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  1. sounds good to my i will go for 64bit
  2. I can't even run 3dmark with my set-up getting freeze on the small loading screen Aquamark3 give my 184000 points
  3. anyway I have to wait for right pump I'm seek of mounting every part one by one make my mad and take loot time
  4. that not my cooling set that is just to test if is any leeks I'm not using 90
  5. Laing D5-vario 38/830 N is strongest model I'm using 3/8'' tubing no thread on the barb that my leaking test set but you can see what I'm using
  6. try the beta ati drivers did you restart PC after enabling CROSSFIRE ???
  7. did you switch on ati crossfire in CCC center ??? and I'm not sure if ati come out with Crossfire drivers for X2 cards
  8. 2x 1/2" outside thread look on the picture
  9. http://www.petrastechshop.com/ don't have that with the Connections: 2x 1/2" outside thread I buy one from e-bay.de but i need second one
  10. Hi somebody know where to buy that not expensive i try thecoolingshop and they send my D5-Vario 38/810 witch is not good for my at the moment no respond from them specialtech don't send my as well one of things which i buy any ideas ???? most important is Connections: 2x 1/2" outside thread
  11. I was just surprise the police don't do nothing in my country they will kick some . for that imagine that my train was stop on the station what about people between the stations min 30min waiting time ???
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