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  1. not true at all A very easy example of this is big brothers and little sisters, the brother could be just "mucking around" and accidently hurt the younger sister, the younger sister could have even started it by "mucking around" and the brother push her away and hurt her by accident This principle can be used among adults, a bigger person may not mean to hurt a smaller during self defence, but not knowing their own strength could accidently inflict reasonable harm A 32 year old male whom i trained with for 5 years gave up Ving Tsun kung fu because he was out drinking, got into a fight and killed the other guy, he did not mean to kill him, he was only defending himself Regardless of whether you mean to hurt someone or not during self defence is irrelevant, if you do not know what you are doing (or something has altered your perception e.g alchohol) , you can and will hurt someone in any number of situations
  2. Im male, 6"4', 240lbs and I have been training in Ving Tsun kung fu for 8 years (there are no grades) but I can be refered to as a master of the art, aswell as reaching a brown belt in hwa rang do. I am not a violent person, nor are any of the people I have trained with (including sifu barry lee who fought for his life to bring the art to australia) but we do have a saying "if someone disrespects you enough to harm you physically, you show them the same respects" - and if I am attacked it starts to look less like self defence and more like a slaughter, but I don't relise how much force I exert being such a big guy From what I can tell, you were justified in what you did, you didn't mean to harm either of them (and you didn't from what I can tell) and you only defended yourself, not unlike someone with no martial arts experience who probably would have hurt them unintentionally I would just apologise if you feel it is needed, otherwise, I wish you luck with your martial art ventures =)
  3. wow..ive never described a piece of hardware like a woman but that thing is sexy! but its like double the price of the normal TRUE :S is it really worth it? does it perform better?
  4. I cant get past level 1 on the lowest difficulty setting
  5. With the $20 you save on the cpu, extend your budget $40 and get http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813131326, very nice board If you want to stay within your budget then there is: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813128344 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...82E16813188026- maybe if you wanted to try SLI with your gtx260 at a later date, it is a worse chipset though
  6. Did you mean this for the parent's computer instead of the 8800gt or for nullx's computer? He has a gtx260 for his pc so it would make absolutely no sense to put a 4850 in it... EDIT: i would also go with intel, they are absolutely destroying AMD, grab up an E8400 and a p35/p45 chipset mobo
  7. fair enough the chips are faulty and the solder shouldnt melt at 70c by any means...but 70c is a bit excessive, if anything inside my case reached 70c i would panic, these GPU's arent exactly the newer, hotter ones either...i would have tested exactly how hot the selected GPU's were going to get inside a slimline or laptop before just whacking them in there and shipping them off silly nvidia though, couldnt have come at a worse time for them really
  8. ahh didnt see the recertified i was getting excited, ive been waiting to upgrade >.<
  9. lol wow...assuming you have an SLI mobo, it is now cheaper to get quad SLI 9800gx2's than to get a single 4870x2...something tells me we are going to see an ATI price drop soon..especially with the rehash of the 280 and the possible 350 being released by nvidia soon
  10. GaiusMaxwell

    Wow Problem

    i mean...i love WoW...but not this much $5000+ a year on just subscriptions, thats insane! His setup is badass though, he can move all 36 characters at once...dual boxing to the max
  11. exactly what i was thinking, sounds more like HP's poor implementation of nvidia gpu's rather than actual faulty chips EDIT: The supposed cause is temperatures excess of 70c celcius that is melting solder. in a well ventilated case they would never reach this temp
  12. I keep hearing about this and all i can think is that cant any gpu fry under extreme temps? a GPU in a slimline or laptop that has very restricted airflow and/or close to none would be alot more susceptable to heat damage does anyone know what temp the nvidia chips are failing at? is it nvidias faulty design or the design or the chassis/laptop (airflow) that is the problem?
  13. reviews from the 9800gt dont show any difference between them and the 8800gt except for the SLI scaling and performance A review i saw awhile back with 2 palit 9800gt's 1gb in SLI netted more performance than a gtx 280 and was cheaper in total price if you already have an SLI mobo then i would grab up 2 of these cards: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814261023 they come in just short of your budget here is the review: http://www.motherboards.org/reviews/hardware/1812_1.html almost 100% performance scaling If u want to go the SLI route i would grab up 2 of these, although it depends on what resolution you game at.
