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  1. i have a research project for school and i need to see what your views are on this topic. i have to post this question online and see what people's opinions are.
  2. i get the same error on my setup. it happens less often in sli but still happens in single
  3. ok i am at the chat for probably the next couple of hours.
  4. its such a shame that a mechanical masterpiece like an Aston gets such an end (sigh)
  5. probably will be. its one of the most powerful pumps afaik
  6. i cant sleep so i am online right now
  7. GH0S1_R33P0R

    C++ compiler

    i used code::blocks when i learnd C++ and i kinda like it
  8. GH0S1_R33P0R

    copy protection?

    sounds like 99% of the people in kuwait. i remember the day i got DSL all of my friends calld me and begged me (some even offering to pay me ) to DL pirated software and songs for them. i just hung up in their faces. god i hate it when people pirate software sure it's cheeper but they dont know how they are screwing up the software and music industry. think about it lets just assume that genre A is really popular but nobody actually buys anything from genre A so the industry doesnt get any profit from genre A therefore they stop making anything from genre A and they switch to genre B (that sucks). so the genre that everyone like just disapears. here in kuwait everyone pirates software . heck there are (several) malls that are full of pirated software and movies. i am probably one of the few (if not the only) person here in kuwait that doesnt pirate
  9. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_79fnYlU7F0
  10. just finishd my hw so i think il be in the flashchat for a bit
  11. OK around a month ago i started getting this problem again ever since i reformatted my pc (my "friend" used my pc to watch some pron and i got a virus). I tried to contact nvidia directly and i got no reply, The Microsoft employees in Kuwait think that the problem is that my hardware is not compatible with vista (i did not even tell them my hardware or my problem they just jumped to that conclusion without me describing anything). I tried using this http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?t=518749 but it did not help. now i am stuck with a ultimate monster of a pc that Bsods within seconds of playing almost any game and crysis is about to be released(i pre-ordered it). i now have more games and i noticed that different games have different running times Crysis demo: milliseconds in dx10 15 minutes in dx9 then bsod world in conflict: seconds to a couple of minutes then pc just hangs no bsod just beeping. prey:never crashed though i did not play it for longer than 30 minutes a time. quake4:an hour - an hour and a half then i just get a C++ runtime error. Timeshift demo: usually crashes near the end (30 minutes) and i just crash to desktop. Call of duty four demo: crashes the exact same point (when i am told to put the night vision) dependent on how long i play it then bsod. FEAR: takes like 10-20 minutes then i get a C++runtime error. can anybody help me.. oh and i am running on the 169.04 beta drivers now.
  12. i think it is this http://www.daionet.gr.jp/~masa/rthdribl/#Download
  13. i would agree with redcomit Quake4 is pretty scary (mostly jumpy) and it has an great story to it(in my opinion though i still did not finish it). FEAR is a game that would be the death of me (every time i play i would just stop half way because i flickering light or a laugh would give me a heart attack) it kinda gets into your head and the closequarters combat is AWESOME.
  14. GH0S1_R33P0R


    i just fixed the problem by updating to the 1.2 patch thanx anyway. oh and i dont have Deamon, Alcohol, or Nero incd installed. i only have a single dvd and there is only one cd device listed. thanx for your quick reply
  15. GH0S1_R33P0R


    i brought this game and i just cant get it to run in vista. i keep getting the "Emulation software detected error" even though i am NOT running any emulation software and then it asks for a cd key (i cant find it anywhere). I am downloading the 1.2 patch to see if that would help.
  16. ok i just installed it and once i get some free time i will try to test it and give you all an update. thanks
  17. i fixed the problem 19days ago thanx to this post http://tbreak.com/forums/showthread.php?t=...ht=vista+update in tbreak. The error still apeers but i finish at least a couple of levels of FEAR by the time that happens again (and i take my sweet time when i play). Though the error still apears when i play Quake 4 the only game that i have that is Open GL (the only game that i have other than FEAR actually). Oh and can a mod place the "resolved"tags around the thread title.
  18. i already checked that forum out but thanks any ways. and thanks about my rig . i am currently running an old acer crt that i got from my dad but i am looking for a dell 2407 here so i can run at 1920x1200 rez.
  19. Whenever i play any games (or run anything that requires the gpu) the application would crash and i would get this error I only played Quake4 and Fear up till now. I googled this and i found that many other people are getting this problem. I tried disabling SLI as that has fixed the problem for other people but it did not for me. i am running Vista ultimate 64bit if that would help. Thank you in advanced. edit: i just got a BsOd thanks to this problem. i am really disparate now for any fix.
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