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  1. Thanks a lot...I still do not know which route to go, though. Shall I wait as It's going to be a brand new build, or shall I go with P35 MB?
  2. Need advice on which chipsets to go? I'm intersted in a Q6600 setup with the MB. :eek2:
  3. After a long trial and erorr I found out that the problem was witht the bios, I upgraded to 06/04/06 nad did CMOS reset as the rig wouldn't boot up for anything, I was able to post and been up and running on stock speed w/out a problem. Ran OOCT stress test and passed also. Now about time to try some OC, but I think my memory is going to hold me back, so was wondering if anybody has recomendations about good set of 2 X 1 gig memory, everybodys input is welcome.
  4. Aren't you suppose to do that if you are OC, at least that's my understanding. If you are not doing any OC, the default setting in BIOS/Memroy should work fine. Correct me if I'm wrong, though.
  5. I cleared the BIOS b4 installing the new Opty, as for Windows, no I have not re-install it. Trying to keep going from the old install. Moreover, I'm getting blank screen on reboot like nothing on the screen(jsut black screen). Also, the BIOS is loosing track of which HD to boot from.
  6. Just upgraded to Opty 165, booted up perfectly but I've been getting random freez in windows and freez at the boot up screen where it just hang on Back CMOS....OK! and it does not go anywhere after that unless I restart. Do I need to get a newer BIOS ver? Any Idea would be appreciated. Also, what's the best software to burn-in and check the system load after OC nowdays? Thanks.
  7. I jsut ordered an opty 165 to be deilvered next week, and was I need an advice on a good memory to go with it, everything else in the rig stays the same as lsited in my sig. I'm not sure if the OCZ that I already have would do the job and keep up with OC. I still need to have the processor to see what stepping does it have.
  8. Any recomendation on memory for the opt 175? Brand, speed to have full potenial on the OC?
  9. Looking for a dual core, and will overclock. Budget depends on how much gain I will be geetting from the upgrade. Would the intel socket 775 would be better? Thinking about itm don't I need and major upgrade if I want to go the intel route?
  10. Would that be a good ratio money/overclock?
  11. Would like to have some advice on updating my rig to dual core, and was wondering if I would need any update on the memory, heatsink, and /or power supply?
  12. As the title say, if anybody has one for sale, please let me know.
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