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    Antec Lan Boy P5E Q6600 @3.6 Corsair 620 2-74g Raptors- raid 0-1 seagate barracuda 250g-2x1g Corsair XMS -Evga 8800gts 320
  1. 10931 have to play with some settings to get this higher!
  2. 70 Barracuda 440+6 68 cuda 440 Lots of fun here! cc2.bmp
  3. jumped ship to late to move my posts? it was locked! but I can start over. Running 2 cudas this yr(jr got his to the track) so I will post when I can. Thanks for having us! Dave
  4. on the AC 64 pro I used a 1/8" plastic shim under black plastic with pins for hold down, worked great I could have sent it to you with the ram!
  5. ^^ keeping up his rep. Having the last post!
  6. both use same bios. ,driffrent north-south heat sinks. the P5E has a sticker under 1 vid. card slot ,then under the sticher it says Maximus Formula thats the way mine is! You can see it on toms hardware or anatec cant remember will look after work. Thats why i got a P5E less $ (open box at local Pc Club $ 200) same board diff. hs's. have to go to work.
  7. Thermalright ultra 120 will fit on P5E , Had one on mine.Then put my old wc setup on for the h*** of it! Love the P5E see sig.
  8. Sorry infektion yesterday i gave up on someone (form a diff.forum) wating for pp 2 days ,pmed you +rhkcommander 959 at the same time, he pp+pm so he got the ram. ebdoradz, I didn't want to take less $ +pay to ship to can. I make up getto box's for HS kids that dont have comp. these parts were to good for that. Pease have fun oc,or at hooters!
  9. sorry had sale pending fell threw, so game on
  10. I have a Patriot 2x1g kit for sale elk's they are ddr1 changed my FS. tread to show this today!
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