fans (doesn't seem to work on mine), all the way to taking the who thing apart to clean it out. No sure I want to use a vacuum on it. Is there something in between this that will clean it out? thanks!
  25. The sharp angles on that thing, it must be able to deflect enemy radar.
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