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  1. Awesome, glad to hear things are working for you now! I've been pretty pleased with VisionTek myself. The two 3870's I have are from them. I figured you would be quite pleased once you got some cards that weren't borked.
  2. Man, I just can't get over how shady that guy is. I'm pissed for you! Ugh, what an butthole. Anyway, I don't see VisionTek refusing the rma after they already gave you an rma number and told you to send in the cards. I really wouldn't worry about that.
  3. Well first off, welcome to the street! Always glad to see a new face around here. As far as your question goes, (assuming I am understanding it correctly), I would think the only limiting factor for you is going to be usb speeds. If you're still on usb 1.1, then the speeds are going to be a lot slower than you are used to. Usb 2.0 will be better of course, but would be noticeable at any rate. Nothing to severe though. It shouldn't take you 6 hours to burn a data dvd if thats what you're worried about.
  4. I've actually become quite pampered with cordless gaming. Granted I don't have near the dpi that I did with my old Razer Copperhead, but the freedom of movement is a fair tradeoff in my opinion. I am very much looking forward to the continued freedom plus 2000 dpi
  5. I said to hell with it and just ordered the G7 from newegg. Thanks again for all your input and advice.
  6. I went with the Zalman vf1000 for my 3870's. I've been very pleased with them so far. Granted I haven't overclocked my cards yet, as I have been trying to see the max they will do stock. The coolers have kept my cards FAR cooler than the stock hs/fan. Plus they were only 50 bucks each on newegg. Anyway, you'll have to let me know what you think of your 3850's when you get them back. I'm eager to see if you have the same reaction I did.
  7. That's really shady. If I were you, I would steer clear of him in the future. It was really cool that Visiontek is letting you return them for repair. They should be working great when you get them back. I'll warn you though, when you do get them in and get xfire working, you may not want to get up from your computer. I know when I had my two 3850's in xfire, the only thing that made we get up from my computer was the deal Micro Center was running on 3870's, heh.
  8. Yeah the mx1000 doesn't look to bad. My only concern is that the mx1000 only has 1000 dpi vs. the g7's 2000. That's a big difference. Although I must say, I really haven't had any problems per se with my mx600. It's just old and dated, and it's only 800 dpi. I guess the mx1000 wouldn't be too bad, and it would still be an upgrade. Anyway, I think I'll head to Best Buy to see if they have any. Thanks for your input guys. As always it is greatly appreciated.
  9. That sucks mate. I'm always leary of people selling like that, which is why I usually stick with Newegg, unless I can just drive 5 minutes to Micro Center to get it, heh. Anyway, I hope it works out for ya.
  10. I've been trying to find the best cordless laser mouse that I can for gaming. Just about every site I've been to says the Logitech G7 is the absolute best cordless laser gaming mouse. There is only one problem, it has been discontinued. Right now I am using the crappy MX600, (don't ask ), and I need to find an upgrade. Years and years of cordless mice have pampered me, and I refuse to go wired. Anyway, Logitech G7 aside, what do you guys think stands out as the best cordless mouse available?
  11. Did you buy them from an individual or a retail store? I would think that if you picked them up from a store you would be able to exchange them. If you got them from an individual, go pay him a visit.
  12. Well it sounds like you've got it under control mate. Let us know how the repair and return goes.
  13. I had two 3850's in xfire running in my rig for about a week before I swapped them out for two 3870's. I've had the most success with Riva Tuner, but ATI Tray Tools is a close second. I have seen ATI Tray Tools not work well with some of the newer cards, so you may or may not have luck with that. ATItool I haven't played around with all that much, so I can't really help you with that one. Hope some of this was useful to you. Good luck!
  14. Thanks again Dan, much appreciated! BTW- I ended up getting the problem fixed with xp. I got tired of the crappy drivers and took the 2400 pro back, and picked up a cheap 6200. Works like a charm now. Thanks for all the help!
  15. Got it fixed...sort of. Seems the video card was on its last leg. I picked up a cheapo visiontek hd 2400 pro from circuit city. I got everything updated and installed, except the video drivers. It seems that windows does not like visiontek's drivers. I've tried the drivers on the cd and the newest ones from the site and neither work. After I install the drivers and restart the rig, it boots into windows ok, but then immediately the screen either turns solid blue or blue with lines through it and the system freezes. I've looked around and can't seem to find any known driver problems. I cant use drivers from ati's site, as they have no support for 2400 pro agp, only pcie. If I cant get the problem run down in short order tommorow morning, I'm going to just take it back and get the cheap butt 6200 they had....I just hate nvidia so I'd rather not, heh.
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