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  1. I just don't know if I'm incredibly unlucky or if this is what TNT is like to everyone in my area. I've had freight of similiar size sent by other companies (Startrack express, australian air express) with no issues what-so-ever, even from similiar locations. I had my couch sent from sydney to newcastle by AAE (despite their name, they do, do road express), it's dimensions were similiar to that of the desk, it cost $70 less and it arrived the very next day at 9am, they even followed the delivery instructions and knocked on the right door. I guess the real slap in the face with the latest escapade is that on friday (the same time TNT picked up my TV from sydney) I also ordered a sizeable display piece (a little bigger than a backetball in size) from japan and the package from japan arrived today at midday. Japan to Australia via japanese air mail - 3 days Sydney to newcastle (2 hour drive) via TNT - Indefinate as they've lost my freight, but we are already on day 4
  2. So here I am, wanting to vent, this is the second experience I've had with TNT express, which also happens to be the second terrible experience I've had with TNT. I'll give you a bit of back story: In october I ordered a new computer desk online, it had to be sent by freight for obvious reasons, the seller opted for TNT's 1-day road express, It was collected and scanned on friday. On saturday another scan went through saying that it was leaving melbourne and heading for the newcastle depot (Depot closest to me), it listed the delivery date for monday. I noticed on sunday there was no scan to say it arrived anywhere, but it was a sunday I didn't expect alot of activity but when monday rolled around and there was still no further scan I called customer service, first guy had no idea what was going on, I was transfered, this girl had no idea what was going on so she said she would escalate the ticket and I should expect a call within an hour, 3 hours passed and I hadn't had a call, I called customer service again and I was told the first rep never escalated my ticket so this one did it for me. In an hour and fifteen minutes I recieved a call from the self-titled 'Specialist', she informed me they basically lost my freight and she would now run "checks" to find my package.. whatever that means. I don't get another call until tuesday morning, she found my freight.. sitting exactly where it should have been on monday, in the newcastle depot, but for whatever reason it wasn't scanned in and wasn't loaded for delivery. It also didn't get loaded on tuesday morning so I wouldnt get it that day, she had scheduled it to be delivered tomorrow before 5pm. During all of these calls I have made doubley and tripley sure that there are notes on the consignment saying deliever to the back of property, it's also in my address "Rear of property" on the second line and on my mailbox - There was 2 seperate notes on my freight about the delivery "Deliver to rear of property as unit 1 does not have a front entrance". The next day I walk out at 1pm to check the mail and find a "we missed you" slip from TNT in there, I had my front door wide open all day and my lounge room is not 5 feet away from it so despite it being on my mailbox, in my address AND on the delivery instructions, the delivery driver knocked on the front door of the wrong unit and then left. I called up customer service yet again, this time irate, after being transfered 3 times again the specialist tells me she is boarding it on a priority service and ill get it before midday the next day (already 4 days late), I took no chances this time, I literally stood in my driveway from 9pm to midday waiting for this TNT truck, They still have not scanned it after that saturday in melbourne so there is no tracking. No TNT truck arrives, I call up customer service and am informed that despite what the specialist said only the day before, it wasnt being boarded today, it was being boarded tomorrow. I got it the next day (5 days after the gauranteed delivery date) at 5.30pm... so much for midday. That was my first horrible experience, during all of this obviously I did a quick google search for reviews... productreview.com 120 negative reviews and a total score of under 2 stars, notgoodenough.com 100 negative reviews and a total score of 1 star, not to mention hundreds of random threads from different websites with negative reviews/experiences. Anyway, last thursday I bought a 59" plasma online, it had to be sent by freight ofcourse and when I got the freight despatch notice friday morning and saw TNT as the courier all I could do was sigh. I remained hopeful, surely they couldn't screw up that bad again, they can't always be like that and this freight was only coming from sydney (a literal 2 hour drive up the coast), it got 2 scans on friday saying it was collected and processed at the chullora depot in sydney. Saturday rolls around, no further scan, I call customer service immediately but ofcourse the specialists dont work weekends so the level 1 rep could only reassure me everything was ok, no further scan on sunday, call up again to the same affect, the rep told me to contact CS first thing in the morning if there wasn't another scan by 9am. Ofcourse there wasn't another scan, I called up got transfered 3 times and got my ticket escalated, 2 hours later I get a call from a specialist, "we've lost your freight, Im going to run some checks". Yeah that's right.. they lost ANOTHER package of mine, a computer desk and a 59" TV aren't exactly small objects that just go missing, are they really that incompetent? I've called 12 times total today to get an update and the only update I got was at 4pm when the specialist told me there was no update except that they got confirmation it left sydney, her exact words were "It may still be in transit, ill continue trying to track it down"... Im sorry but how is it being transported if it's still in transit? is somebody running it to me from sydney? It's a 2 hour drive... there is no way it could still be in transit from sydney to newcastle from last friday... I actually could have walked there and back over the weekend. I'd also like to point out that the freight cost for this total uselessness was $150 EACH for 1-day express. They refused to refund any of the shipping costs last time but this time I've already taken it up with the department of fair trading and the postal service ombudsman, I don't understand how a company so large (the largest courier company in Australia) and seemingly successful can be this incompetent, how can they still be allowed to operate? So OCC, is TNT express as incompetent as this where you are? TL;DR TNT express lost my freight twice and I've only ever had 2 things delivered by them, customer service was bad, all the handlers and drivers are lazy and incompetent, so far they've got a 100% failure rate.
