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  1. I would, but unfortunately it started working again randomly. I'll try with a laptop I have next time. I hate this issue so much! Random and unable to isolate it
  2. I have a relatively old Dell 3008WFP 30" monitor (I think I bought in in 2009 or so). It has served me well, but lately I have had issues with it. When I turn my computer on in the morning, the monitor wakes up and shows me bios followed by the boot screen and rotating loading icon (win10). Once the desktop loads, the monitor just simply goes to sleep. I have an old Acer monitor I hook up and windows loads just fine. If I unplug the acer and plug in my dell without rebooting, it begins working flawlessly. I can not figure out if my monitor is dying or if my video drivers are borked or even if my video car is defective. My 780 died in January and EVGA replaced it under warranty for a 970 (prob refurb). Because of so many variables, I can not really pin point the issue. Has anyone seen this before?
  3. Ha. sorry, 1.19v. I got it up and running now though. I think it was a combination of a failing display port cable (back to good 'ol DVI now) and idk, something else. I reseated the CPU and just kept CCMOS-ing and trying different variations of SATA ports and display cables and it randomly decided working again. Oddly enough, my old saved BIOS profiles don't work anymore. I try to load em up and it just hangs the bios until I reset, not changing anything. Eh, easy enough to manually set up.
  4. I started up my computer yesterday and the screen defaulted to 640x480 and windows labeled it as something like a wireless-mobile monitor. I though it was just a glitch so I restarted. Now the computer will not POST. The motherboard gets stuck on the Boot_Device_LED and will refuse to bring the display out of sleep. Diagnosing, I have reset CMOS for a few minutes, dropped down to one stick of RAM, and removed the GPU in favor of the iGPU as well as remove all peripherals except KB/mouse. Basically everything. I have also tried to start the computer with my SSD on various Intel 3G ports, both Intel 6G ports, and finally no SATAs connected at all. Still same hang. I might try reseating the CPU, however that is a PITA and will save for last. I was hoping someone here had an idea. I am on the latest BIOS and my OC was mild (4.3ghz at 1.9-ish volts I believe) with everything else stock.
  5. I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN! you know how sometimes you get a 2 page long topic about how you might have a DOA board.. and you really can't figure out what is wrong? And you try all sorts of crazy duct-tape tests that result in no changes? And then you have an epiphany, or in my case, you enter the right words in google? Really brah? Updated to latest BIOS, 1708. All I did was disable HT and any power save features, and set multiplier to 42. I used this link, and reflashed the entire BIOS like it says in step 5-5. Aparently just doing a normal EZ FLASH II results in certain regions being updated, not the entire BIOS even though stock files from asus contain all of the regions (that is how I read it at least). I'll be full flashing from now on. and LOOKING THROUGH THE SETTINGS THROUGHLY. Thanks for everyones help though. Learned a lot about the motherboard at least On a side note, does the IB clock just as good with HT on or off? I know my 930 you could get better clocks and cooler temps with HT off. Wonder if it matters on the IB as well.
  6. I have been using manual mode these last few times. I might just RMA the board. One thing I noticed, you can set your multiplier from three different areas, under Turbo Ratio, CPU Power Management, and CPU Configuration. If I set my multiplier to 42 under Turbo ratio, that's all that changes. If I set it under CPU Power Management, Turbo Mode option is set to enabled and grayed out so I can't change it. However If I go and set it under CPU Configuration, I can enable or disable the Turbo Mode. Also, the multiplier for "Turbo Ratio" and "CPU Power Management" under the AI Tweaker are linked, changing one changes the other. However going to "CPU Configuration" under advanced, it will still be set to "auto" and there is where I can enable/disable Turbo Mode even if it is grayed-out-enabled under AI Tweaker. Sooooo Confusing..
  7. I thought so too. That is why I disabled HT as well. But the past few tries, I have disabled every single power saving or scaling down method that is available. I jumped the CCMOS, and installed the battery from my last mobo since I know it works. Same problem. I think I will leave the jumper on the 2-3 pins while I am at work, and try again when I get home. If that doesn't work I'll reseat the CPU and if all else fails it's still under warranty.
  8. Sorry for double posting, but I decided to play around while I think about this problem. So.. I did this.. Unplugged every fan in my computer. Both CPU fans (NF-P12), my exhaust fan (NF-P12) and all three of my bottom intake fans (180mm, come with the silverstone FT-02) Side panel off. Basically only fans on are the three on my GPU (accelero xtreme) and my PSU (which intake and exhaust are both from outside of the case) Ran LinX, max problem sizes. and Prime95, 8 threads (HT is on) Aparently, I can manage to adjust my clock speed, so I ran that up to 103MHz. Putting me at 3.6Ghz. This is after about 20 mintes of just heat soaking the system.. remember, no fans!! Imageshack Screenshot
  9. disabled. same problem. I am trying different things. I installed Intel XTU, and oddly most of the options are greyed out.. This is after resetting BIOS to defaults.
  10. Yeah. Just did that again, after going all the way back to the first bios, 0801. I moved the jumper to pins 2 and 3 for a few minutes. After resetting CMOS, I let the computer load into windows with complete defaults and settle in. Then I proceded to restart and apply the overclock. Same issue. On a side note.. changing multiplier, ram timings, voltages, disabling hyperthreading, etc.. shouldn't the computer shut down completely and then power back on in order to apply the changes? Or do the new motherboards change all of that without fully shutting off? I will hit "save and reset" in the bios, and the monitor goes idle, the fans spin up, then die down and the computer loads. Never does it fully shut off.
