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  1. Ah, lots of assumptions there Ed, which without you knowing me or what I do is understandable. I never ever listen to just certain songs and I don't ever do 'shuffle' play, I'm old school and sit and listen to entire albums from start to finish, I'm not 'most people' My album collection is accessed remotely from a tablet PC which controls a dedicated custom built music server, which does nothing other than play music - its part of my audio system. Some would say its 'audiophile' but I'm not fond of that word. This has a 1.5TB HDD which is nothing but FLAC files and the O/S is on a 64GB SSD. The 1.5TB HDD in my desktop PC is the backup library and more often than not its asleep, as I sit on the sofa listening to music and surfing on the tablet. It has to be in my main PC as I buy around 3~4 CD's a week and rip them as soon as they arrive, then sync that drive to the music server. I listen to music about 50 ~ 60 hours a week and checking my Last.fm stats I have played 17,000 songs since April 26 this year, that's an average of 77 songs a day. I could not and would not ever contemplate deleting a single music file I own, I am not your normal computer user who listens to music as well, music is my life, either listening, researching, buying or going to gigs, of which I do around 70 a year - I have been passionate about music since I went to my first gig at 14, which was 40 years ago. I'm a music geek, as well as a computer geek you see.
  2. Thanks Bosco, much appreciated.
  3. I think I should have my 'folding icon' replaced as I have not folded for sometime now guys.... sorry
  4. That's a great give-away indeed, I won't put my name forward as it's been awhile since I posted regularly, but its good to check back in and see a lot of the names of regular members are still here - I'll check in a bit more often I think
  5. Good question, but as an avid 'computer audiophile' my music collection is my most prized possession and I listen to music all the time, so I need access to my entire collection when the mood takes me for whatever music fits at that moment. Spotify is great and I use that a lot too, but the SQ compared to FLAC is insufficient for serious listening. I use Spotify for discovery, then when I find something I like, I buy the CD, then rip it to FLAC As for other stuff, well I pruned out about 200GB today, so I'm happy with that.
  6. Great article Ed, I am about to rebuild a computer with just a 128 + 256 SSD, my 700GB FLAC music library will stay on a mechanical drive, but the rest is going to be pruned down and the 'hoarded' stuff deleted - you have given me the inspiration Tim
  7. I have had a TX650 for sometime now (over 2 years), it has not missed a best also efficient to run as well. Used to have a 450 that was also perfect. I would always recommend Corsair PSU's
  8. Lol, no you would hope not - but who knows with Microsoft!
  9. Guys, does anyone know if Windows 7 Starter Edition supports TRIM? I have a Samsung Netbook that came with Windows 7 Starter Edition installed. Initially I took the installed 5400rpm drive out and put a 7200rpm WD Scorpio Black in, with Windows XP. I am now considering putting an SSD in and installing Windows 7 Starter Edition back on. So, does anyone know if the Starter Edition has TRIM support? I have searched the forum and Google, but cannot find a definitive answer - has anyone here done this and got TRIM working? Thanks
  10. You are welcome and that happened to me with a clean install of Windows 7 upgrade - previously you could install an upgrade on a clean disk, as long as you could put a Windows disc in during installation, now you must have a previous version installed on the drive, before you can install the upgrade Win7..... very frustrating Have a play around with a RAID though, it's good to learn. I used to run RAID's, but went back to a fast small disc for the O/S and a large disc for data. I may give RAID another go, when they get TRIM sorted in Windows 7 for RAID arrays.
  11. If you are using Acronis it will be a simple operation and it sounds like you got it sussed pretty much already. Just hook up the new drive and Acronis will do the rest for you, it will walk you through the cloning procedure. See the screen-shot of Cloning with Acronis. There will be no issues about size etc. The new drive will be what it says, a clone - the file structure will be identical, just the unallocated area will be bigger with your 1TB drive. You won't need to re-activate Windows either.
  12. Your best course of action will be to transfer all your valuable date onto the new drive and reload your applications on the Win 7 drive. I take it you don't want to dual boot and just migrate to using Win 7? When all your data is moved over, format the old drive - you can then use this as a backup drive for your personal data. As for a RAID, for a home system there really is little merit, it's often discussed here and has been documented on the Anandtech web-site. Real world you will see little benefit in a mechanical disk RAID array (SSD is a different matter!). Also, when setting a RAID array you ideally will need matched Hard Drives, they don't have to be identical, but for a RAID0 you don't have the right discs. Finally, when you set up your RAID all the data is gone as the RAID sets up the discs, so you will have to start afresh and reinstall your O/S and applications. Hope this helps?
  13. Had not heard of this cut-down version of Ubuntu, I think I will give that a try - sounds perfect and I may not need the SSD with this. Did you have any problems with your Wireless drivers on the 1000H - I'm probably going for the Eee 1001P?
  14. Just trying to find out if anyone has Windows 7 Starter Edition on a Netbook? I am looking to buy a new netbook with this O/S installed, but I also want to purchase an SSD to replace the HDD, I like the Intel X-25V but it's only 40GB. Storage isn't a problem as I will only be using it for emails and the net, but my current version of Windows 7, with day to day stuff installed is using nearly 35GB on my desktop boot drive. If anyone has it, how much drive space is it taking, it may help if anyone can also say what programs they have installed. Thanks
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