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  1. i have an gigabyte x48-ds4 to sell if your interested, but again its a ddr2 board.
  2. i switched from vista 64 to xp64 about 8months ago and havent looked back since. i was just so sick of having driver issues especially with my graphics card (3870x2), soon as i switched to xp all problems just seemed to vanish. i suggest you stick to xp64 making sure to have all the right drivers and just skip vista all together and move on to w7 when that is properly released. for me, i dont think i am going to, xp still rocks xD
  3. i dont know, for me i moved from vista to xp 64 and all my issues have gone away and i never looked back, by issues i mean the famous atikmdag.sys (for ati cards) bsod error. Never once have i gotten that on xp. I couldnt be happier w/ xp.
  4. i have an asus eah3870x2 on vista ultimate 64 and should the crossfire tab in catalyst be enabled even though its one card but two gpus? or is the crossfire link pci enable (embedded) on the board and leave the checkmark unchecked? Idk but my 3dmark06 results are only 12.1k. is that normal for this card w/ q6700 @3ghz? thanks!
  5. hmphf, i was leaning towards the archos, but now i dont know anymore, i might just not buy one at all since I dont like ipod touch that much.
  6. I was wondering what is better to buy looking at it all around: price, quality, portability, and compatibility. 32gb Ipod touch vs. 160gb Archos 605. Anyone recommend anything else? Links: Archos: here 32gb Ipod Touch: here thanks
  7. Here are my specs: ga x48-ds4 apevia x-cruiser case arctic freezer 7 pro intel q6700 @ stock freq. (2.66) asus 3870x2 corsair tx750w psu corsair 4gb(2x2gb) twin2x ddr2 800 acer 22inch monitor seagate barracuda 500gb sata sony dvd-rw drive
  8. yep its enable, disabled rebooted then enabled, still no luck...
  9. Just bought GA x48-ds4 for my new rig, put it all together, everything works fine except the onboard lan. Realtek 8111C (two ports) neither of them work, vista 64 shows that it is connected but is unidentified and local only, no internet. installed newer drivers, re-installed drivers, but does not work. i know its not the modem or cable since it works fine on my other comp. If you need more info let me know. Any ideas? Thanks, shayan d.
  10. i was actually thinking of getting this one, i believe the 3870x2 should work on this and has pretty good reviews, ill c how it goes, never rma'd from newegg before, hope is fast. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813128336
  11. Wow aight THANKS ALOT Praz, i really want to keep the asus 3870x2, ill see if i can get the mobo replaced from newegg. Any one you would recomment that has cf and good overclocking ability.
  12. yeah just cleared the CMOS, both ways button on the back and via the mobo as well. still no display...wow this sucks. especially when the dfi website is not working for some reason. And what type of switch am i looking for? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814121247 there is the 3870x2 that i bought, is there a switch on that?
  13. my 3870x2 is the 4 dvi slot one, tried all switching to each one of them, still no visual. the comp posts, but there is no visual whatsoever.
  14. hi guys, first post here and im having some problems with my new build (im new to builds): dfi lan party x48-t2rs arctic freezer 7 pro intel q6700 @ stock freq. (2.66) asus 3870x2 corsair tx750w psu corsair 4gb(2x2gb) twin2x ddr2 800 acer 22inch monitor seagate barracuda 500gb sata sony dvd-rw drive i put it all together and it starts up, the lights turn on and everthing looks fine, but my monitor has no visual. even if i have no os installed, i should still be able to get into the bios atleast. does this mean that my mobo is not recognizing the 3870x2? open to any suggestions. thanks, shayan d.
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