  11. I used your OC as a guide, here is my setup.. I uploaded a youtube video of booting up. It's shoddy - it was taken with my phone.. You can ignore the sound of me just fumbling it about update.. changed from XMP to manual, like coke said. Still not working. I also used the "USB BIOS FLASHBACK" button, since that is the only way to downgrade your bios. Went to v1206, since that was what a guy was using in a video I saw, and he had 4.7ghz with the same mobo/cpu. Still same problem..
  12. Hey there. This thing is kicking my ass. I recently (yesterday) upgraded to a P8Z77-V pro motherboard, and an i7 3770K. I have looked at how-to's on youtube, googled, and updated the bios to the most recent version (1708) My problem is, when I set my OC up... XMP enabled 42 multiplier cpu voltage, manual, 1.225v cpu current 140% LLC extreme It will not stick. I can load into windows, and quickly load CPU-Z, and notice a 4200mhz overclock. then, after about 7 seconds, it drops to 3500. I can load LinX and do a run, and it will peg itself at 3500mhz. No more. nada. Realtemp displays the same thing, 3500mhz. Prime95, doing in-place large FFTs, will not increase past 3500mhz either. Does anybody know what might be bugged?
  13. updated. Sold CPU and last set of RAM.
  14. Nothing really, its just SATA 3 and only 150gb. its this one to be exact: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...6-296-_-Product The only thing i remember is that the first batch of 300gb had their sata and power ports directly on the hard drive, so it would not fit in hot-swap bays (since it was centered and too high sitting in the heatsink). Then WD fixed the error with the adapter to bring the plugs to the correct place.
  15. Nope they are perfect. I can give you any details you need in any program, just PM me what you want to see and I'll make sure you get that exact one. They are also zero-written so factory fresh
  16. Update. Sold one set of ram sticks, one more set left.
  17. Yeah.. naaah. I think the FT-02 will lower my temps a few degrees, probably even them out at 70 or so, so 2 deg isn't worth $70 . Thanks though guys!
  18. Current idle: 38/37/37/38 Current load: (prime 95'ed) 74/74/73/71 I have never seem them get that high doing anything normal though - max i've seen is low 60's.
  19. Okay so I currently have the Noctua NH-U12P with two of their NF-P12 fans on it. I am really thinking about buying the silverstone fortress FT-02 case, and was wondering if it is worth it to upgrade the CPU cooler to the NH-D14 as well, for maximum cooling/sound suppression. I mean is it really $90 better? Heck, I might just buy a few S-Flex's and stick them on this cooler and call it a day (noctua fan's are quiet but I like the S-Flex sound better).
  20. Okay I am gathering some stuff together to sell, and posting it here when I get it gathered and prices checked. Sorry for the initial shoddy pics, my camera always goes MIA when its called to battle. It'll return soon . PM's are more than welcome. So far, we have three Western Digital Velociraptors. They are the 150GB version, their birth dates are all August 29, 2008. Two were purchased on October 4, 2008 and the third April 17, 2009. HDDs only, no cables, zero-written. http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c40/SPEC.../0409002208.jpg http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c40/SPEC...0409002208a.jpg I am asking $90 shipped for each, OBO. Following that is an Asus Rampage Formula. This board is the product of an RMA with Asus in July of 2009 (original board had a voltage regulator die). Comes with board, I/O Shield, CD, and manual (which has my scribble in it in certain places ). http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c40/SPEC.../0409002207.jpg I am asking $100 shipped, OBO. *Very soon I will have a Zalman ZM-1000 available for sale. Last one had a squealing noise and it was RMA'ed (Didn't like how much ram I had )* _________________________ Next up is an Intel C2Q Q6600 G0. Purchased from ClubIT on March 10, 2008. I overclocked it to 3.0 completly stable since middle of last year, so it still has more than enough power in it for a HTPC or what have you. This is CPU only, no cooler. http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c40/SPEC...0409002207a.jpg (kinda hard to get a pic of a CPU, can show you invoice if you want) I am asking $120 shipped, OBO. - SOLD Last for now is the RAM that tied this bundle together. It is OCZ Reaper series PC2 6400, 2 sets of 2x2GB. Purchased November 30, 2008. They were never overclocked (only BIOS setting was to get the voltages up to spec). Nothing special here, just the ram sticks . http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c40/SPEC.../0409002205.jpg asking $50 each, shipped, OBO. - SOLD
  21. Yep. i bought the ram from newegg for 40 bucks cheaper as well as arctic cleaner and AS5 (for some reason I can never find the last tube i bought ), then bought the mobo from amazon for 5 bucks cheaper, and then the cpu and my noctua mounting bracket. I even tried different buying methods, and bought from different resellers on amazon so I wouldn't have to pay tax. I think that tax would have increased it about 60 bucks. shop smart - shop online
  22. Yeah I saw that, closest one is Duluth GA, which is 231 miles away and will easily spend the difference on gas Micro Center, put up a store in North Carolina!!
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