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  1. Variable valve timing 600hp What a toy! With new school old school tec buld what you want. 6.1 565hp hemis @www.indyheads.com Lucky for me we have 1 road corse 2 drag strips within 20 mi. Setting your car up for drag,road+car shows is a little work! Street race out, lose D.L. life.Fastfish Jr. is going to run his 68 cuda in H.S. Drags how cool is that. He wants to race Dad in test+tune for pics of 2 of our Cudas on the track at the same time.
  2. But for $35.99 more 165 with HS. $70 for 170 new egg. better O.C. easy! Raderfan001 not to steal thread but how was easy was that DQ6 to setup ,I like it or DS3 rev. 3, saving for VC.? or looking for price drop.
  3. Very happy with my 165 35 idle-55 load ! I have extra AMD 165 +fx55 coolers and artic f7 939 if you cant find one! Stayed in Twin Falls hard to get any parts there. Raderfanoo1 nice C2D rig. have to build something new, wifes Emachine died 3-14-07 R.I.P.
  4. Some games run better with dual core ! patches+if 2 or more over to play serve on1 play on 2. I'm still hanging with 7800gtx .Plays oblivion maxed out! Waiting for 8800 price drop. New sys ,intel this summer? Let little miss fastfish 15 use this to my space, sims 2,ect.She has a getho box now,with a5200fxf vid. card.
  5. 1st What works for me is,140=RAM/FSB:07/10. ram time cas ect. 2-4-8-4-10-14-2-3-2-2-3120. test with OCCT first ,(faster than prime) to make stable,not to hot,then prime. 2. Fastfish jr. has Hyper x 500-fx55-ecs kn1 lite. works ok untill you OC.then rails drop voltage(OCCT test)@2700 now untill new Psu! Good luck on OC. P.S. glad Games is driving the bus!!!:angel:
  6. CCBBE0617FPMW ,Having fun with this 165 @2880 24/7 ,Core 1.44,7/10 Divider,pi 1m 28.469, @3035 TO hot prime,octt t. test 60c ,have to putt under water! There are good 165s out there keep looking!
  7. new CPUZ shows 1 core system info will will show 2 +both core speeds, if there a little dif. go to AMD download 2core optamiser. this will help for games to/:)
  8. I like the Acrtic f. pro . Dropped temps 2-3 d. The stock HS. for 165 is a heat pipe type. Better than reg. a64 fans. My 165 O.C. easy 24/7 stable. NO O.C. go with x2! Now have some fun.
  9. Sons comp.has 3yr. old Ulrta connect X 500 (came free with case after rebate we did not get). Does not play bf2 for S... 12v rail all down hill when testing O.C. Works with my P.S. ocz 520 mod. SO we can't play bf2 at the same time! He wants to take my comp. to lan partys!!!!:confused: That sort of ok(at least he's not takeing my 70 440 6pack Cuda to keg partys). Wife wants hold on comp. car parts buying until after Xmas. He has a $500 68 Cuda that needs love to.:angel: I dont think he will get one for Xmas from his grandpa ? not into comp. So if we win! :tooth: We could put Muskin's stickers on our Drag car's what an add!
  10. so easy to O.C. have it running @2880 24/7 prime stable. On air. had it up to 3.1g to hot , need to add water! have fun with whatever you get. 2.6-7g be ok for all games out now.+Foldx2 .
  11. I like it when does it come out in hardback? I think i will use my system for 6months to a year. Hand it down to the kids. Start something new. Over time you can be sure of one thing ,change.Ps. checking other forums for info. is a good thing.
  12. I would like to get a venus to replace my kids ecs.
  13. 2 74g raptors raid 0, kid has 250g wd with 16 m works well like to try 2 in raid
  14. thanks Ryder,Jimmy+ect for easy RMA.
  15. very painless RMA ,fast to. Easer than getting some reabates!
  16. For fun 70 Barracuda 440-6pack O.C. a little 535hp/620fpt. 11.5 1/4mile (could go 10s with race converter 4200stall , but then I'd have to add to the roll bar +cut up the dash.it would be hard to drive on the street).
  17. Someone should make South Park ones!
  18. diet mountain dew. :nod: 1 or 2cokes a week! md. came in glass bottles at first!
  19. 28sec. on game rig. In Cuda 11.5 1/4 mile.
  20. 47 Years Old enuff to no better, Young enuff not to care!
  21. I have a front-x I dont use. Used leds in the case for easy setup and they work. (easy to see).
  22. 1 hiper x memtest ok ,crashed in SS2 after 20-40min.OCZ+PQI work for me,+ oc. 2.70AAR Cuda roadrace(withNito555s)or1/4mile,11.6.Plumcrazy 6-Pack=lots of fun3.What about the Seahawks.this sould start somthing. :nod:
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