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  1. Bump for a great seller and great hardware.
  2. Once again I turn to the experts for some much needed advice. In what seems to be a futile attempt to find the perfect Modular power supply (for my needs) I have narrowed it down to the Corsair Hx520 and the Silverstone Strider 600w. The Silverstone actually meets my needs aestetically, I'm just a little confused on the specs. SilverStone: 33A @ 3.3v 24A @ 5.5v 13A @ 12v1 18A @ 12v2 16A @ 12v3 8A @ 12v4 Corsair: 24A @ 3.3V DC - Output Current 24A @ 5V DC - Output Current 18A @ 12V DC - V1Output Current 18A @ 12V DC - V2Output Current 18A @ 12V DC - V3Output Current Is the even distribution across the rails better for performance? Stability? etc. Does the difference in the 3.3v matter much? I'm not even sure exactly what questions I need to ask. This will be for the components in my sig, however the mobo will be changed from an Ultra-D to an SLI-DR. I have read that the DR's are picky with certain PSU's and I just want to make sure I choose the best one for my set-up. Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Oh yeah, look under "Accessories" and go to Lian Li.
  4. They have them @www.coolerguys.com They are on sale for $7.95. Hope this helps.
  5. soundx98, The "no wait" rebate guarantees you will receive your rebate within 3-5 days (I guess that's hours to them) of Onrebate receiving your required documentation - completed form, copy of invoice, and upc. It is misleading but I have processed 3 separate rebates from them and mine were all completed within that time period. There is one small catch though - to get the "No wait" processing they withhold a fee of $3.50 and up for the service. At least that was the fee on my case. However, I just sent in a rebate on a psu and they wanted $5.50 for that one. At any rate it beats waiting 8-12 weeks or longer, and with some companies your lucky if you ever get one back. Hope that helps.
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