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    DualCore AMD Opteron™ 165 @ 2.8 GHz
    DFI LANParty™ UT nF4 SLI-DR Expert
    Patriot™ PC3200LLK 2x1GB 2-3-2-5 1T
    POV™ GTX280
    Samsung™ 15"
    Creative SB Audigy2 ZS™ + Altec Lansing AVS200B
    Seagate Baracudda 40.000 MB
    ASUS DRW-1814BL
    Big Typhoon™ HR-05 SLI™
    Naked + Corsair™ VX 550 W
    Windows XP™ SP2 Metal Edition


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  1. izallica

    Amd 4000mhz and beyond

    Phenom 965BE @4.01ghz Sunbeam core contact freezer + panaflo 3600rpm Windows 7 64bit Fsb 223 Multi 18x Nb 2676mhz Vcore 1.5875v fulload drop 1.55v Vcpu/nb 1.35v Vdram 2.1v Auto all
  2. What the best hsf for mobo m4a79 without touching northbridge heatsink & tall memory heatspreader in the yellow slot ? How bout colermaster hyper z600, anyone used that's in m4a79 ?
  3. Not only is this a coldboot issue but its a warmboot issue also. If I powerdown my system for any reason and it doesn't matter,play game and orthos my oc just fine but if I leave power to the motherboard on or off, the computer will not turn back on. I have to cut power to the system and leave it off overnight and the next morning it'll boot fine. I've tried clearing the CMOS and it does not help, how to fix this problem ? Opty @ 2.8ghz
  4. izallica

    The Call Of Ktulu

    Ups... I'm n00bs here, sorry friend
  5. izallica

    The Call Of Ktulu

    Hello everyone... I'm back again
  6. izallica

    Gtx280 + Vx 550 Corsair

    Thanks all,i dont need sli,single gpu is enough for me. I love my psu ...
  7. Hi all My specs Opty 165 2.8ghz Dfi ut nf4 expert 2x1gb patriot pc3200llk Gtx280 I run with corsair vx 550. Is it enough for my system ?
  8. izallica

    Unofficial Opteron 939 Thread

    i have opty oc to 3GHz dual super pi (finished) but why orthos always failed ...?
  9. 'm looking at buying a scythe infinity to go on my NF4SLI Expert but aren't sure if it will fit or not in my mobo. The case is naked and I have an Opty @ 3 ghz and it gets too hot with the current setup But yeh if any one can tell me if it will fit (with picture) that would be good
  10. izallica

    DFI expert + Opty 165 OC

    my opty can finished 3dmark06 ok i'll try to give more vcore.
  11. izallica

    DFI expert + Opty 165 OC

    hello ... i try another bios and give lower divider (133) but still erorr in SP2004 (0 second again), i use MAL 9 and RP 5.5 temps idle 38C full load 55C vcore 1.5v (smartguardian)
  12. izallica

    DFI expert + Opty 165 OC

    150 so memory run at 250 3-4-3-8 1T 2.67 v ok i will try later at home
  13. izallica

    DFI expert + Opty 165 OC

    0 second :eek: OMG but all game i playing not crashing and when i torture with Everest stability test for CPU full load at 100% it's still fine for 30 minutes. what do you think about that's ? PSU or my Opty is bad ?
  14. izallica

    DFI expert + Opty 165 OC

    i use sp2004, but it so easy to boot at 3GHz and all game i play (crysis, company o heroes) not crashing. how about my psu (acbel400 watt) is it enough to my opty OC'ing to 3GHz ?
  15. izallica

    DFI expert + Opty 165 OC

    is it limit of my opteron on 3Ghz ?