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  1. Frankly is this is your system (the one you linked) HP Compaq Business Desktop dc7100 It would not be worth the time and effort to try and find a motherboard to fit inside that case if not be impossible. You would have nothing but poor ventilation and the CPU would get very hot and have a short life. Basically you need a whole new system if you want to have a Quad Core.
  2. Motherboard=mobo, look either up on the net.
  3. What the salesman is trying to tell you is the problem is not whether your motherboard has a 775 pin socket and can physically fit the CPU but whether the motherboard "chipset" is compatible with this type of CPU. Coarsely, the CPU will communicate with the motherboard "chipset" (in particular North and South Bridge) via "instructions sets" and send out data to RAM, Video Cards etc to make the system operate. Your current motherboard has a very old chipset and cannot deliver the "complex instruction sets" needed for the system to run. Analogy, it's like a 5yo child who has never been in a car "communicating" with an adult how to drive, it just isn't going to work. You will find a list of compatible motherboard chipsets here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_Core_2#...d_compatibility
  4. We had significant system failure and many parts had to be replaced from my old gaming system (mobo, LGA775, DDR2 etc), due to the expense of trying to maintain the original P4 system for the missus. As stated most OEM OS are tied to the motherboard but we rang Intel support and said we had a major virus and had to do a complete re-install, they gave us a new product key over the phone as the old one was not working. Some may say this is wrong but why should we have paid good money for an OS and then have it become obsolete when we have something die?!? So old Billy Gates can become richer?!? At the time I had lost my job and the missus was at uni so we couldn't afford to pay for a new OS (AUD$135 for XP32) but she really needed a PC as she was studying "off-campus". Seriously why should you have to repurchase an OS if you have a "legitimate" copy that is only being installed on the one system, it is a model of greed by MS for the OS. At least they allow the re-installation of Office and on upto 3 machines without this problem.
  5. I look at the amount of posts you have made! But still your comments down this whole thread raise more questions than answers for PC Games! I will persist with open, free objective argument. Damn you need bricks to build something, not .!
  6. Frankly their the same price here and your quite desperate of making this a point!
  7. Well you admit the point about PC Game rentals later, but there is no "Decent" game today that doesn't require a KEY and does it's utmost to ensure you "register" it online (therefore tying it to a PCs' IP or hardware!) so reselling is extremely limited if not impossible. A vast majority of PC game consumers are MINORS and thus shouldn't goto the pub thus equating things to beer is flawed, and the cinema is a poor comparison for a home PC game but a Video is fair. Sadly some can and do finish a PC game in less than a day. I agree I play for 1-2 hours and then have a break: crysis is too short One individual paid $110 and finished it in a day!!! Fair point just trying to get the visual point across (minds eye and someone else's crazy imagine).
  8. Can you clarify?!? Sold locally?? So hang on if I buy a game, never update it, never register it, never play online with it (therefore never enter a key!) I can sell it "locally"?!? Don't even bring in any decent mmorpg as they have ongoing subscription costs.
  9. Corporate greed is also incredibly bad so fundamentally which is the worse "evil", time to get this back on topic! This is what the thread was about. The Corporate bastards that jack up PC prices and exploit the workers in the their companies, the material manufacturers and suppliers and finally the consumers. They are the real criminals in all of this. Please cut out the romantic and soppy crap I am certain that some in this thread work at the profiteering end of PC games and it has come across quite profoundly in their comments. Let's have a quick look at Grand Theft Auto IV, that made $360 Million in the first "DAY", now you cannot possibly tell me that it cost that much to make this game and that they deserve to make that much money and that the programmers/developers got a fair share of that revenue: http://www.cnn.com/2008/TECH/05/08/gta.sales/index.html The sheer facts of the world there is always 1-2 very greedy bastards exploiting everyone else in the "food chain" taking as much as they possibly can. No wonder piracy flourishes and I think many of them do it for a bit of social justice.
  10. I was just borrowing it, ahhhh holding it for someone else
  11. Well it had to happen sooner or later, for the enthusiasts who want to go beyond the 700MHz clock imposed by the current CCC: AMDGPUClockTool 9.8: http://translate.google.fr/translate?u=htt...p;ie=ISO-8859-1 I've had confirmation that it works but use at your own risk and make sure you have your thermal management under control.
  12. Refreshing the Thermal with a quality product does help (Arctic Silver 5) but you wont get a "10C" drop, more like 3-5C as it beds in.
  13. That looks right no OC at the moment? Well treat the "hotfix" as it's own driver package, 8.7 Beta's have just come out but Im going to wait till after the beta phase that should really get these cards going.
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