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  1. Was reading the tech thread and everyone from St Augst(SP) FL are having problems since patch 2.4/2.4.2 Thought someone getting on my wireless network even tho I have SSiD broadcast turned off with a WPA2 pw etc etc..... So I went from RCA modem > Linksys WRT54GS > Mobo, to just RCA Modem > Mobo. SO yes no one is sharing internet connections with me.
  2. man your post was very very helpful I guess it didnt help that I did not post my ISP which is RoadRunner cable.
  3. Lately no matter what I do during raids in WoW I have high high MS. It always starts out fine at and around 87ish MS then it jumps to something stupid around 1000~9000MS It'll stay like this until we start up a fight on a boss or something and drops down to around 200ish MS then goes back and froth between green and yellow as far as colors go for wow. I did the TcpAckFrequency thing to lower my MS but doesnt seem to do anything for me during raids when it jumps up that high during raids:( Anyone have similar problems/fix for whats going? This is really bugging me on what to do here.
  4. Well my laptop is bugging me switching too it when it comes for time to raid with world of warcraft...yes I know WoW is cereal businus~! So I broke down when I got error message and my computer started to shut itself down and restart over and over again twice till it came up and became functional. These are the parts I ordered about two days ago all off of newegg: MOBO: Asus Maximus Formula LGA 775 X38 ATX CPU: Intel Xeon E3110 Wolfdale 3GHz LGA 775 GPU: BFG 8800GT 512MB GDDR3 (Had this one since December and still haven't used it:( ) RAM: Corsair Dominator 2GB DDR2 1066 HDD: WD Raptor 150GB (I noticed that some of the comments said that the velicoraptor was coming out, however its not out yet so yeah..) PSU: Zalman ZM1000 1000Watt Modular (PSU in use is a 800Watt from OCZ I think...problem was with all the wires and crap all over the place pissed me off trying to find the right place to hide it and such. I'm just hoping that I won't have that type of problem with a modular PSU) Optical Drive: Asus DVD+/-R DVD Burner SATA OS: Windows XP Pro (Holding off on vista for a bit longer or as much longer as I can) CPU Cooler: Zalman CNPS9700 I know I could've went with a better price per gig HDD but I need something fast right here and right now. I'll probably be picking up the new 300GB Raptor when it does come out with a another large HDD for storage purpose. Only thing I'm really wondering is if I made the right choice with the Xeon processor. I was reading some feed back on the E8400 and some people where stating that the temp senors where broken on them and they couldn't find a way to fix it however the Xeon versions did not have this type of problem.
  5. So I'm finally about to plop down and buy new computer parts but the one thing missing is....an OS. I know I could go along and get something like Ubuntu which is pretty user friendly but I'm not that much into software..nor am I that savvy about it. So I'm sure trying to run games that I want to play as just plug and Play might not happen with that OS. So it comes down to the biggest OS maker in the world but which one do I get? Is Vista worth getting now? Or should I just go with the good old XP Pro and be done with it for another year or two?
  6. No I dont really need to know how a Flash Drive works but the question here is how does the thing hold data? We all know once you power down a system everything was held in your RAM has just been deleted and gone. So how does a flash drive thats almost the same thing as a RAM work?
  7. Huh? Which brand.....:confused: ordered my 8800GT off of www.bestbuy.com BFG Tech 8800GT OC 249.99 + shipping + tax = 277.54. Cheaper then anyone else atm and love BFG Techs Life Time Warranty. Much better then EVGA setup program to me anyways.
  8. haha but I already pulled the trigger on the G92 8800GT:) Now all I need to do is pay off my CC since I dont feel like being in debit, getting rid of the damn thing, then go off my marry way of buying new parts. yeah I was looking at 7900GS (I couldnt find GTX) and the prices have hit around 118bucks. About 199 bucks for a GeCube X1900XT 512MB card...which isnt that bad. I'm just wondering since I'll be waiting for a bit paying for some debit if I should pick up a 2GB ram kit for my soon to be retired system or get another Video card. What do you recommend AG?
  9. Yeah I know the size + the lesser power consumption etc etc. I'm in debit right now with a CC company and I know I need to pay that off before I buy anymore parts. So far all I've got is a BFG 8800GT OC (is the "OverClocked" one and not the OC2 version..which I guess I could get the OC up to its specs with a few modification). So once I pay off the CC I'll be buying parts for a new rig. Which I hope is soon. If not I can wait it out longer which might be when Intel launches its new chips
  10. umm the AW Lappy has a dedicated ATi X1800 256MB GPU:) hmmm I'll be fitting together a 775 system pretty soon, I hope..
  11. EVERYONE tells me that. WoW does not need an extreme graphics card but is my RAM the bottleneck or something? Desktop bogs down like . when I play wow sometimes leaving me to wait and frame rates dropping to 24fps to the nasty 9FPS during raids/PVP. I hit 640ram usage when I start to play wow on my desktop and about 60percent of my FX53 is used. The laptop hits like a stupid 50percent or 70percent on the T2500 Core Duo and around that much ram usage. With a new BFG 8800GT card will some of that problems unload onto the GPU? I mean just ordered one off of Best Buys website for 249.99 bucks (I couldn't pass up the price seeing how the 8800GT still blows the 3870 ATi cards. Such a cheap price out of the dealers out right now I had to pull the trigger.) Because I can't take this crap of 24-9FPS. Mind you when I play WoW I have about 30-32process running (thats including wow) with some of the major ones being FireFox and Avast also running. Another thing is that I play WoW in windowed mode so I can go back between it and FireFox (thottbot.com/wowhead.com).
  12. That last part was what some OC said so umm... I'm sure the G92 8800GT can as long as you have adequate cooling.
  13. Yes PCI-X 2.0 is backwards compatable with the older normal drab PCI Express x16. Everyone is buzzing that the best way to get every ounce out of the PCI Express 2.0 performance wise is to have the new X38 Intel boards. Oh yeah about eVGA and about how stupid they are to overclock there memory to 2000mhz out of the factory thread... http://www.atomicmpc.com.au/forums.asp?s=2&c=7&t=11720 http://evga.com/forums/printable.asp?m=148955 If you're lazy to read the CLIFFS are that the SSC edition cards OCed to 2000mhz memory are getting artifacing problems since the stock cooler can not handle that much speed. Also you're in for bigger problems since apparently you shouldn't even clock the mem that high on the 8800GT.
  14. Nothing :confused: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813131074
  15. hmm so I shouldn't even be bothered with a X38 Intel chipset? http://www.tomshardware.com/2007/11/15/amd_radeon_hd_3800/ Already got some benches of the ATi 3800 cards and it doesnt look so good. But then again at 150+ dollars its a bargain deal for it when you want to just only factor the price/performance ratio. Well but thanks for all the inputs guys. I'll be heading over to buy some goodies for Xmas:)
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