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  1. fastfish

    3DMark06 Scores

    10931 have to play with some settings to get this higher!
  2. fastfish

    Some Rides At Home

    No thats Jr. this is me.
  3. fastfish

    Some Rides At Home

    70 Barracuda 440+6 68 cuda 440 Lots of fun here! cc2.bmp
  4. jumped ship to late to move my posts? it was locked! but I can start over. Running 2 cudas this yr(jr got his to the track) so I will post when I can. Thanks for having us! Dave
  5. fastfish

    Thanks Oc 1 More Cyber Tramp From Diy

    Got it thanks!
  6. fastfish

    LOL should I delid this?

    on the AC 64 pro I used a 1/8" plastic shim under black plastic with pins for hold down, worked great I could have sent it to you with the ram!
  7. ^^ keeping up his rep. Having the last post!
  8. fastfish

    naked 165+patriot 2x1g elk

    1 165 opy ccbbe0617fpmw $60 sold to nxess patriot pdc 2g 4000 elk 184 pin ddr 1 $60 SOLD to rhkcommander 959 ac 64 f pro $10 sold off line or trade for 655 pump+2x120 rad thanks for looking
  9. fastfish

    X38 or 780i

    both use same bios. ,driffrent north-south heat sinks. the P5E has a sticker under 1 vid. card slot ,then under the sticher it says Maximus Formula thats the way mine is! You can see it on toms hardware or anatec cant remember will look after work. Thats why i got a P5E less $ (open box at local Pc Club $ 200) same board diff. hs's. have to go to work.
  10. fastfish

    X38 or 780i

    Thermalright ultra 120 will fit on P5E , Had one on mine.Then put my old wc setup on for the h*** of it! Love the P5E see sig.
  11. fastfish

    naked 165+patriot 2x1g elk

    Sorry infektion yesterday i gave up on someone (form a diff.forum) wating for pp 2 days ,pmed you +rhkcommander 959 at the same time, he pp+pm so he got the ram. ebdoradz, I didn't want to take less $ +pay to ship to can. I make up getto box's for HS kids that dont have comp. these parts were to good for that. Pease have fun oc,or at hooters!
  12. fastfish

    naked 165+patriot 2x1g elk

    sorry had sale pending fell threw, so game on
  13. fastfish

    naked 165+patriot 2x1g elk

  14. fastfish

    2x 1GB DDR1 Ram

    I have a Patriot 2x1g kit for sale elk's they are ddr1 changed my FS. tread to show this today!
  15. fastfish

    naked 165+patriot 2x1g elk

    pm ya after 4 busy week end!
  16. fastfish

    DFI or ASUS 939 SLI Mobo

    Its on the way ,tue or wed,shipping olny $5 Not to worry got to have sound!
  17. fastfish

    DFI or ASUS 939 SLI Mobo

    found it! Got to have sound. pm with shipping ad.
  18. fastfish

    DFI or ASUS 939 SLI Mobo

    I have one that works if the one ReelFiles sends you is doa.
  19. I also had good luck with OCZ ,still have gold bh5+520 modstreme in my old AMD 165+Dfi set up . Fastfish jr. loves it for Lan partys!
  20. nice oc. how did the 907 work for you?
  21. had a ac freezer pro on my 165 for a long time 54c load @2850 24/[email protected]+ to hot for me. your mileage may vary! went to small water cool set up now34c-44c @3007 24/7. ac f pro found a new home on miss fastfish's biostar [email protected] never seen it hotter than 47c max load. after having this fan for 2+ yr's very happy with it. quiet,likes am2, also had t tower for one week with loud 120 fan,had to take it off.could have changed fan-went to wc. good luck!
  22. fastfish

    Another Build advice

    I see the Q6600 deal is still on ,thinking new buld ,fastfish jr. loves my comp for lan partys I would like to have bigger case for wc ect. Love the mom race car. the guys at work wont race my car,but I got them with jr.s 68 when I took it to work!
  23. fastfish

    opty 165 Wtf

    for a 2c-5c temp drop.take off the ihs. ran my sys over 1yr with ac f pro idlle42c load 55c.To hot for me! Now under water 35c idle-45c load! Wish I'd went to wc a long time ago. learned all of this on the (street),cd2 buld-1 bigger case 2 3x120 rad ect.Fastfish jr. still uses this comp for lan partys ,better than taking my car to keg partys!:eek: good luck.