  3. Congrats to the winners! 3 years down, maybe I'll win something next year
  4. Email sent. Thanks to OCC, bosco and all the suppliers for putting on this contest - Hope I'm lucky this year. Good luck everyone!
  5. Lemmings wasn't violent? Some of my fondest memories are those of watching 30 lemmings commit suicide... by mistake
  6. Anyway, this thread is probably just about moot now since it answered my question about a xeon build and I will be waiting for sb-e before I start putting a build together. Thankyou to everyone who chipped in with their knowledge though
  7. I don't know where you got the idea that I'm hung up on looks > functionality, I dropped the xeon idea pretty quick (Which was a half looks thing). I've already mentioned that I probably won't be gaming at that high a resolution all the time, I did want to try it out though and the link you gave me didn't change my feelings about ATI cards, All I could gather from reading the whole thing was that the ATI setup could handle a little more AA and/or AF, scale back 1 of those options on the nvidia setup (which is probably of minor consequence to appearance) and it runs fine. And anyway, quad SLI 590 was just a passing mention a few posts back, I would more likely be looking at 580's in tri-sli and long-term gaming on 1 30" at 2560x1600. I'm not just a mindless fanboy by the way, I haven't tried to run-around some BS about nvidia being better with clear evidence to the contrary, but there is a reason that I prefer intel and nvidia and it's the same reason that I don't buy AMD anymore, I have had too many bad experiences and although the things that happened in the past probably don't apply to their products today, I just simply don't want to take the chance. Again, I am absolutely, 100% fine spending more money on an Nvidia based build, even if its slightly worse than, equal to or better than an ATI build.
  8. I have 2 30" monitors right now, their bezel isn't too thick. I don't think I really plan on using 3x30" all the time, but with this build going the way it is and me being only 1 monitor short of the surroundvision experience, I thought I would atleast try it out (I might like it, stranger things have happened), If I don't end up liking it, I'll just use the spare 30" for a PS3 screen or something (Or just sell it).
  9. I've had bad experiences with them in the past and I've been an intel/nvidia fanboy for a couple of years now, I am fine with spending a little more to get equal or better performance with nvidia over AMD. I can't explain it much more than that, I just simply don't like AMD products
  10. I had a build similiar to that in mind, except no ATI/AMD cards, I won't use AMD products, call it fanboyism (It sort of is) but the build I land on will be intel + Nvidia. At this stage I'm definatly thinking wait for sb-e, get a 2-3 gtx 580s or quad sli 590s (Depending on what fits my budget) and water cooling the whole lot. I also want the build to be in a Red NZXT Phantom case, I'd switch out the blue LED fans for red ones and use really bright white tubing for the loop, but I don't know exactly how big the phantom is. Edit: Just browsing cases and found this: http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=25_547&products_id=12853 That is so drool worthy... but looks a tad small.
  11. It would be 7680x1600 in surroundvision. An individual one would be 2560x1600. I'm thinking I'm just going to wait for sb-e and do a full WC loop.
