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  1. After making sure that I do not have anything plugged into the USB headers on my MOBO I would run a debug script for the hard drive. This basically will "wipe the boot sector info" from the drive... This will erase all and any partitions from the drive ... do not use it if your drive is partitioned or there is info on the drive you want saved as it will turn it into a "new" RAW drive....
  2. I had a similar problem with a build I had a while back... thought the board was trash... no mater what video card I put in it would not give me a display.... I finally changed the processor after doing a CMOS clear..... and after that every video card I tried worked.... Then I put the orginal processor back in it and it worked fine..... not sure what the exact problem was.... but I was thankful that it worked. You just don't come across those NF7-s boards anymore....
  3. Why don't you just fab it? A couple of mini audio jacks (1 stereo and 1 mono for the mic) a little wire and some single pin connectors and the pinout diagram from your motherboard book..... been there done that,,,,
  4. Do you have anything plugged into your usb headers on the motherboard or the usb ports in the back?
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