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  1. I had the same problem... After screwing around with it quite a bit... I uninstalled the current nforce chipset AND video drivers...After that, installed the latest of both, and it started working. I had originally uninstalled and reinstalled both, individually...which for whatever reason didn't work. edit: i've also heard of people having trouble with the sli bridge not working as well when facing one direction...might try flip-flopping that, if the drivers don't fix it.
  2. Is there a sticky around here somewhere with what the generally held consensus of what each memtest error stands for when it shoots off errors? Example: If i error in Test 5, i need to up the voltage to the cpu... Anything like that? I have no idea if test 5 has anythign to do with voltage was just throwing that out there as an untested example...
  3. I had similar problems... Here are some settings i've tried with my expert and some ocz ram...with my 3800+ x2... http://home.comcast.net/~apesoccer/oc/Expert_3800X2.htm I haven't finished with this site yet, been kinda busy with other things...But there are about 10 working configs there. Additionally...orange slots...starting in the 1st and 3rd slot away from the cpu (if i'm remembering correctly). (edit: change that from 10 working configs to 1 at stock, 4 overclocked...) My old settings in my expert paired with my 3500... http://home.comcast.net/~apesoccer/oc/Expert_Dec05bios.htm
  4. Thx i'll give that a try when i get home later! I thought there wasn't a difference which way you have the sli bridge on? Regardless i'll try the other way. I might have already switched it though...As many different times as i changed that setup over the last couple of weeks.
  5. I have 2 XFX 6800 GT's with aftermarket coolers. Until recently i had them in my asus premium board. I have the latest bios for the expert. When i run 1 card in either slot, i have no problems. When i run 2 cards, and have 6600 sli enabled in the bios, it boots in to windows OK, but runs like there is only 1 card enabled. When i run 2 cards, and have 2x8 pci-e slots enabled (true sli), i black screen at the windows xp login (ie as it loads the driver...). It isn't locked up, just the screen goes black, like i have it set to too high a resolution. I can log in if i type my password in...the loading in to windows sound goes off in my speakers and i can see the hd going nuts while it loads in. So I assumed it was a driver issue (which it may still be...). I rebooted with both cards in at 2x8, in to safe mode, where i uninstalled the gpu driver only. I then rebooted in to windows normally, downloaded the latest gpu driver from nvidia, then installed it. I then rebooted. When the logon screen should have appeared, i got the black screen again. I went ahead and logged in to windows again...and waited...hopeing it would finish installing. Once the hd stopped reading for a while, i hit f4 a couple of times, hit s, and hit enter, affectively doing a shut down. Since then i've taken both gpu's out and retested them individually, both at stock and oc'd. They both seem to be running fine as far as i can tell. DFI 3800+ X2 Single 6800GT OC'd GPU 3dmark 06: 2963 DFI 3800+ X2 in SLI 6800GT's (6600 bios opt) 3dmark 06: 2549 DFI OC'd 3500+ 2.7ghz single 6800GT 3dmark 06: 2421 Asus 3800+ X2 OC'd 2.55ghz in SLI OC'd 6800GT's 3DMark 06: 5323 Asus 3800+ X2 in Sli 6800GT's (stock) 3dmark06: 4345 Asus 3800+ X2 single 6800GT(stock) 3dmark06: 2466
  6. OK... Checked it out, and i'm going to lean towards user error...(no matter how much my pride wants to say otherwise heh). It is in just as far as the other card is. It's just the way it looks. The reason i thought it wasn't in all the way was initially because it wouldn't boot all the way in to windows. Then i looked at it, and it looked like the rear end of the card wasn't in all the way. And when i couldn't get a piece of paper to fit through, i thought...well there's the problem. And then there's now...Last night I popped the side back off, took a look, and everything looked ok. However i still couldn't make it in to windows all the way. That's not it...It makes it in to windows, but not with the screen on. The screen turns black once (guessing here...) it turns on the gpu driver. So i went in to safe mode and uninstalled the driver. Then once in to windows normally again, i installed 91.xx. Rebooted...Started in to windows, and once again the black screen. Sigh. So i jumped in to the bios and double checked my sli settings. Now what it says is 16 1 4 1 or something like that, then allows for you to select sli for 6600's. When i select those options it boots in to windows normally. When i choose 8 1 x 8 (the correct sli mode as i understand it...), i boot to a black screen. I have all the correct power connectors in, including: the 24-pin psu, 8-pin, 4-pin above the gpu and the two pwr connections on the ends of the cards. As well as the sli connector connecting the two cards. My psu is listed under main rig, 550w Sparkle/FSP SLI. The cards work fine together in my asus board in sli, as well as my jetway sli board, so i would think that rules the cards out (unless there was damage done to the cards the last time i removed them...which i am not aware of). I didn't think there were any jumpers i needed to change to change over to sli from single...I honestly hope this is user error. =) When i boot in 6600 sli mode, even though the driver recognizes two cards, programs act like it running with just one. My Asus at stock in sli 3dmark 06 4345, and with a single oc'd in 3dmark 06 2869. With 2 in 6600 sli mode on the DFI 3d06 2548, and with one on the DFI oc'd @ 2.7ghz on a 3500+ instead of my 3800+ x2, 3d06 2731. Obviously i've done somethign wrong here...=( You'd think i'd be able to figure out how to set up sli after having done it on two boards previously. The only other thing that crosses my mind (advice i've given to other people in the past...), is that the driver may need to be uninstalled and reinstalled again, if it truely just needs to be in 6600sli mode. Honestly though, it seems like it should have to be in the 8 1 x 8 mode (or whichever one represented 2 pci-e slots running in 8x mode). But my screen blacks out everytime i've tried booting with that choice selected.