  14. i just upgraded to a black ice eXtreme II, currently, in a 30-34c ambient environment i was 28-30 at idle and 38-40 under full load @ 2.9Ghz I live in australia so most of the days since i got the WC setup it has been between 30 and 35 degrees inside the house im not sure what voltage is running through my NB, i haver never changed it, it is auto controlled i believe
  15. thanks for the advice, now that i know the NB temps could be the problem i ordered a NB waterblock from swiftech ive got an NZXT tempest so my airflow should be good already, especially since i dont have my radiator mounted in a restricting way because this case is so great for WC setups
  16. i think performance wise corsair has the best performing memory, but it is rather bland and usually does cost more With these 2 particular sets, i can find no reason why one should greatly perform better than the other, they would be pretty equal i have always been partial to the OCZ heatspreader designs, it can just bring that little extra something to the look of your innards on a windowed case I would pick up the OCZ ones, i am sure they will perform just as well as the corsair (maybe not in overclockability, but certainly close) and they are also cheaper
  17. ok, so recently i got water cooling because i couldnt stay stable at 3.0Ghz on my q6600 on my maxorb, i started overclocking and got it to my previous best of 2.9Ghz, the temps were fine but as soon as i kick it up to 3.0Ghz, no matter what i do (voltage increase) it wont POSt properly and it will freeze at my BIOS screen i had no clue what it was so i thought temps, maybe i didnt seat the water block right and i was re-adjusting i literally burnt the side of my hand on my Gigabyte GA-N650SLI-DS4L's NB heatsink, i kept checking back with a fan blowing directly on it and it was still hot to the touch, it is so incredibly hot i can barely keep my finger on any part of the heat sink for longer than half a second i have everest ultimate edition but it cant monitor NB temps, is there a way to check the temps of NB? my 2nd question is, how much of a role does the NB take in overclocking and can an overheating NB cause freezes before windows boots? if not, is there any other reason why i cant get to 3.0 on my q6600?
  18. Hello all, now i know this is blasphemy but i bought a thermaltake bigwater 735, now here is my reasoning behind it lol. it was on sale for $110 australian, a TRUE over here costs over $200 and even my previous maxorb cost $100, i heard that thermaltake WC kits work about as good as the best air coolers so i thought to give myself some experience with WC id pick it up so i set it up outside the case, did leak tests for 4 hours and everything was good so i set it up and everything is alot lower than my previous maxorb, but now, after having it on for 3 days, my 1st and 3rd core (core 0 and core 2) on my Q6600 are at a constant 5c higher than the other 2, i tried repositioning the water block but they still remain 5c higher My current loop is reservoir > pump > rad > water block > reservoir, i changed it to this today after previously having it as reservoir > pump > waterblock > rad > reservoir but nocited alot of condensation in the reservoir so i changed it and now its fine so basically what im asking is, is the reason for the higher core temps on 2 of the cores a bad thermal compound application, positioning or just the way the chips were made? p.s now that actually have experience putting a kit together i have already started ordering better parts, starting with a new water block - Dtek Fuzion and a black ice eXtreme II, is the pump powerful enough to add another waterblock (on NB)? its 400L/hr
  19. lol those are the best things ever back in high school my awesome english teacher had one attached to his laptop, he used to shoot kids who werent paying attention, its pretty accurate
  20. you really think ATI is going to have an answer to the gtx350 so quickly? the only way they beat the 280 was to put 2 GPU's on a single card, without developing a whole new GPU from the ground up they arent going to have an answer very soon...unless they put 3 GPU's on a single card...and even if it were possible, it would overheat in about a quarter of a second
  21. im notorious for grammer and spelling errors lol, mainly because i usually post while on my sidekick slide and my fingers are way bigger than the keys so i end up pressing 3 at a time and also because i never really proof read what i write..ever haha
  22. i run: 2x 12cm front 1x 12cm back 2x 14cm top 1x 12cm side 1x 12cm for the radiator and also another molex for the pump none are connected to my motherboard, only reason you would need to have them connected via 3 pins on the mobo is if you wanted to control the speed (very minimally) with software, all mine run at 100% when plugged straight into 4 pin molex connectors from my psu
  23. i didnt mean the cards were inferior i ment the actual GPU's, its no secret that ATI's cores are worse than nvidias GTX200 cores, the only way ATI was able to beat Nvidia in the single card market was to put 2 GPU's on 1 card..which only just beats out the sinlge GPU'd gtx280, nvidia no doubt has the better architecture
  24. with all the hussle and bussle in the video card industry atm i still havent decided to upgrade with ATI's success i thought for sure nvidia will revolt and im guna find it hard to believe that ATI are going to be able to keep up, there 4xxx series chips are inferior to the GT200 chips, we know that, they brang one hell of a price to performance ratio with them though if nvidia release a monster of a card like a 2gb GTX 350 then im quite sure it will out perform the 4870x2, be more energy efficient and run cooler/quieter and if they somehow keep the price within the realm of the 48070x2 i think we are going to witness another ATI flop until they can release their 5xxx or 6xxx series cards in the future
  25. i highly doubt nvidia is just going to sit back and let ATI take the lead of the best single card with their 4870x2 i think its very probable this card or a similiar very high end card will be released, and im guessing at around the same price range as the 4870x2
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