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  1. I already set up a wishlist cart (about $1100), You never know, I might win the lottery tomorrow
  2. Just bought myself a Gainward gtx 560Ti Golden sample, plantronics gamescon 777 and a TT esports challenger pro and I'm happy with all of them, spent a little under $400 total. Also picked up a working backwards compatible 60g version of the PS3 and a new 28" HD TV to go with it for a little over $400. All this funded by the sale of my WoW account, lol, it's nice having a pay day after 6 years I guess
  3. Ended up ordering through pccasegear as they had the 560ti I wanted instock (Gainward golden sample, black with red fans /slurp). Postage was 12 bucks but i ended up paying $6 extra for express premium and It arrived the next day! before 10am, less than 24 hour delivery for 18 bucks... I'm impressed and I'll be using these guys from now on, so thanks for that recommendation. Onto the plantronics, I've been using them for about an hour now and they are already miles ahead of the my previous sets, sound quality is great, it lacks a tiny bit on big boomy bass (which I don't mind, all my previous headsets were bass heavy), it's more "intelligent" bass, you can actually hear the sounds not just a big rumbly mess. Mid's and high's are great and the dolby sorround isn't quite perfect 5.1, it makes the sound more "spacious" if you know what I mean, One review put it nicely and I'd have to agree, "it makes it sound as if the audio is coming from every direction", like you're in a room with a 5.1 system set up and you're standing in the middle of it with the music turned up, if it weren't for actually wearing the headset, you wouldn't be able to tell if the sound was coming from the headset or from your room. They are mega comfortable too, even though they are quite tight to start with, the big pads are more than enough and if I remember correctly, it took about a week for my old set of plantronics to loosen up.
  4. I just added them into my cart on skycomp for $74 (im ordering a gfx card and some ram from them tomorrow so ill add these in at no extra shipping charge), I didnt relise they were so cheap
  5. The first headset I ever had was a plantronics, one of the lower end ones, the plastic snapped after about a years of use but I can still remember them being the best headset ive ever owned, comfort was A+ and in comparison to my current ozone oxids (and whatever I had before these, cant remember) their sound quality was miles ahead (and they were all the same price range). I was looking at the 777's but I hadn't heard great things about virtual 7.1 (though i havent read up on plantronics virtual 7.1, just virtual 7.1 in general).
  6. Newcastle, NSW. I usually buy all my stuff from skycomp.com.au but they are really skint on audio stuff. I would consider going out of my price-range if there was a really good set you could recommend, not crazy out of it, but up to around $220.
  7. I will check both of those out, thanks. On my preference, I'm probably biased towards bass, I mainly listen to trance and house music (and gaming) so crystal clear high's aren't really a huge concern for me, I just don't want to have a headset that is nothing BUT bass and all you can hear is a mad rumble no matter what you are listening to.
  8. I really wish I could give you a solid answer but I don't really care if it's 5.1, stereo, 7.1 or whatever, I use a stereo headset currently, I've heard 5.1 is better for gaming and that's mainly what ill be doing (mainly TF2 and CSS for FPS games). I really have no preference on that front. The 2 headset's I linked were just headset's in my price-range that I thought might be decent, I am really out of touch with the audio side of things. EDIT: My design goals come down to basically just not wanting a huge headset that glows bright blue or green (like most razor headsets) as I think it would just look ridiculously out of place and I am kind of OCD when it comes to colour coordination. Im sure plain black would work just fine.