  7. Well what it looked like to me was that the whole card was sitting a little crooked, and i couldn't fit a piece of paper between the hs and the card. However, I've done a little quick searching and i've found where other people with other 6800gt's have had theirs in there with no probs. So it *should* be somethign i've done incorrectly; that or my aftermarket hsf's on my gpu's are catching on something...Man i really need to get one of those mirrors on a stick...eh you know...those mirrors the dentists use... Thx again! I wasn't having the temp problems many other people have been having, so if it turns out to be user error then great. Changing to the p180 really helped the temps all around.
  8. After doing a little more digging... ie reading past the first post in angry/happy's post where i got that link from... That hsf is the one i'm going to go with...unless i hear from someone that there is a much beautifuler one elsewhere in the next couple of minutes... =) Edit: Thx Techno...I'll have to try to upload a picture later for you to see, to convince you otherwise concerning the stock chipset hsf. That said, i'll double check to make sure i haven't somehow put it in incorrectly...
  9. I have two 6800GT's that i was going to attempt to use in sli, but the lower card doesn't fit, due to the chipset hs. Recommendations? I've checked out this one: From happy/angry... http://svcompucycle.stores.yahoo.net/vc-re.html and...The price is right but i noticed he was using an ati card...ie not sli. =) I'm heading over to check to see if anyone posted that they had used sli. My search results were disappointing earlier...
  10. I just use my fingers as well...
  11. Holy crap...I think i may have found my issue with the ocz 2gb kits, that i didn't bring in today ( >< )... Hopefully when i get home i'll be able to get this issue figured out. A link provided by the ocz guy here Andy, specific issues encountered by both of my 2gb kits and the expert mobo. http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showthread.php?t=18106 Basically they both need a fairly high dram drv str. My gold sticks need 10 and the plats can work with 8-10 depending i guess. My settings for Max async and read preamble were tight compared to his settings as well, despite working fine paired with the 3500+.
  12. Cool thx u sir! Really odd ram here...I've double checked the settings for this "Elpida" ram. It's supposed max is 166 2.5 3 3 2.5v... I'm running 200 2 3 3 2.8v at the moment. The chips have been remarked grr. I'm working on seeing how low it'll go at stock at the moment. (no possible way i found some old bh-5 or tccd stuff i suppose...) Quick testing with one run of 32m SPi at each timing change. Atm i'm just happy to be booting with two sticks. I can't believe i left all my ram at home. Grr! Edit: Running 200 en 2 3 7 2 12 16 2(1) 2 2(1) 2 3120 dis en auto 0 7 2 7 Fast 5 256 dis 16x 7x dis 210 en 2.5 4 8 4 12 16 2 2 2 2 3120 dis en auto 0 Auto Auto 7 Fast 5 256 dis 16x 7x (early testing...so high latency stuff...) 220 en 2.5 3 7 3 12 16 3 3 2 3 3120 dis en auto 0 7 2 7 Fast 5 256 dis 16x 7x dis Pretty good for stuff i thought really sucked...heh. Rated at 333...running 440 right now.
  13. Ahh some more settings, thx you sir. =) Dr str 5 and dt str 2? do you run it there all the way down to 200? Max async 8 (is this 7 till around 240?) read preamble 5.5 32byte 4 bursts Trwt 3 I'm not nit picking i swear...=) I just have nothing to do here at work. =/ I brought my machine in but... left my ram at home on my desk. I've got the 1 stick of 1024 in... I'm going to throw in some stuff from a dell machine i have here...but i'd doubt that it is even 400 stuff, those cheap bastards will throw any ram that will work in their machines. =( Edit: 2x256 Elpida ram... 333 2.5 3 3 7 12 256 1T It's up and running...prime running now. 333 with those 2gb sticks wouldn't even boot. (tweaker isn't showing up right...timings in there are showing as: 4.5 22 24 7 7 15 7 3 2 8 200-1.95 8 16x 128 en en 7x 15ns 9.5ns 256 en 200 dis weak en)
  14. CPU Multiplier Auto CPU VID Startup Value Auto CPU VID Control Auto CPU VID Special Control Auto Chipset Voltage Control Auto LDT Voltage Auto HTT (LDT/FSB) 5x FSB 200 Memory FSB 200 Memory Voltage 3.0 (if its utt bh-5 it should be able to handle a lot more then 3.0) Mem and Ratio: 200/1:1 Items marked with parenthesis are other possible settings you can try (usually tighter settings...). CPC en Tcl 2 Trcd 3 (2) Tras 6 (5) Trp 2 Trc 10 (9) Trfc 14 (11) Trrd 2 (1 or 0) Twr 2 Twtr 2 (1) Trwt 2 Tref 3120 Odd Div or Twcl Auto Dram B Interleave Auto DQS Skew Auto DQS Skew Val Auto DRAM Dr Str 7 (8) DRAM Data Dr Str 2 (1,3,4) Max Async Lat 7 (6,8) Dram Response Time Auto Read Premable Time 5 (4.5, 5.5) idlecycle limit 256 dynamic counter dis r/w queue bypass auto bypass max auto 32 byte granularity dis Additionally: Some settings with CH-5, TCCD and a 2gb set Just click on the tabs at the bottom...The Ch-5 should be the closest to yours at stock voltage.
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