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    Coolermaster CM690
    EVGA 780i
    E8400 @ working on OC
    OCZ SLI Edition DDR2 800Mhz (2x2Gb)
    XFX 8800GT

    Liquid Loop
    MCP655 pump
    Fuzion v2.0
    swiftech 2x120MM rad
    Micro res
  1. Sometimes bad luck is good, least for other people. Let us know which socket you decide to go with so we all know what not to get.
  2. If your lagging check and make sure somethings not auto updating in the background. Also if you have wireless someone could be stealing internet.
  3. sounds like the MB rather then the CPU, though one could have fried the other. shiver is right and you should try to RMA it if you can.
  4. If you got an air compressor get the attachment that lets you use it to blow air, 100 PSI gets all the dust out.
  5. yes, PLEASE be wise in your watercooling system, and if I recall correctly dont i7's put off a lot of heat? If so you might need to have two loops, one for the CPU/MB/other and one for the video cards.
  6. I was in my dorm on Friday cause it was raining and free running in the rain is a good way to die, and the semi formal that was going on sucked. but the gf came over
  7. i would also recommend the antec 300,900,902, 1200 series of cases. Or I saw a review for something called the Coolermaster Storm Sniper that looks pretty nice. the Cooler Master CM690 is good too.
  8. For WEP dont you just have to sniff the packets and pull the key when you get enough packets? Never messed with cracking WEP, cracked some RSA though.
  9. welcome! but on the cooling... aftermarket cooler FTW?
  10. also make sure the motherboard isnt touching the back of the motherboard tray and grounding out.
  11. Did that and they burned out one of the channels
  12. not to take over the thread but does this also hold for the x-fi extreme gamer fatilty pro?
  13. Good build but on the scythe fans, I own those fans, used them in my computer until the noise just about made me shoot myself. They are good fans with amazing airflow but they are very very very loud. its even worse when they are pulling through a grill or dust cover, think bathroom exhaust fan. I would definatly make sure your ok with a extremly loud computer before using those fans.
  14. NO! 100C on the processcer will MELT it. when its one and saying 50C idle, touch the heatsink, it should feel warm, lightly touch it if it says 100C again, if it the heatsink isnt REALLY hot then the heat is not getting from CPU to heatsink. RESEAT IT AND USE NEW THERMAL PASTE! there are articles all over the web to tell you how to do it. If you cant figure out the stock intel heatsink then get an aftermarket one with better directions.
  15. 60 would be great, it hit 68 playing COD4, idleing at 49C atm. Fan wise i got riva controling the fan speed below 55C >45% 55-69C >60% 70C-75C> >80% Above 75C > 100% It hasnt gone to to the 80% fan speed since ive switched the paste from what i can tell. It used to on occasion.
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