  12. That's honestly what I assumed, more graphics cards > more CPUs. I really was just thinking about how awesome it would look with 2 CPU blocks in a WC loop
  13. So I've finally got the target amount of money together that I wanted to use to build an awesome rig, my budget is about $5000, the $5000 budget is for the build only (I have the monitors, keyboard, mouse etc). What I want to know is, with a $5000 budget, should I be looking at an intel xeon build? I started to google and browse but I just don't know where to start, my main questions are: 1. Is a xeon build any good for high-res gaming? 2. Should I just wait for the next gen intel cpus and build a normal rig? If you think I could get away with a xeon build it would be greatly appreciated if you could point me in the right direction (A mobo and the right CPUs would be a good start, there are like 60 different Xeons -.-). EDIT: Forgot to mention I'll likely be gaming with 3x30" monitors.
  14. The "content" updates you are refering to for GW1 aren't what I was refering to, their biggest "content" update added a new system to get pets, extra stuff in their micro-transaction store and in their exact words "...new purpose and rewards to existing content". When I say content I am refering to new end-game raids, instances, bosses etc, which are only added through expansions in GW1. I also stumbled upon several posts about GW2 new F2P model: http://onvideogames.net/1603/guild-wars-2-expansion-formula-released-release-date/ GW2 is now officially a micro-transaction MMO, you will have to pay for content updates with real money through an in-game store, so If you want to play the full game you are likely going to be paying just as much or even more than swtor and WoW which have a monthly subscription model.
  15. First point, Asian market: The asian market is just that, the asian market, and is almost entirely different to the rest of the world in terms of gaming and especially MMOs, it also doesn't do your side of the argument much justice because they back up subscription based MMOs with 2 quite impressive statistics: 1. The asian market comprised over 6 million of the 11 million active WoW subscribers WoW had at its peak and 2. The asian market is responsible for the most popular MMO of all time, lineage II (Subscription), which had over 20 million active subscribers at its peak, all of which were from the asian market (This was before lineage II got ported to the western market). Aion, which started in the asian market over a year before it released in the west, had millions of subscribers and still has millions of asian subscribers. You can't use numbers from the asian market to back up a future of gaming argument, there are SO many more people in this market compared to the west that all the numbers seem impressive but when in reality they aren't that impressive at all (when looking at the number of people playing/subscribing compared to their entire populous). They are also a totally different breed of gamer (Generally), Aion had millions of asian subscribers before it was released in the west and when it was released the majority of the western market hated it's grindy nature which caused it to lose most of its inital subscribers (it only enjoys a small success now after many, many patches to reduce grinding and a new expansion). Point 2, Your preferred F2P style: The problem with this style was explained in my last post, content updates are provided solely through expansions and these expansions are not frequent or large enough to occupy and satisfy most serious MMO gamers - Even WoW casuals are completing new content at a decent rate which sees them without much to do before the new patch, and these patches are 2-3 times more frequent than guild wars expansions and are quite often larger. Point 3, Type of player: I wasn't trying to say that anyone who wants to play for free is going to be undesirable but the fact of the matter is F2P opens up an MMO (or any online game for that matter) to a wider audience of undesirables. 1. Botters, gold farmers and RMT - It is far easier for RMT (gold selling etc) to run rampant in a F2P environment, there is no penalty for getting banned because they simply open a new account. 2. Hackers - What have they got to lose? they didn't pay anything for the account so why not throw on a speed hack and ruin a BG, or spam the server so much that it crashes, I played on the same TF2 server for over 2 years and I never once saw a single aimbotter or hacker, since going F2P I've had to fraps 28 speed hackers and aimbotters on the very same server I have played on for years. 3. Spammers (Harrasment) - People who just want to ruin the game because they like another one better, people who just think its funny to spam, troll and clog up chat channels etc They are the really bad ones but there are also plenty of other groups, people who don't belong in an MMO, people who don't really want to play the game etc etc. Bottom line is a subscription based MMO is a far better environment for everyone who actually wants to play an MMO (In ALL respects).
