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  1. Gts 250 is decent for the price. Id go with the first one you linked from MSI http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127478 It is almost definate it will work with your other rig specs (psu) and it is a decent card.
  2. Yeah i think ill definatly pick up GW2, im currently playing aion (as pretty much the only decent alternative to WoW because i cant stand playing WoW anymore) and id really like a change, something new, Im also interested in terra, but ill wait to see how that pans out. EDIT: [email protected] banning video NCsoft are pretty funny in that respect, in Aion GMs appear as giant chickens/frogs and blow up people that are botting or advertising gold, seen some pretty funny stuff.
  3. This is what i dont get OCfreak... You are so convinced that it ISNT an oversized ipod touch yet, in your own words, you basically tell us that it is an ipod touch with a bigger screen and faster processor... So in other words... an oversized ipod touch. I dont believe anyone even said that it being an oversized ipod touch is a bad thing, but it is by and large a fair analysis of the product, it doesnt matter if you have used it or not, a monkey could look at the spec sheets for both products and come to the conclusion that the ipad is a bigger version of a touch. Oh and I am still loling, you win the internet
  4. I especially liked the part where the guy who wrote the article said that mice will disappear. Over my dead body, i would rather take a rusty hatchet to my left eye ball then use a touchpad or touch screen for all my computing needs. Infact, if i am forced to use a laptop for one reason or another, i take my mouse with me. If they really are going then id better start stockpiling straight away.
  5. I had the right drivers the entire time, they were just incompatible in one way or another with XP pro SP1. So if anyone else has this problem, do a windows update and try reinstalling the drivers, it worked for me
  6. I have to thank you psywar. It wasnt exactly what you said but it pushed me in the right direction, i did a windows update, did all the recommended stuff, reinstalled the chipset and audio drivers and now it all works fine. I didnt even think to do a windows update because i thought the copy of xp pro i was using was SP3, turns out it was an old SP1 in an SP3 cd sleeve lol, but nonetheless, very grateful.
  7. I have the dreaded "no audio device" problem on my laptop. The laptop is an Acer travelmate 6592 running windows xp profressional. Over the past 2 days i have tried everything i could think of and everything that i could find on the net except a full reformat as i want to avoid that. In the device manager under sound, video and game controllers it lists: Audio codecs Legacy Audio drivers Legacy video capture devices Media control devices Video codecs Under other devices it lists: PCI device with a big yellow quest mark in front, i cant figure out what this is or if it has anything to do with my problem. Basically there is no sound options in my tray, when i go into control panel, sound, everything is greyed out, everything, i cannot change default device, it just says "no playback device" and under volume it says "no audio device" I have tried re-installing all the drivers directly from the acer website, i got the PC specs and downloaded drivers directly from intel and realtek, i checked windows services to make sure audio is set to auto and started, multiple different Audio driver re-installs and reboots, the intel chipset update and none of it has made a difference. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanx, Love
  8. Aion Character: Whatislove 49 Elysean Chanter Marchutan US World of warcraft Character: Whatislove 80 Troll Shadow priest Sen'jin US
  9. Rofl at that quote..there are some people who are just plain ignorant.
  10. Im an Nvidia fanboy, but i dont exactly try and tell people who like ATI they are wrong. The thing i notice is that, everytime ATI gets on top, thousands of ATI fanboys flock in and basically say "SEE, I TOLD YOU WE WOULD BEAT NVIDIA". The difference between ATI and nvidia fanboys from my own personal experiences is that, ATI fanboys are always trying to justify their "fanboyism" where as nvidia fanboys generally just sit back because they know that the "king of the hill" title is going to switch from camp to camp everytime the next gen cards are released. Having the fastest graphics card in the world with your next-gen cards, comparing them to the old gen cards, is really nothing to brag about. I know that when nvidia releases its DX11 cards, they will be faster than ATI, then in the months after ATI will start a 6 series and theyll be faster than Nvidia, then nvidia will start a new series and round and round it goes. The reason i am an Nvidia fanboy is simple, they have physX, CUDA and better driver support. Once again, im not saying that ATI have bad driver support or dont have good technologies, it is just a personal preference of mine.