  9. I'd say design as a priority, aslong as I'm not paying $150 for a piece of art with no function what-so-ever. I'm happy to not have perfect, crystal clear high's and low's, I'd also prefer comfort > overall sound quality as Ill be wearing these things for 4-6 hours at a time. I would settle for straight black, there are also other variations that I would consider, e.g AudioFX pro 5+1 I had come to the conclusion my choices were basically: http://www.skycomp.com.au/item/AudioFX-Pro-5-1-Force-Feedback-Gaming-Headset.aspx or http://www.skycomp.com.au/item/TteSports-by-Thermaltake-SHOCK-ONE-Foldable-DTS-5-1-Gaming-Headset-with-Microphone-USB.aspx But I upped my budget and was hoping for more options as I've heard the shock ones are comfortable but have pretty atrocious sound quality and the audioFX pros have pretty good sound quality but are uncomfortable (tight on the head, and I have a big head) I was considering Siberia V2's but they look awfully plain to me, I had been browsing this forum and the web and just can't find a good place to really compare headsets so I was hoping trusty OCC could swoop in with a perfect match to what i was looking for (slightly optomistic i know)
  10. Im in the market for a set of good headphones for gaming (Mainly) but would also like nice sound to listen to music and watch movies. My price range is $150-160, that's about absolute maximum and if my best option is a $100 headset, i'll take it. Here lies my problem though, I want/need the headset to have a black and red theme to it (like the TT esports shock one, but i've heard they are trash) as everything else I have is themed this way (My aivia red keyboard, CM storm inferno mouse, NZXT hades case modded to add more red, Samsung 24" LED LCD with a red underglow etc etc), Is there a decent headset out there with this colour scheme in my price-range? I would also consider just plain black as a last option. On the soundcard front, I have an SB audigy already installed - I have no idea if this is good or not, I included soundcard in the title because I didnt know if my best option would be $100 headset + $50 soundcard (if mine is trash). I am also not worried about whether the headset has a mic or not, As I use a desktop mic currently. TL;DR Headset (with or without mic) with a black/red colour scheme for gaming and music in the $160 price range (inc. soundcard if mine is trash).
  11. NZXT Phantom is what I would buy if I had your budget http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&DEPA=0&Order=BESTMATCH&Description=nzxt+phantom
  12. Aw man, im a bit late But i'd love a key if you still got some left, I've been following the game for a little while now.
  13. Alright so i found a workaround. For some reason it is the wireless broadband connection program itself, so i switched over and just used the old dial-up style windows connection and it now connects and surfs the net just fine.
  14. Hi guys, My dad just asked me to look at his laptop, his old one broke and he picked up a secondhand one from a friend. He has a huawei 3g wireless broadband modem from optus, which was working fine in his old laptop, he plugged it into the new one and installed everything but it wont connect. Ive got it now and the exact error is "The current operating system is not supported", both his old laptop and the new one run windows xp home 32-bit. The laptop is a hp pavilion ze5600, Ive tried uninstalling and re-installing the wireless modem aswell as the optus wireless broadband connection program to no avail, ive tried installing the latest drivers for the modem aswell. I dont think it is the modem that is the problem though, as he has actually recieved text messages from optus telling him he has successfully recharged (you recieve them through the optus connection program). Ive googled several differently phrased versions of the problem and all offer no solution. Any ideas what could be causing this?
  15. Whatislove I came up with this Mid-way through WoW's BC expansion, previous to this my char name was "botta", not a very good trolling name, I name changed to Whatislove and enjoyed my short stint of E-fame on the WoW official forums until I was perma-banned from them Ever since then I use it for all my main character names, I was whatislove in L2, whatislove in AoC, whatislove in Aion and am still whatislove in WoW (because all those MMO's failed) I think the name is hilarious and it never fails to get a whole group of people type-singing in global channels "Baby dont hurt me" "dont hurt me" "no more" Ofcourse, it isnt easy to come up with alt names, although I think I got the hang of it. There's Whatizlove, Taintedlove and Lovesensation
  16. Ok, so for the past few months i have just been dealing with it. But basically at all random times my connection will just suddenly drop, sometimes ill be torrenting, sometimes youtube, sometimes WoW, anything, my connection will just drop. When it drops out the ONLY way to bring it back up is to ipconfig /flushdns that is the only thing that works, resetting the router doesnt bring it up, renewing ip address does nothing, taking cables out and putting them back does nothing, the absolute only thing that brings it back up is /flushdns Does anyone know what could be causing it? edit: forgot to mention im using windows vista 32bit
  17. Im an Aussie and i generally prefer american humour, although most of my friends dont understand alot of it. Im probably the only person in my city that watches the colbert report... and loves it. I prefer the big bang theory > IT crowd, but i still enjoy the IT crowd every now and then
  18. Just saw iron man 2 at the cinema, absolutely loved it. Came home and watched sherlock holmes, which wasnt bad, also enjoyed it.
  19. NSFW: Language http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUNqer9N12U Well, that was easy
  20. The results from previous ones lead me to believe its more like oil toasting than it is cooling
  21. Except better looking For the most part
  22. I know I have in a few movies but for the life of me I can't remember what they were. But one of my friends literally balled his eyes out in the cinema during star wars 3, when the clones turned on the jedi lol.
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