  16. F2P is not the future and it is not how it "should be". F2P is where dieing MMOs go to cling to life through micro-transactions. Leaving WoW behind, Rift and Aion still both use the monthly subscription platform and still have a larger, more active playerbase than both AoC and warhammer which were both released at similiar times to Aion and are now both F2P. There are 2 very different F2P models - 1. Micro-transactions (AoC, world of tanks etc): This is where an MMO doesn't have a monthly subscription fee but still has content updates semi-regularly, the content updates and servers are maintained by people who spend real money on in-game items and/or content through a micro-transaction store. 1a. The problem with this method is that it creates a wildly uneven and unbalancable game, those willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for items, abilities or even classes have an upperhand over those who spend nothing or very little. 1b. Most people actually end up spending MORE per month on a F2P MMO than a regular subscription based one, a micro-transaction model creates an impulse-buyer mindset, you might think at the time "$5 for this sweet sword, that's nothing" but you only need to do it 3 times per month and you've paid just as much as a subscription fee and in many cases more (most micro transactions aren't $5, atleast not for the good stuff) and what are you getting for your money? Less support, worse and less frequent content updates and no garuntee that you will ever be able to compete with any given person assuming the same level of skill (Money > skill in this model). 1c. Most of the games that use this model aren't really giving you the whole game for free, it's actually just an unlimited trial. If you install AoC right now and create a new account you can play for free but to what extent? Well for starters you are limited to only 4 classes out of the 12 in the game (You have to pay to play two-thirds of the classes in the game) and the 4 you are limited to are the cookie-cutter basic MMO roles (1 tank, 1 healer, 1 melee, 1 ranged dps). Lotr uses a similiar model, you can play the game for free and even use all the classes but you have to pay for content in micro-transactions (the ability to run certain dungeons, items, zones etc) and in lotrs case it is actually cheaper to pay the $15 a month subscription than it is to play for "free" and buy all the content with micro-transactions. 2. F2P (Guild wars): Guild wars is free to play, anyone that buys the game get's the same game and can play without a subscription BUT you don't get content updates outside of expansions, if you told any of the millions of WoW subscribers that they weren't going to get any major content updates (patches) until the next expansion (1 year+) they would start a riot. 2a. Guild wars expansion turn-around was about 6-8 months and the expansion would cost you $40-$60, a guild wars expansion was about the same size as a major content patch in WoW (new raid, new zone etc), $60 is 4 months worth of WoW subscription cost and in that 4 months you would've had atleast 1 major content patch (possibly even 2) and several minor ones, you are getting more content in a shorter time frame for the same amount of money. 2b. Guild wars is classified as F2P but really it is a B2P expansion model, you have to pay for content and the content turn-around is far too long for real MMO-gamers, Unless they plan on releasing a new expansion every 2-3 months for GW2 it will never have as much content (or content updates as frequent) as Swtor or WoW and if they do release expansions that fast, it will actually cost you more per month to play GW2 than the other 2 that use the successful, traditional subscription model. A subscription model provides better, more frequent and larger content updates, it provides better support (10-24 hours to get a GM ticket answered in WoW, over a week in AoC and WoW has far, far more subscribers and tickets to get through), the subscription model assures all players are on an even playing field, imbalances and bugs are more readily dealt with (more frequent minor content updates/patches) and all-round a subscription based MMO is of better quality. Bottom line is if swtor was F2P, I wouldn't play it and neither would most of it's eagerly awaiting fan base, would you seriously want to be greeted at the create-a-character screen with a $20 price-tag next to the Jedi knight or Sith inquisitor? Would you want to pay $10 to use a lightsaber? and pay an extra $5 if you wanted to change your saber's colour? I could go on for the next 3 days about why F2P is an abolustely stupid idea, I haven't even touched on the type of playerbase a F2P model attracts (Tell me that team fortress 2 is better now that it is F2P, Aimbot fest FTL) but it can all be summed up nicely by a post I made on the swtor forums which was later picked up by a gaming blog. TL;DR http://gamingphanatic.com/2011/09/20/star-wars-the-old-republic-stop-with-all-the-xxxx-is-f2p-threads/ In response to the original question, I pre-ordered (and paid for) the CE
  17. I bought FF9 through the PS store on my PS3 which was my favourite game when I was younger (and still a top contender) and I also bought a gamecube a few months ago to play tales of symphonia again which is still my favourite game of all time.
  18. My shorts are never on >.> Good luck to everyone!
  19. My iphone 4 can run flash, It's called jailbreaking! Sort of on topic though, I hate apple... with every ounce of strength in my body, I hate their business strategy.. which is to sell very misinformed people technology that has blaring omissions (Like a camera) then resell them the same technology 3 months later that now has that previous omission and calling it new. BUT I love my iphone 4, I think it's the best piece of technology I've ever bought BUT2 only because I've jailbroken it which has released all the stupid apple restrictions. Not being able to change the theme of my phone, or get an app to give me quickSMS all because apple feel their terrible, terrible UI design is better is just retarded. I've modded and themed it so much that you wouldnt even know it was an iphone if it didnt have a big apple badge on the back. I hear android owners tout about how their OS is SO customizable/moddable compared to an iphone while somehow ommitting that most of those mods can be done on a jailbroken iphone (and I'm willing to bet there are a ton of things you can mod on a jailbroken iphone that you can't on a droid). Honestly, I feel it's like comparing bananas of the same bunch, or strawberries in the same punnet - They are all the same with minor variations.
