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  1. well thanks for that advice but i still kind of need my real question answered, will i be able to shortcut games like WoW, WC3, guitar hero 3, CSS, TF2 etc from a windows xp 32bit hdd to a vista 64bit?
  2. lol i dont wanna use a beta OS, i just want to upgrade to a 64 bit OS Would i have my original problem with either vista 64bit or XP 64bit?
  3. Ok so basically, tomorrow i am changing my current motherboard to the one in my sig and also adding a new harddrive (which will be my primary with the OS) I really hate reinstalling all my games and apps because i have so many, usually i just make shortcuts to the game or app on the new HDD but this time around i was thinking about upgrading to vista So basically what i am asking is, if i were to link, say, Counterstrike source from my current hdd (which is windows xp) to the new one (windows vista) would it work? or would it have an incompatability error of some sort?
  4. I find myself only playing MP games when im on the computer, I kind of have the same problem as you except im not restricted to valve fps =P I play css, l4d, cod4, wow, wc3 bnet. Something I did enjoy for the first 2 hours was spore lol then yeah failcentral I can still pick up any final fantasy from 6 to 10 and finish it though, personal fav being 9. I think a good rpg is what you need
  5. You do relise you can SLI and still get a 3rd card for physX and still see performance gains? And besides, the whole point of this is so you can use any old card u have laying around not who can spend the most money so they can get a bit better if not the same performance in physX enabled games And an 8800gtx isn't exactly powerful these days...my old 8800gts 512mb outperformed that in the most popular gaming resolutions. Sure it cost like $400-700 in its primetime but I just saw 2 8800 ultras go for $78 and $79 on ebay so they can't be doing that well performance wise anymore I say if he has an 8800gtx lying around, then use it, he will see big gains in upcoming physX titles and it will have cost him nothing. As for the mobo, I just made an eerily similiar decision, It was between an x48 dfi and an x48 gigabyte, I wanted to try dfi as my last 3 mobo's have been gigabyte, it arrives 2moro so ill see how it goes.
  6. I would agree with everything you said 6 months ago until today..and probably still for a few months. The only reason PhysX is a joke right now is because there are basically no games that support it, but that is all about to change, i think there are 5 (i think i read 5 somewhere) new, big titles that will be released soon that are all developed to utilise physX to the fullest Mirror's edge early tests showed a 40% increase in performance when adding a 9600gso to do physX calculations. Just because a technology hasnt been implemented in the right way yet doesnt mean its a bad technology...or a marketing ploy, actually, if it were a marketing ploy i doubt nvidia would release a set of drivers that allowed you to use ANY old card (8 series or up) to do physX calculations, they made dedicated physX cards useless so we could use our old graphics cards for it.
  7. I absolutely love my tempest ive had it for about 8 months now and i can not find any evidence of dust on the inside of the case, every intake besides the side has an extra dust filter behind the mesh I found that the tempest had great build quality, i couldnt find a sharp edge and nothing so far has chipped or broken The main beef with the tempest is the perspex window on the side is a smudge magnet, it gets dirty pretty easy but its easily cleaned. also, i thought the 12cm fans on the front and side spun a little too slow and didnt give me quite as much cfm as i wanted, i replaced them with some damn loud fans But the stock ones were pretty quiet, for a case with 6 fans, it was quite pleasant to sit next to and for most people the cfm of those fans will most likely be more than enough I would also like to point out that i have a dual radiator on the top and its awesome that it is predrilled and ready for it. it easily handles long cards and multi card setups, it has tons of room for expandability and cable management If your looking for a great case then id suggest the nzxt tempest > the antec 900 (i did and havent regretted it!)
  8. Yeah the buster sword break apart is extremely sharp, i cut myself while taking the 2 small ones off the side >.< All the swords and replicas from that site are sharp and "battle-ready" which is why i always buy from there, nothing like cutting through bamboo training stands with a sephiroth replica that is taller than me! hahaha
  9. That is quite a nice sword i would have to agree that chicks love swords, especially anime/gaming replicas Im a big collector of anime/gaming weapons I bought 2 http://globalgear.com.au/prod1814.htm for me and my GF for christmas, its guna be a surpise, they are in my closet and i just want to whip it out but i cant til the 25th! gah! i bought http://globalgear.com.au/prod1613.htm for her birthday in july and i want to steal it from her because it is so badass irl she wants my http://globalgear.com.au/prod2473.htm but i will never give it up!
