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  1. with the 780i you won't need any voltage tweak's on CPU and just run yuor ram at spec volt's and timming's. The 780i overclock's rel well and it is really easy. If 3.6 is all your looking for. The 780i also has ESS which is a really nice feature.
  2. This board get's real cranky when you change hardware Ihave used PSU's that aren't on the recommended list and have on problem's. This is what work's for me. Unplug the PSU take out graphic's card take out memory reinsert only one stick in slot closest to CPU also take out any other add on card's you might have. Take CMOS jumper from pin 1&2 and put it on 2&3 and leave it tthat way for about 1 to 2 hour's after that put jumper back on pin's 1 & 2 renstall video card plug in PSU and turn on PSU let sit with power on board for a couple of hour's. ( Don't try to start comp. at this time ) Once the board has sit with standby power on it should boot. The next thing you should do before it boot's into window's is go into the bios and set time and date then hit load optimized default's and then save and exit then when it start's to post again go back into bios and set the correct voltage for the memory you are using. then hit save and exit. This time let it boot into your desktop. If everything work's all right shut machine down put in your second stick of memory using the orange slot's after all that you can make any change's in the bios you want. This is a real pain in the butt but it work's for me.
  3. I had the same problem with fluid XP+ only in blue. I diden't add any dye and I don't have any light's but it still left a fiilm on the tubing. If you read the reviews on the DD site other people have had the same problem. My system is all copper. I used CLR mixed with a little water and it made the system shine like new money. You can buy CLR at your local hardware store or home depot and it won't hurtany of parts in your loop.
  4. Thank's for the info I thought they used aluminum in the rad's. but I wasen't sure. I've read about not using aluminum in the system thank's for the help.
  5. I would like to know if anyone is using or have used this rad. EHX-1000BK Internal 1kW Radiator & Fans/Shroud and what you think about it.
  6. I'm looking to get some feed back on the ASUS CROSSHAIR AM2 NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI and the DFI LANPARTY UT NF590 SLI-M2R/G AM2 NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI . I would like to get view's from people that either have or have had both board's. How quirkey they are and your experiance working with the bios . Thank's
  7. I have a Athlon 64 X2 6000+ and this thing is a heat pump. I thought my prescott and pressler were hot but not like this. I have water cooling and using a Black Ice XtremeII Radiator 2x120 112 cfm fans on high Swiftech MCP655-B pump and a Swiftech Apogee GT water block. I can't get temp's below 100F. I wonder if I should buy a DD RBX block or get a Swiftech MCW6500-T Thermoelectric CPU Waterblock I know this block is for intel but I can make a hold down for the AM2. ( coulden't find the AM2 version ) I use the EPOWER TIGER EP-1000P10-T2 PSU it has 6 rails and has the ability to get power from another rail if you overload one so I can run the TEAC from my power supply. I would like to get some sugggestion's as far as the temp's are concerned.
  8. I would like to see a sheet for DFI NF SLI-M2R/G thanks.
  9. This is to reply to momoceio the F2 is a typo. I know it is F1. I called tech support about this because nothing came up when I hit the two key's . They told me with this new revision there were no more hidden item's. Could you tell me where you are at in the bios and what new setting's are available to you? Thank's for the answer.
  10. I'll start by saying I had the ECS 680i board ,and had to many problem's . I sent that board back .and got a refund. The quality of the ECS board doesen't even come close to the quality of the Gigabyte. Nvidia just pushed the board out the door to fast and diden't care to much about quality. I think the chip set by itself has great potential, and will be one of the great one,s. The gigabyte quality seem''s to be much better. I don't have a conroe yet. I'm going to wait for Q2 when Intel come's out with new chip's and see what the price's are. The board I got was Rev. 3.3 with the F9 bios. With this version you don't have to hit Ctrl + F2 to bring up hidden option's in the bios every thing is there to see. I'm using a Pent. D940 with OCZ PC 5400 Gold Edition 4-4-4-12. Everything fired up with no problem's. I'm using an XFX 7900GT maxtor maxline III 250 gb hard drive Samsung DL SATA DVD combo drive. Danger Den TDX water block Stealh 120 rad. with an antec tri cool fan mag II pump. This system is installed in an Antec 900 case with six fan's. Right now the system is oc'd at 4000 mhz 250 fsb. on stock voltage. idel temp. 29c sys. temp 36c . I ran PCMark 2005 and got a score of 6400 3DMark 2005 5543 . I checked on Nvida site ,and the 7950GX2 will work in this board which I will be trying soon. I am still going to get A 680i board but i'm going to wait until toward the end of the year when some other board's come out,and see if the prices come down a little. The only con I have with this board is the dimm slot's run vert. instead of horz.. I am very happy with this system. I've got a pent. D 830 i'm going to try after I play with the D940 for a while. I think I read some where the 830 oc'd better.
  11. I'm looking for a new combo drive; I have heard that the Benq are some pretty good drive's. I want a sata drive with light scribe. I've done a google search but I can't find them any where. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Just in case any one is looking to buy a new case comp USA has the ANTEC nine hundred on sale for 89.95 and is giving a $25.00 mal in rebate beside the sale. Great case for $65.00 . Sale end's 2/17.
  13. I have the ECS board which is the same. the only problem I had was with the crappy battery holder. When I first installed the board it would fire up and the post code showed two dashes there is nothing in the maual what that means. So I called tech support they were courtious and, friendly and to my surprise I diden't have to wait ( called twice ) with the same result's . When everything was said and done they told me to get an RMA from the vender. I took it out of the case when I got it out I laid it out on my bench to try one more time. After changing memory positions and vid card's and, spending about 4 hrs. on this project for no paticular reason I decided to change battery when I noticed the battery wasn't seated properly so I took it out. There are four contact's two on the side and two on the bottom so bent them a little to make better contact and replaced the same battery making sure to really press down on the battery to make sure it was seated. Low and behold It fired up went into the bios and set system default's loaded XP and all the driver's . I have SLI setup wih two XFX 7900GT extreme with two stick's OCZ PC5400 gold edition . This is the first system I've built that set the memory to the proper spec's without having to change any of the timing's manually. I did disable the link boost. I haven't tried to overclock yet until I get my water cooling system. I would like to get some suggestion's here. I'm looking at the maze 4, TDX. or the strom. Your suggestion's would be welcome. I really like this board it seem's to be very stable. Hope this has helped you.
  14. Sorry I'm so late answering your question but I've been busy with some project's around the house (honey do stuff). I have also just changed harddrives maxtor 250GB maxline III with NCQ. Now to your question.( FSB 283) (LDT/FSB frequency ratio 3) (CPU/FSB frequency10). All volt's were left at default except ram board had it set to 2.66 and my ram runs at 2.88. (Dram Freq. set 200Mhz.) (command per clock disable)( tcl 3) (trcd 4) (tras 8 ) (trp 4 ) (trc auto ) ( trrd auto ) ( twr 3 ) (twtr auto ) (trtw auto ) ( tref 3120 ). I haven't done any tweaking yet. With these setting's my system is prime 95 stable for about 3 hour's with no error's. I shut down prime myself. I recommend two good book's if you are serious about tweaking your system. They are Hacking Windows XP,and breaking through the bios barrier they can be bought together at amazon.com for $36.28 which is cheaper then a book store. Keep in mind your result's my not be the same. You may even be able to go higher goog luck.
  15. 1600 x 1200 on a ViewSonic VP20306 LCD panel panel is bright colors are rich no ghostind and no dead pixel's.
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