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  1. I could get rid of my free x-conect so I don't end up like (that guy ) priceless ,with free psu. 426 Thinking getting one soon.
  2. Do what RGone says it should get you to load Windows This is where I frease , Bcause i did not wipe the OS off raptor 1 :confused: So should I add a temp. ide HD+OS to format raptor 1 or? I wish my wife's comp. had sata then I could use it .(Emachine). Thanks for all the help! With out this forum Iwould not have got this far. First buld Fastfish 70 440 6-pack.
  3. Thanks for helping get this up and running. booted 1time yesterday. started with 1 stick ram ,have 2 in now ,think I have the ram timing ok! should the processer read 2.4 (stock) instead of 844? I must be missing something real easy, after loading w., drivers,games,ect.
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