  10. woops, forgot to mention, i tested the CPU in a mates computer, as far as we can tell, its fine, the RAM was replaced with generic so i have settled on the conclusion the mobo is effed Oh and i do have a UPS now lol! never guna let that happen again but to be honest, i think it was time for an upgrade 650i chipset doesnt do wonders for OCing -.-
  11. ok, first up, ignore my sig, i havent updated that in a long time Basically my specs at the moment are: - Q6600 w/ custom WC setup Gigabyte N650SLI 2 gig kingston DDR2 800Mhz Samsung 500gig HDD Asus 9800gt Thermaltake toughpower 750w samsung dvdburner w/ lightscribe NZXT tempest case Basically my motherboard and/or RAM have some fatal issues and im willing to bet that it was my idiocy of not having a UPS and lightning struck the house, the computer rebooted itself and since then i have been seeing steady declines in gaming performance and multiple blue screens about memory, i replaced the memory with some very cheap generic style DDR2 ram and i still get the blue screens so im willing to be its my motherboard, especially after reformats, defragments and that. the 9800gt is relatively new, i sold a friend my 8800gt (long story, he was really desperate for something at the time) so i sold him it then went and bought a 9800gt which was cheaper than what i sold my 8800gt for so i wasnt complaining I have $1200 australian and from either of these 2 websites: http://www.ddcomputer.com.au/ http://www.skycomp.com.au/ or a mixture of both depending on prices Im looking to upgrade some parts Obviously my main upgrade will be the motherboard, id like an upgrade, to possibly a p45 or X48 chipset, i can almost scrape in a core i7 mobo, cpu and RAM with my budget but that leaves me with no money left to upgrade any other component IE. graphics card So basically what i want help with is, what should i upgrade and what with? Should i go core i7? Keeping those 2 questions in my mind, i would like to upgrade atleast the motherboard and RAM Thanks
  12. wow...before i clicked on this thread i really didnt know audio was this serious 0.o
  13. not much to add from the title, just looking for a reliable place i can buy hardware from online that is based in australia or NZ Any help appreciated
  14. lol i agree with you on the rest and maybe i shouldnt be bashing WAR as much as i do, granted, however have you ever played wow longer than 2 hours? (past level 2 when these types of quests are completely removed) Level 26 Thousand Needles Obtained at level 25 Horde If you have faith, leap from the planks overlooking Thousand Needles. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, you have sought me out, or perhaps destiny brings you to me? No matter. You are here now, and so your journey will begin anew. Many facets make up a being: the spirit, the body, the mind. Some of these can be measured by a culture's traditions. Others we can only hope exist within ourselves. If you agree, I shall test some of the facets within you. If you pass, then you shall become stronger. If you fail, then you will realize the vastness of the Nether. The first is a Test of Faith. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Faith. It is far more important than some realize. It does not matter what you believe sometimes. It is just important that you believe in something. http://wow.allakhazam.com/db/quest.html?wquest=10542 http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9cxyopxbh4 unfortunetly i cant find the sad quest, but it was about lost love and how the scourage broke a relationship in half, WoW's quests have meaning and if you take the time to read the quest text and actually begin to think about what your doing then youll soon find them emotional EDIT: btw, the only reason im actually here now bashing WAR is because WoW's servers are down, i saw it coming, and id rather them be down now for a few hours in preperation for the millions that are going to log on at exactly the same time for wotlk release, doesnt mean i dont get angry about suprise server shutdowns...
  15. the only reason i played it at all was because friends were playing it, in fact, several left wow for warhammer, and now, every single one of them returned to WoW I would have to disagree with every fibre in my body that WoW's quests arent interesting, if you played WC3 and/or read the books almost every quest is interesting, quests in wow also have alot of emotion in them, ive had a quest make me sad, quests make me happy and mulitple quests make me laugh and the whole achivements and unlock thing doesnt interest me at all, in fact, i think it is stupid on blizzards behalf to even introduce it into wow, achievements are boring and just another reason to grind, "oh wow..only 8 thousand more orcs to kill for my awesome...title" i couldnt say it better than my old programming teacher said it "i dont give a F### what is floating above my head" EDIT: WoW players were enticed into WAR for their ultimate RvR and low time-sink factor, WAR is a bigger time-sink than wow by a long shot and i can have atleast 90 other people *in my circle of friends* who played WAR for alot longer than 2 hours say the same thing *=edit
  16. yuck..warhammer was digsuting, i played it for 2 hours and then promptly uninstalled it and burned the CD's First they tell you its a casual gamers mmo, i go in there, i jam the W key down, go take a crap, come back and ive gained 5 levels from walking around, you get exp for EVERYTHING - perhaps a little too damn casual, then they tell you it isnt a grind - WAR is a way bigger grind than WoW has ever been..thats all WAR is, grinding, there is no interesting quests, its all the same, and totally contradictory to the casual gamers logo is that this game could keep a hardcore gamer busy for 5 years before he maxxed out all his levels, that is stupid, warhammer is stupid WoW FTW
  17. well im not really camping out, im a wow freak and the doors open for the midnight release in australia at 10pm, so im getting there then Im guna be taking pics and it should be a good night, lol i met my ex girlfriend at BC's wow launch I use the old pickup line "im 1 out of 10 in newcastle (my town) to get a collectors, oh yeah!" or the classic "im a guild master" always works too
  18. Simplier days were that when wars were fought with swords, arrows and hand-to-hand combat now its all about who can blow up the biggest area in the least amount of time
  19. A stick is merely an extension of your arm, i am trained to relieve attackers of far more dangerous weapons than a stick to comment on the strength vs. speed/technique debate - The most important thing, in my opinion, and in my arts opinion, is speed and where you strike the opponent. Sifu lee can perform 10 punches in 1.25 seconds, directly placed into the opponents centre, These punches arent THAT powerful by themselves but measured on a crash test dummy, it exerts the equivilent of a sledge hammer straight into the chest. We sacrifice strength and power everyday because speed is the most important factor in deciding force, every technique is along the same principle, "The fastest way from one point to another is in a straight line" and the faster you strike, the more force that is exerted. EDIT: but on damian's side, i also think a sweep is a bad move, i will never sacrifice my stance, and i think you would have a hard time sweeping anyone in a Ving Tsun fighting stance because we dont use a "dominant leg" which holds all our weight, both our legs are dominant and recovery rate from a sweep or a low kick to either leg is extremely high.
