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  1. It is possible, i have replaced the P4's on dells many many times Aslong as the mobo is a socket 775, you'll be able to drop a core2 in there However, you'll have to do a quick search to make sure that chipset/mobo supports 45nm core2's (wolfdale) or you'll have to get an older 775 cpu
  2. YOUR WEIRD YOUR WEIRD YOUR WEIRD YOUR WEIRD ^I mustve been spamming someone who was weird...clearly o.0
  3. I think buying a game that you can use to install for 1 household/family is right/legal/moral What i dont agree with is (and im sure every game company too) people that download a game (lets say SC2 if it had lan support) using torrents or whatever means, They could just walk into a lan party or something like that and play with all the other people who bought their copy legit I think allowing networked games only through battlenet is a great idea - you have to have your own copy to experience the whole game which is rightfully so
  4. One word - piracy blizzard are refusing to support LAN for SF2 because they believe the game would be heavily pirated with no consequences to the piraters if they were to support LAN You will still be able to play networked games however you will need to have a genuine copy and availability to battlenet
  5. Thanks! that just really eased my mind lol Basically we can just turn this thread into a "help Whatislove find a car"
  6. yeah thats what i thought, at first i was like, that looks like a db9 but its not, its like a mind rape atm
  7. done Its really bugging me only because i am sure i know what it is, ive seen it before but i just cant think of whats its called
  8. So i was just browsing cars and came across some review about luxury cars, this picture showed up but didnt have a make, model or any info accompanying it (what a review huh?) Identified - jag XK Anyone know what this is? Additionally, i am currently looking to buy a car with a max budget of $35000AUD (about $28000USD), it needs to have 6 cylinders or less, i would prefer a 2dr/2seater but am open to 4/5 seats and i would like it to be a bit of a luxury car (not full on luxury everything), im a guy in my 20's so i want a car thats a bit striking, you know? not like a soccor mom camry or something like that Got any ideas?
  9. what kinda car is it? where abouts in australia?
  10. Only thing that pissed me off about this movie was that they said gambit would be in the movie.... he had like 1 scene... one of the coolest xmen characters ever excluded from the first 3 movies and given crap all in the 4th. Magneto is the best and he wasnt in this (it wouldnt make sense for him to be) but there goes the 2 coolest chars pretty much excluded (if not entirely). But it was good, i enjoyed the action and the story was pretty good... i wish you saw more of wade tbh too.
  11. No-one's experience is anyone else's experience, however, several people can have similiar experiences, what you describe in the 8800gt example is a very personal experience that may have been shared by a very small group of people. bosco's statements about ATI driver issues are completely true and the experience of sub-par driver performance by ATI has been shared by a very large group of people - it is a consistent experience, not a 1 off thing. If his mind was made up before the review was written (which it probably was) it doesnt take ANY credibility away from the actual facts in the review..go look at it yourself, ATI and xfire produce sub par numbers in all but (3?) tests. Bosco isnt trying to be right, he is right, there is a difference. By using his summary, many new hardware enthusiasts will buy nvidia - so can you explain why getting people to buy nvidia is not helping people purchase the best quality products? the numbers speak for themselves, and im sure anyone who read this review to get an opinion of whether to SLI or Xfire had already made their decision LONG before they read bosco's summary. You sound like an ATI fanboy that is trying to cover up ATI's poor driver updates and xfire support by bringing attention to a negligable summary. By your logic if a football reviewer was biased to a certain team, and that team was on top, that football reviewer would not be helping football enthusiasts by saying the team he is biased towards is on top/the best. Facts/numbers > logic protip: If u were going to buy from an unknown website, you would probably google to find reviews/opinions based on personal experiences by people who have used the site before, if it had 20 reviews saying they will steal your money, then im sure you wouldnt buy from them. i can assure you more than just bosco has experienced bad ATI driver support.
