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    Geforce Gtx 350

    i highly doubt nvidia is just going to sit back and let ATI take the lead of the best single card with their 4870x2 i think its very probable this card or a similiar very high end card will be released, and im guessing at around the same price range as the 4870x2
  2. GaiusMaxwell

    Disapointed With My New 4870

    I am sorry but I don't know why anyone would buy or recommend a 4870 at this point in time The gtx 260 is $80 cheaper and has almost equal performance and the new gtx 260 maxcore 216 is superior to the 4870 and it is $20 cheaper ATI cards above the 4850 are over hyped and over heated
  3. GaiusMaxwell

    260 G2

    yeah, i waited, after the 4850's success ATI could have released a pink PCB with salt crackers under the cooler and people would have rushed to buy them if they said it was better than the 4850 the 4850 in my eyes is their only good card (as for the 4870x2, id just buy a gtx 280 that gives 85-90% of the performance, has physx support, runs quitier, runs cooler and uses less energy for $380-400 rather than the hotter, louder, energy hungry and the slightly better 4870x2 for $550 EDIT: hell, you could even get 2 gtx 260's for cheaper than a single 4870x2 and it runs with equal to better performance and runs cooler...) i myself am picking up a gtx 260 core 216
  4. GaiusMaxwell

    260 G2

    i havent seen any reviews directly pitting each card against each other but i have seen them seperatly and there is a performance increase the gtx 260 has comparable/fairly equal performance to the 4870, the new gtx 260 takes the cake vs. the 4870 in almost every test ive seen on all the reviews on the web so nvidia definatly increased the performance of the gtx 260 with its gen2, even if it was only to spite ATI (the gen 2 is still cheaper than the 4870..and better :S)
  5. GaiusMaxwell

    Looking For A New Motherboard

    i think im guna go with that msi board thanks alot
  6. hey guys, Basically im getting tired of my N650SLI, i dont use the SLI and the overclocking capabilities are somewhat disappointing My budget for a new mobo is $150-200, i dont care about xfire or SLI (im also buying a gtx 260 core 216), basically my needs are a socket 775, compatible with DDR2 and to be an average/good overclocker is there a nice board in that price range or would i need to dish out more for the new p45/x48 chipsets? thanks, love
  7. GaiusMaxwell

    Nzxt Tempest

    So ive had my nzxt tempest for quite awhile now, i love it alot, totally my style and not too loud for the best it is with its 5 120-140mm fans now my question concerns the 120mm rear exhaust, its written in the instuction manual this fan doesnt -need- to be exhaust because of the 2 top 140mm exhausts At the current moment i have 2 120mm intakes in the front, 1 120mm intake on the side the PSU exhaust, 2 140mm roof exhausts and a 120mm rear exhaust the way the rear exhaust is positioned it doesnt look like it is exhausting much at all, my thermaltake maxorb is almost totally blocking it and i rarely feel even warm air coming out the back, so my question is basically, should i get a fan filter and make the rear exhaust an intake? my main thoughts are if it isnt doing much as an exhaust would it be beneficial to basically run straight into my maxorb fins and shoot basically straight out the top? or keep it as it is? thanks, love
  8. Actually, $480 was the old price of gtx 280's, with the price drop I can find gtx 280's as cheap as $380 after rebates, so price for a tri sli system come ever so close to the price of a quad fire system
  9. it doesnt matter how TRI SLI scales...compared to ATI's top offerings it is better, as shown:- http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/254488-3...870x2-crossfire http://www.driverheaven.net/reviews.php?reviewid=609 along with other reviews that show the TRI SLI on top, a Nvidia dream machine vs. an ATI dream machine shows nvidia out on top, my post isnt ignorant, nvidia holds the best performance, ATI holds the best performance for money (in the mid to upper range) 3 gtx 280's is almost equal in price as 2 4870x2's\ EDIT: just to clear it up, id say 4870x2 would be a waste of money, if for $40 extra you could get a significant increase in performance, and i say significant because there is an increase of 10 to a whopping 100 fps increase when using 3 gtx 280's, then why wouldnt you? EDIT2: and if tri sli doesnt scale at all (according to you) then why is 2 4870x2's better than 2 gtx 280's? Nvidia has worked on SLI scaling, 8800gt's in sli give you maybe a 50% increase over 1, reviews for 9800gt's in SLI as of late have shown almost a 100% increase - http://www.motherboards.org/reviews/hardware/1812_1.html Im sorry, but maybe you should do some research before calling me ignorant, just because im an nvidia fan boy doesnt mean i try and shroud the truth
  10. i dont mean to seem impolite here but i am just a little exhausted over reading people telling other people to buy ATI..ATI hold the $200 and $300 markets..not the high end stuff so they got a dual GPU 4870x2 that out performs a single gtx 280 by a small amount (and with gtx 280 price drops the 4870x2 costs alot more) then if we REALLY want to get into detail, 2 4870x2's in XfireX will lose out to 3 GTX 280's in TRI SLI, and according the newegg pricing the 3 gtx 280's will only cost you $40 extra and it also gives you quite a significant boost in performance over 2 4870x2's I am and always will be a nvidia fan boy, but i agree with alot of people about ATI..their price to performance cant be beat..it doesnt mean they have the best performance at all..they just have the best performance for the money btw, this wasnt directed at you compdude2 i just needed to get it off my chest as for the relation to this thread, if the OP wants to buy a nvidia rig, then more power too him, buy a gtx 280 or 2 and max crysis out, i would if i had the money
  11. if your willing to spend the money http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....amp;Order=PRICE x2 2 gtx 280's will run crysis maxed out on a high res...but at $390 a piece it isnt going to be cheap
  12. GaiusMaxwell