  20. i agree with you there, you basically said what i was thinking What you learn and what you modify for yourself are 2 different things, any martial art can be (and should be) more effective than no art and most can be competetive among themselves if you want to work to put your training into real world scenerios i guess i was speaking in generalisation e.g what you actually learn in your area of training in karate/tawkwondo etc is not an effective self defence art until you work on it like you said, where as other martial art styles like krav maga and ving tsun are trained so they directly result in effective self defence in real world scenerios (both of these arts not having such thing as competitions, points, rounds etc but more along the lines of drills and scenerio work) I for one, would love to go to a shaolin temple one day when i can afford it, what shaolin monks perform is just out of this world in my eyes and even though shaolin kung fu is generalised as wushu in the western world as being the biggest exhibition art in the world, i for one wouldnt want to fight someone who can do a vertical leap taller than i am while performing 1-5 kicks in the process, break bricks with their palm, bend structural iron bars with their neck and do a handspring using ony their head (ofcourse i dont expect to do any of this in the short amount of time i would be staying, but just simply training with shaolin monks would be an absolute honor) EDIT: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=wMJ_b9uV1Lo this spar looks a little fake and im pretty sure the monk is versing a tae kwon do guy not karate but nevertheless, i would be pretty intimidated if someone guy blocked a big onslaught then countered with what he does at 1.02 in fact...id probably be a little scared
  21. http://www.vingtsun.net.au/ "The term "Self Defence" is often misunderstood. As my Sifu, Legendary Master Wong Shun Leung once said: "How can you defend yourself, unless you can fight & win?". Ving Tsun gives you the necessary tools (principles, techniques and practiced skill) to fight and win." - sifu lee
  22. yes krav maga is a military defense art and ving tsun kung fu is derived from the same principles, kill or be killed I also didnt mean master in the sense i think you took it, an instructor is called a sifu in ving tsun, which directly translated means "father" but we generally use "master" as a more english friendly term, i am a Junior sifu EDIT: oh i did forget to comment on the mcdojo remark, most of the time, if you have the money..you get the training (with exceptions ofcourse, shaolin kung fu etc)
  23. It is how Ving Tsun kung fu is trained, ive had several instructors over the years, including sifu barry lee himself, the art is "battle ready" as it has been used to defend barry's life and he is the "matriarch" of the art in australia In training, there is no such thing as a tap out, or a time out, or anything of the sort because we all believe that your training crosses into real world situations when you dont want it to e.g:- A brazilian jujitsu master robbed a small store, he put the clerk in a choke and the clerk tapped his arm and the robber released the hold - if this were a life or death situation in a totally different scenario the jujitsu master would have been killed - true story Ving Tsun kung fu training is bringing real world scenarios into the class - as a Ving Tsun kung fu fighter you cannot imagine yourself losing, losing is impossible, the fight ends with a death or more often than not the other person walking away, we arent pitbulls and we will not chase after, and we do use strict defensive blocks to start off, but if the attacker is persistent than we must take action Krav maga is another good example of a batte ready martial art, any martial art claims to give you self defence, but out of the thousands that are out there in the world, only 2% of them work in real world situations, Ving Tsun kung fu and krav maga are 2 of these - id like to elaborate a little:- Karate, tae kwon do, judo - these are some of the most popular martial arts systems in the world, but unless you go to the source for these martial arts (e.g Kyo kushin, hwa rang do) you will not get self defence..what you get in the US/Australia is an exhibition sport. 5 weeks ago a Go kan ryu karate sensei of 35 years quit and started training in our system after being attacked front on and getting stabbed, helpless to defend himself because karate simply doesnt work in the real world, it is about points and rounds...if he had been trained in either ving tsun kung fu or krav maga he should have been effectlively able to relieve the attacker of his weapon or atleast defend himself from the attack
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