  20. I bought a kit of 8g corsair dominators DDR3 when I upgraded from socket 775 and absolutely love them. The pricepoint is amazing for the timings, the performance is top notch and the red heat sinks look beautiful in my case. Hands down the best set of memory I've ever owned.
  21. They basically stopped using the term equality in Australia and replaced it with reconciliation... which is far more accurate. Minorities don't want equality, they want compensation (Generally). Aboriginal people (Indigenous Australians) are easily equal in most civilised parts of Australia, they wouldn't get looked over for employment or anything similiar, they are given the same opportunities but on top of this they demand more government money (An aboriginal gets around $30,000 more annually on a pension than a white person on a similiar payment), areas/land/regions be turned over to them for X reason among other things. This is no longer equality, it's reconciliation - Even though most of the people alive today recieving these benefits are only related to these hardships by ancestory, they weren't even directly involved. I am not racist and have great respect for anyone (of any race, gender or affiliation) who puts some effort into their lives but the problem is that the beneficiaries take advantage of their benefits - Why look for a job (in which you have the same chance of anyone else of getting) when you could recieve a payment that is equal to or greater than most people's mid-range salaries for doing nothing. I just don't understand the reasoning behind compensating people who weren't directly involved in anything, I mean... would you walk into a mcdonalds right now and demand a free burger because your dad told you that his great grandmother found a hair in her burger 60 years ago?
  22. +1 I still play CSS gungame and still find myself, more often than not, having to wait in queue to join my favourite servers. It's taken valve how long exactly to release a new counterstrike? 7 years? When was the last COD? 6 months ago? Atleast valve can make FPS's that last longer than the year they were released in.
  23. I cleaned the registry after uninstalling the old card. I totally uninstalled the sound card drivers and still have the same problem. I don't have access right now to another power supply but it can be arranged. I have a new development though, On my gtx 260 I started noticing (around 2 or so weeks ago) that my main screen would flicker (jutter from side to side) and occasionally go black for a few seconds, I assumed it was the card because it was getting pretty old. But I've just got on my PC now (with no changes since last night except the sound drivers being uninstalled) and the flickering/juttering is WORSE than it ever was with the gtx 260, it's having a spaz attack. Am I actually looking at motherboard problem or do you still think it's the PSU? (PSU and RAM were next on my to buy list)
  24. Ok, now I'm thinking it's not the graphics card, I just had the exact same problem happen...but with itunes. Opened itunes to transfer some movies to my iphone and mid-sync itunes froze, then when trying to get it to respond (like in the games) my whole computer froze and it eventually ended up with black screens, forcing me to do a manual restart. What am I looking at here? RAM issue? (I seem to recall I had a few RAM troubles back when I did this build originally, but I switched RAM slots on the mobo and i ended up trouble free)
  25. Just got this card yesterday, upgraded from a gtx 260, I did the proper thing and uninstalled all the previous drivers, installed the new card and installed the latest drivers straight from nvidia. First thing I did was boot up CSS and maxed out the settings, assuming this new card could handle it, I put max AA and whatever that other one is (forgive me, it's like 5 random letters x16) and every few minutes my whole computer would freeze forcing me to a manual restart. I lowered the AA and the other one to their minimum (1 step above none) and tried playing again with the same result, the crashing didnt stop until I put the other one on nothing and AA on minimum. Figuring it was just a problem within CSS, I booted up TF2 and with the same result, except this time the crashes didnt stop until I turned off both AA and the other completely. So then I figured it was the source engine, I tried Kotor and I can't even run AA on that without it crashing. I've heard there were issues with the latest nvidia drivers causing cards to overheat but the temps never went over 52c. The card is a gainward golden sample (factory OC'd) so I downclocked it to factory settings and I'm still having the problem. Any ideas what's causing this? Other important specs are: i5 650 @ 3.2ghz MSI P55-GD55 Apevia warlock 750w 4g Gskill DDR3
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