    Nvidia Naming Conventions?

    In many cases on newegg and tigerdirect, the 9800gt is priced cheaper than the 8800gt (from the same company!) I even spotted a 9800gt with aftermarket cooling and a full version of crysis for $120! After rebates Id say being priced cheaper is a way of telling people that aren't so computer saavy that the 9800gt isn't an upgrade for your 8800gt, is for new buyers who need a mid range solution (and like the "green" option)
  13. GaiusMaxwell

    Spore (spoilers?)

    Don't get me wrong, the creature creator is awesome but if I could go back and not pay $100 (australian) for <5 hours of actual fun I would
  14. GaiusMaxwell

    Spore (spoilers?)

    I don't know if im the only one thinking this I picked up spore 2 days ago and I was really loving it, I sat down and played through the cell and creature stages for a good 4 hours, (I collected all the parts possible for a carnivore) Then it was time to start my glorious tribe... this stage lasted a grand total of 30 minutes, it was just so easy...make babies, attack, there wasn't even a need to make buildings to win this level, almost no strategy at all Then I thought! Awesome omg I get to make buildings and vehicles!, I must have spent 2 hours making awesome buildings and vehicles loving every second, then I started the level, captured 6 geysers, built a happy town (which took 10 minutes) I made 10 vehicles and destroyed every city on the middle island..then I made 10 air vehivles and destroyed every other city...and then that stage was over in a matter of 30-40 minutes Space is just a big hassle, attack after attack, almost no chance to explore My real annoyance is that (on medium) you can absolutly fly through 2 of what u would think of as the big and long levels in an hour combined I mean..building a whole civilisation and uniting a nation in 30 minutes just shows they kind of threw the idea together, as they did with the space level I've been continuing to have fun by just playing the creature stage as different eating types/traits because to me this level is the most well done Tbh, I don't think I would entirely hate the idea if there was no game and just a massive creature creator because it is by far the most fun thing in this game
  15. GaiusMaxwell

    Nvidia Naming Conventions?

    i dont think this is exactly what they were trying to do (well maybe a little) but they did improve the 8800gt a tiny bit with the 9800gt (most benchmarks show tiny insignificant increases ) and the hybrid SLI thing so basically they rehashed the 8800gt and gave it a few features...but they were already in the 9 series..they cant really release a brand new card called the 8800gt+...because then it REALLY wouldnt make sense All in all, if you are going to buy either an 8800gt or a 9800gt..youd go for the 9800gt (i think its also cheaper? mind blow) because it is in fact..better and 2 of those palit 1gb OC edition 9800gt's in SLI perform better than a gtx 280 0.o and cost less to buy - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814261023 $300 total for gtx280> performance (after rebates)
  16. GaiusMaxwell

    Processor Usage During Games...

    That's what I was thinking... When I play wow and aoc my usage on my q6600 almost never goes over 30%... And rarely will any game take my cpu over 50% I didn't think a game was designed to use 100% cpu..how would you run in windowed mode or tab out and use other apps like instant messenger, xfire, vent/teamspeak and anything else u want to do?
  17. GaiusMaxwell

    Nvidia Naming Conventions?

