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  1. Sometimes bad luck is good, least for other people. Let us know which socket you decide to go with so we all know what not to get.
  2. If your lagging check and make sure somethings not auto updating in the background. Also if you have wireless someone could be stealing internet.
  3. sounds like the MB rather then the CPU, though one could have fried the other. shiver is right and you should try to RMA it if you can.
  4. If you got an air compressor get the attachment that lets you use it to blow air, 100 PSI gets all the dust out.
  5. yes, PLEASE be wise in your watercooling system, and if I recall correctly dont i7's put off a lot of heat? If so you might need to have two loops, one for the CPU/MB/other and one for the video cards.
  6. I was in my dorm on Friday cause it was raining and free running in the rain is a good way to die, and the semi formal that was going on sucked. but the gf came over
  7. i would also recommend the antec 300,900,902, 1200 series of cases. Or I saw a review for something called the Coolermaster Storm Sniper that looks pretty nice. the Cooler Master CM690 is good too.
  8. For WEP dont you just have to sniff the packets and pull the key when you get enough packets? Never messed with cracking WEP, cracked some RSA though.
  9. welcome! but on the cooling... aftermarket cooler FTW?
  10. also make sure the motherboard isnt touching the back of the motherboard tray and grounding out.
  11. Did that and they burned out one of the channels
  12. not to take over the thread but does this also hold for the x-fi extreme gamer fatilty pro?
  13. Good build but on the scythe fans, I own those fans, used them in my computer until the noise just about made me shoot myself. They are good fans with amazing airflow but they are very very very loud. its even worse when they are pulling through a grill or dust cover, think bathroom exhaust fan. I would definatly make sure your ok with a extremly loud computer before using those fans.
  14. NO! 100C on the processcer will MELT it. when its one and saying 50C idle, touch the heatsink, it should feel warm, lightly touch it if it says 100C again, if it the heatsink isnt REALLY hot then the heat is not getting from CPU to heatsink. RESEAT IT AND USE NEW THERMAL PASTE! there are articles all over the web to tell you how to do it. If you cant figure out the stock intel heatsink then get an aftermarket one with better directions.
  15. 60 would be great, it hit 68 playing COD4, idleing at 49C atm. Fan wise i got riva controling the fan speed below 55C >45% 55-69C >60% 70C-75C> >80% Above 75C > 100% It hasnt gone to to the 80% fan speed since ive switched the paste from what i can tell. It used to on occasion.
  16. Didnt lower temps any from what i can tell, maybe a degree here and there, dont it raised em any either, still hitting hi 60's at load. Guess ill have to take the plunge.. anyone know of a good aftermarket cooler? EDIT:: might get one of these when they come out... http://vr-zone.com/articles/arctic-cooling...3.html?doc=6453
  17. 55 at load for a case like that isnt anything to freak out over i dont belive. if your still worried look at something like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/ShowImage.as...%20VGA%20Cooler you can get a better one but i didnt look very hard, its basicly something that takes a PCI slot and acts like a exhast fan EDIT: heres another one, higher CFM but doesnt how loud it is http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16835888309
  18. my reccomendation, make sure the SECONDARY power cord to the motherboard is connected. should be a 4 or 8 pin, depending on motherboard, plug near the CPU socket. I have found not plugging in this cable to be a common mistake among people building there first PC, it will kinda look like the video power connecter but keyed. Also, if the motherboard has a video card built in (if the I/O on the motherboard has a VGA/dvi and or HDMI spot) then your computer could have been turning on but the video was outputing on the motherboard video card. Also make sure the memory is properly seated AND in the right slot (normaly dimm 0 and 1 but read the motherboad manual, it varies). And last but not least, did you use the little brass or plastic standoffs when you put it in the case? and if so did you put one in a spot where you dont have a screw hole? either one of these can cause the board to ground on the case causeing something like your describing. Last, not sure this applys to you but is your board crossfire/SLI? if so make sure your video card is in the proper slot, some wont boot in a single card mode if the card is in the wrong slot. Dont give up just yet, If you give us more information on the computer we can be more help. Pictures of what you have plugged in where might help to. EDIT:: also, if you messed up the reset switch wiring then the computer could think your holding the reset switch. no idea why they dont standardize the front panel connections like they did the USB.... oh and i just saw the sig... my bad And it really sounds like the 2ndary power plug.
  19. link +1 :thumbs-up: Yeah, i registered, even got my handy dandy black club card thing to prove it, and the massive case badge that looks like its built for a car. So as soon as my paper is written that paste is gettin swaped,thanks OCC Tempest
  20. Yeah, about what i was thinking. Any one know if this voids an XFX warrenty?
  21. Hey, I got some mx-2 laying around and am in the tinkering mood so I was wondering if it would be worth it to take apart my 260 and swap out the thermal paste since ive heard its its horrible stuff and they use way to much. currently my 260 idles around 50C and hits high 60s at load using the stock cooler. Ive done this to an 8800GT when i installed an acellero on it so its not really the first time but im not sure if i would get any improvement by doing this and still keeping the stock cooler.
  22. maybe just get a NAS box for the file server?? might be cheaper.
  23. tighten all the way down, kinda lost my directions by the time it was time to install EDIT:: real temp says 37C
  24. Hey, i have a d-tek fusion v2 and have an idle temp of 42C but my CPU temp shows as 29C. Is this temp diffrence to large or am I being paranoid?
  25. Antec skeleton? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...ntec%20Skeleton
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