  12. If for some reason you couldn't get it, I would ship you some authentic vegemite from australia =P Hell im australian and even I don't like it lol, but most australians do like it one way or another, but if your not used to the taste it'll probably take a whole jar for you to be able to handle the taste
  13. yeah im guna have to take the thing home now Thanks raider
  14. i would just like to add the only time its ever been tampered with was when i replaced the 7600gs with an 8600gt, its been working fine for about 6 months, this just sort of happened out of the blue its relatively clean, a bit of dust but thats expected after 2 years More info on the psu its a 300watt unit from a brand called "hipro" its looks like a cheap generic, when the power cable is plugged in a small green light on the psu lights up, im guessing to tell us that it is recieving power, does this mean the mobo is dead?
  15. Just came over to have a look at a mates computer, he shut it down, went to bed, woke up and it wouldn't power on Power is in and a green light is lit on the back of the generic psu, press power and nothing happens, psu fan doesn't spin, nothing makes a noise, nothing at all Mains connector is plugged in, so im wondering if its the psu or the motherboard? Or something else but I kind of narrowed it down to either of those
  16. i know i couldnt believe everything was ok, there were literally puddles of liquid on my video card lol
  17. So i woke up this morning, turned on the PC, loaded into windows and it hangs, i manually restart and it does the same thing, i get frustrated and clear the cmos then it goes into a neverending POST cycle and never boots So i take the side off the case and i screamed, my waterblock was leaking all over the place and a little puddle of UV red liquid was forming on the back of my video, i immediatly grab paper towel take the cords out of the pc and in what felt like a record time for taking a CPU waterblock off, i took it off I let the paper towel soakup all the liquid and there was alot, on the mobo, the chipset heatsink, the video card I put the stock cooling back on and powered up and i write to you guys now from my unharmed PC So i thought this would be a great opportunity to hear other people's liquid cooling disaster stories So how about it guys, what have been some of your cooling problems?
  18. No offence but some if not all of those remarks are quite frankly stupid A. Just because you've lost friends to the game doesn't make it a totally addicting mind controller, they chose to be on it that much and there are plenty of us who play it just in their spare time. B. Since when do GRAPHICS make a game? That is one of the dumbest things you said, comparing wow's graphics to AoC... graphics doesn't mean anything if your game is not fun, final fantasy 7 anybody? C. Your little crack at girls playing wow, its quite funny, even though on my server there is an all girl guild (have to be female in real life) and there are 9 real females in my guild. And I happen to know many married couples that play wow together during their spare time The main thing I wanted to get at here was your comment about graphics, I read it, laughed then replied, WoW > AoC for the simple fact wow's gameplay doesn't suck. AoC's graphics > wow's which means what exactly? They spent all their time developing models and animations and ended up having no content after level 40 so it became a grindfest to level cap?
  19. Ok so i installed the new mobo, set my old XP hdd to secondary and installed vista on the new one So far everything except COD4 and spore have worked perfectly by just simply creating a shortcut from the exe on the other harddrive Some programs work straight away, others do a little mini registry install automatically, CSS prompted me to install steam, it auto downloaded the setup file So far everything is going great the only things ive needed to reinstall were a few drivers (setpoint for my G9) and my printer to get vista x64 versions and the 2 games i listed above much less work and hassle than i anticipated
  20. Ok, CPUID and everest ultimate edition both report my Q6600 at my overclock but then also both randomly, every few seconds, switch the multiplier between x6 and x9 effecting the overall clock I just changed motherboards today but i had this same problem with my old motherboard, i will click into everest or cpuid, look at the clock, it will read something like CPU clock: 2997.5Mhz CPU multiplier: 9 CPU FSB: 333 then randomly a few seconds later report (without refreshing the page) CPU clock: 1998.3 CPU multiplier: 6 CPU FSB: 333 Is this ment to happen? is it a power saving feature? a software/hardware error? Thanks
  21. EDIT: nvm, he mustve changed the description
  22. thanks ned, i thought the same thing I might just try my idea first, if worse comes to worst i still have a copy of XP here and i can always reformat both discs if worse comes to the absolute worst lol
  23. you arent quite getting this are you kuro? ill just relink it so you get the idea i also dont think OCC condones usage of pirated torrent software
  24. As already stated, i will not use a free, torrented, BETA, uncomplete OS as my main OS I want to move to 64bit for DX10 and being able to use all of my RAM instead of just 3.5gig you are also not really contributing to this thread at all - please do not post again unless you have an answer to my original question and not something about a leaked beta OS, thankyou
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