    Exactly... What would u ask for in a shop? "Hey, do you have any ten thousand eight hundred gtx's?" Or "Hello, im looking for a tenty eight hundred gtx" Either way it would be completely stupid GTX to me is rather cool, if I were to put words to it like an acronym id say "Gaming to the extreme" so it fits well (especially for holding the title of the fastest single gpu graphics card on the market)
  18. GaiusMaxwell

    Need Advice On A Problem

    sounds to me like it couldnt load your OS you should, by all means be able to boot up on the windows CD so 1 of 2 things might be happening A. it cant read the disc (scratches etc) or B.you havent set your bios to boot up from a disc EDIT: also before running an anti virus on the file i would have rebooted and tried to delete it then, the file may have been in use by your downloading program
  19. GaiusMaxwell

    Ebay And Cdkey

    I cant honestly say if this is illegal or not, i guess it depends how the cd keys were "harvested" i bought mine from a power seller who had sold over 1100 cd keys for assorted games, i dont think they could have all been obtained illegally without anybody noticing cd keys are sold mainly for online games as i noticed, and you cant exactly play online games without cd keys, if you aquire the full game (through a friend and not illegally) then im guessing buying a cd key from a trusted source would be like buying the game...cheaper? EDIT: i think ebay.com.au has stopped cd key selling because they figured it was against their ToA, they see it similiar to selling accounts/characters (for wow etc) i see a difference between a character you dont own a cd key..a huge difference, i dont know how ebay figured that one out technically you own the cd key to activate your version of the game, a character on an online game is owned by the game creator :S
  20. GaiusMaxwell

    Ebay And Cdkey

    i dont know if youve already looked into this yet... I couldnt afford COD4, so i borrowed it off a friend, used his cd key and could play single player mode, but it is 1 cd key per account to play multiplayer (which is what i really wanted to do) so i looked into ebay, COD4 cd keys going for $15, "buy it now", bought it, 1 hour later a cd key came in my email from a very polite guy it worked, no dramas overall a very pleasant experience im not totally sure where the sellers get all the valid cd keys from, they cant really be buying full versions of the game and selling the keys for $15 because they wouldnt be making money the only thing i can think of is the cd key and game seperate, or maybe they just hijacked ebgames and took photos of the cd keys
  21. GaiusMaxwell

    Nzxt Gaming Mouse Evaluation

    I for one can't wait to get my hands on this mouse Im really guna step out of the crowd at lan parties with my nzxt tempest and this mouse, so beautiful together Does anyone know of a black keyboard with blue backlighting? (To make my theme complete =P)
  22. GaiusMaxwell

    Google Chrome

    At first glance I loved it, its very pretty and sleek...but under the nice exterior... I have to agree with a lot of people when they say they don't really give u a choice...they just have something that way and that's it..like the status bar It is extremely buggy with hotmail, it takes no less than 2 perfect typed password fails before it suddenly allows it, at first I thought it was a hotmail error but I went to hotmail on IE and password worked 1st time no problem, I closed IE and reopened chrome, took me 4 times, it is a very weird bug to say the least
  23. Hey guys, A mate asked me what the cybersport gamepwr 600w psu was like I couldn't give him a straight answer because I thought cybersport were a gaming peripheral comany =S didn't know they made power supplies Anyway, http://www.i-tech.com.au/products/26695_Cy...ntelligent.aspx What do u think? Reliable? Cost? Im really not sure Thanx, Love
  24. GaiusMaxwell

    A Cheap Build For A 5 Y.o Girl

    Hey guys, Basically my best mates little sister (5 years old) is getting a computer for her birthday, the parents were going to order a premade one but i offered to build one for them, i have a basic idea of some parts which i wont really list. Basically she will be using simple programs like word, surfing the net and running silly little flash games and low graphic CD games (like..finding nemo..and scooby doo ) so she doesnt need a super system I am giving her my old 8600gt which is more than she needs but i am not using it, i am also giving her my old dvd burner, we have a case already so now we have a $500 budget for the rest of the components I would like: A decent cpu (dont wont this thing to be totally sluggish) Mobo with onboard sound any RAM (probably generic) PSU Harddrive of any compacity (she wont be storing much... even less than 100 would do im guessing) and anything else ive forgotten Any suggestions? Thanx in advance for the help, love