  11. Good lord. From living in a cave to being a billionaire 0.o That is quite a step to take in a few months (if that)
  12. Fill it with metho or something Thats what id try lol
  13. GaiusMaxwell


    So, i used to play wow and figured out it was the devil Well not really, i just ended up quitting because i played a shadow priest as my main and blizzard kept ignoring our problems (although they did a big buff in 3.3, im not going back because the buff shouldve come sooner) So anyway, ive moved to aion, and being fairly "e-famous" on the wow forums i thought id get right back into E-fame in Aion. (i am loving aion btw) So without further ado I present my theme song, written and performed by myself enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Br-zOm8CL0 (those who havent played aion wont get some of the references)
  14. Yeah i know, the waterblock's plexi literally just cracked miduse, green . everywhere, the tubing wouldnt bend, just kinked and the radiator was so flimsy Its not even useful enough to let me re-use its barbs on better parts evidently
  15. I never intended to use the thermaltake barbs, but when the rad and block i ordered didnt come with any i tried to use them, they didnt fit, they would not screw in because they were too small So i went to order the correct barbs, which were these: http://www.skycomp.com.au/product.aspx?id=100006 But no-one seems to have any in stock, so i guess i can simplify my question to this, since i cannot get any of the above, would something like http://www.i-tech.com.au/products/52366_Sw...1__2__Barb.aspx Fit into the waterblock and rad?
  16. I guess im thinking of the diameter difference, sorry As the alphacool connectors say Use for 10mm Outside diameter and 8mm Inside diameter The inside diameter of the thermaltake ones i tried to use are too small, something like 6mm
  17. G1/4 is the outside thread, im not really worried about that Its the inside thread (that goes into the waterblock and rad) that im worried about, i tried my old thermaltake ones but the threads were way to small, they had the same 1/4 outside threads aswell
  18. Ok so here is my problem, i was using a really bad thermaltake bigwater 735 awhile ago and the waterblock imploded on itself, i havent done WC for awhile now but im breaking back into it. I ordered good parts some good parts Now the problem is, neither the rad or the waterblock came with connectors and these are the ones it says they use Alphacool Tube Connector With G1/4" Inch Outside Thread Use for 10mm Outside diameter and 8mm Inside diameter http://www.skycomp.com.au/product.aspx?id=100006 I need 4 total, the original site i bought the WC parts off had 0 in stock with an eta of 4 months for the backorder -.-, the site i linked above only had 3 in stock and they had no ETA on a backorder for one more, i have now searched and rang up about 35 online retailers, all have no stock for these connectors at all My question is, is there another connector i could use that would fit and work with these parts that ive bought Exact parts here: http://altech.com.au/productinfo.aspx?id=16283 http://altech.com.au/productinfo.aspx?id=19566
  19. lol what is it with Etailers and mispricing TV's, i remember not that long ago on this site there was a big thread involving a website and their 1080p TV's going for $29.99 or something of the like
  20. For some reason even with forced settings in rivatuner it still dropped I resolved the issue however, its a palit gtx 260+ sonic edition, I downloaded the latest drivers straight from nvidia when i first installed the card I uninstalled them and installed drivers from the CD and the Cd came with a program for overclocking, it had 2 seperate clocks set for 2d and 3d, i just set them to the same thing and no more down clocking
  21. Ok, i hate power saving options, 100% hate them, i dont care about reducing my clock speeds while im idle etc etc I have every power saving function i can find disabled (in both windows and bios), however, my gtx 260+ is limiting its clock speeds when not in a 3D game For the life of me i cannot find the power saving function that is limiting my Graphics card Any ideas? Thanx, Love +
  22. The reason macs are "safer" isn't because the os is more secure or anything Its because, apple macs make up something like 4.6% of all commerically owned computers in the world. (Im guessing domestic isn't far off that) Another 5.4% is made up of all the other small OS's, linux/unix etc If you were a hacker/programmer and you wanted to spend your time making keyloggers or virus' to take vital passwords and information, would you start programming a spyware/virus for macs or pcs? The answer is obviously PCs, with around 9 times the amount of computers to attempt to infect, you'll have a much higher success rate This is why macs are safer, its not worth hacker's time (and I believe there was an article I read not that long ago that showed a hacker/programmer can breach and infect an apple mac just as easily as a pc)
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