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    Mushkin 4gb 1150 mhz 5-4-4-12
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    Drm And Alike.

    Okey, this is my first post here, since i orginally came from DIY-street. Anywayz, I heard about the mass effect/spore securom protection, and what people reacted most on was the activation, who in the world doesnt have internet? If you guys aint familiar with its protection methods, let me explain it, I'm posetive to some, and very negative to other ones. 5 Installs b4 contact of EA is needed Every 10th day need activation to ensure its not shared on the internet. Most likely a DVD protection( got to play with DVD) And probaly other stuffs. Okey, what I'm against. The 5 installs only, and the DVD protection thingy, first of all, i dont got any dvd room, i loan when im doing a totally clean install on my computer, in fact i got 6 computers without a DVD room, and my router(linux based) got the dvd room which i loan when needed on the other computers. I'm posetive to the activation method, maybe people start buying some games, and it will make it harder, I will not say I don't do piracy, cause I do, if I had bought all of the games I play, i wouldnt have any money left for living at all( 500 gb of iso's) But i still have bought 40 games since november last year, which is alot of games aswell. In fact, I think the online activation method is the only one that can keep people away from piracy, and all other methods seems to be bull crap. As an example, A friend bought Bioshock, looked fancy, I wanted it, i simply took some regs from his system, copied the folder, and off i went, even though it had a 3 installs only protection. waste. DVD protection, cracks, often limits to only singleplayer, and is a pain in the . to get a new one each time update comes out. if more people buy games, maybe prices fall. Anywayz, i will always be a little thief when it comes to software and alike, I simply cannot afford everything, so its really tempting to get everything for free, But also like to support game devs. And when I own something, i would really like to have it on multiply devices, songs on multiply computers, and alike. My gf does abit of gaming aswell, so i got each game 2 times, and games we play online together ive actually bought 2 of hehe. but thats me.
  2. Well, I want more ROPS 16 isnt enough, and well, if they have also increased shader clock, this is going to be a kickass ati lineup
  3. Either psu or mobo. Smells like psu maybe, i wont tell more than NOT CPU. Good luck.
  4. My mobo gets sent from the US the 15th of may, lets see how it is, DFI 790FX M2R(The best dfi 790FX board) ITs prolly better than my gigabyte.
  5. Ehm, I was doing some OC on a system @ TG(BIIIG LAN) 5500ppl, well, we used 2 PSU's, when both start at same time, and that not 2 psu's running the same VGA, there should not be any issue. I just have to use a green cable and make them start at same time and it should be sufficient I guess. You are true about the DC output diffrence. Anyway, There are Volt regulators and a power circuit on a videocard that gives the vga the voltage it requires and filters it. As long as the 2 powersupplies isnt connected paralell there should not be any issue, if i so want to do so, i should do manual adjustments to match the specs of both, which is VEERY hard, since no psu is alike another. It worked @ TG with TRISLI on a Qx9650 sys Dice, etc. 2x 850 watts odin psu's Anyways, this psu is daaarn quiet =) and stable, and looks darn nice.
  6. no need, got in contact with a retailer in US, getting my mobo @ just 225 usd =)
  7. Yeah, i want it badly, I need some retailer @ sub 240 usd to ship to Norway!. Please list any retailer YOU guys know that deals this motherboard.
  8. First psu came some days ago, and it does my system with another 3870X2, in fact, complete spider @ 3.1 ghz 880 mhz core and 1140 mhz memory on VGA's some + on vcore vga. 4GB of mushkin pc9200 @ 2.35 V @ 1150 mhz 5-4-4-12. 5 Hard drives, pump, and all the fans. And still didnt make the same noise as the ocz did with just 1 3870x2! I think im in love
  9. DO NOT BUY GIGABYTE! Why nvidia? got nvidia from b4, or is in 100% need of the nvidia opertunities, go nvidia. Otherwise i suggest 780G 790GX! from AMD. Cheap and fast chipsets. Well abit summerize: Nvidia chipsets for: Hybrid power Hybrid sli hybrid all the other crap lotsa users will never use. Amd for any1 else who just use a discrete card. For ones who are out for hybrid CF. And the other stuff like that. For the ones with tighter budget, and likes powerconsumtion numbers. 780A should be released by now NORWEGIAN "Ubekrefta 2008-06-01" Means: delivery date 6th of may 2008 (Not confirmed delivery date) So there you have it, already asus 780A have been around, i cannot see ANY other than that single board in norway, though look for you, since norway does more products than i see in US. PS. Norway got earlier releases on lots of stuff, like 3870X2, 790FX 780G and stuff like that, when its here, its not always released, nvidia stuff usually takes 2 weeks after release to get here, so i reccon, its already out.
  10. New parts, ive already had the silverstone part, i gotta clean abit now, to find the USB cable for my camera, cause i dont find it. Anyways, the system is daamn quiet, good voltages, and enough contacts. What it didnt deliver me, black Connectors(not too big deal) that everything was sleeved, a bigger deal. But i have some other priorities than just looks, i chosed a red one for 4 bucks more, cause i got red tubes, and CF system, and a little ati fanboy inside me. it looked nice anyways anyways ill try to get some pics, try to overclock when i dont have 12.68 V anymore.
  11. I got one, but gonna do 1 to start them both so green cable design is the way to go, ill come up with something fancy Concidering NO psu with good quality from any manufacture @ 1000 watt cost less than 2x 750 watts.
  12. hybrid CF i can give you Info about oc and alot, I do not have personal experience with this mobo. BUT, i know gigabyte doesnt have the best alt for chipset VGA oc. due to cooling, JWS or something have something better on that particular point Hybrid cf is giving 60% performance increase, clock the IGP abit, stock 500 can go to 950 i think. http://www.legitreviews.com/article/676/1/ http://www.tomshardware.com/2008/03/04/amd_780g_chipset/
  13. hmm, strange though, running water or ? . Cause my chipset with my fan is just 27 C idle and 30 load, 35 load OC. Anyways : update on power consumtion 790FX is 12 watts max. SB600/sb700/SB750 is diffrent(ONLY 780G uses SB700) and the VRM's is a huge power consumtioner aswell ^^ Anyways, AOD doesnt work with multi settings in bios, but with FSB, it should work with FSB i think, it doesnt with intel, i can run 2.6 ghz with stock voltage AND with cool n quiet =) Kinda funky, i dont need more than 2.6 ghz atm anyways, always nice to know i got 600 mhz more to get out of it when i need it!. Anyways, i'm getting stuff from my last order in 2-3 days now =) Silverstone CFP51 Samsung SpinPoint T166 500GB SATA2 MSI K8N NEO3-F, nForce4-4x,Socket-754(for my server =) since i killed my previous board cost me 15 usd DEMO used from komplett, so why not ^^ Ill show why i need the silverstone thing later on sometime, cause my comp looks ugly, once i open the stealth infront of my comp.
  14. well, my gf runs a 110 watts cpu, i do a 125 watts, her chipset is at lower temp Anyways the chipset is max 10 watts or so. 780 G with HD 3200 in the chip, is 18 watts. so its less than 18, 12 is what ive heard max. The heatpipes from VRM killing mine
  15. i gotta pay over 800 usd to get a silverstone 1200 watts, WHICH i wont do >_< Btw, i dont need any connections between the two psu's other than green. Which means, i wont break warranty, and not changing fans is also great, and i can use my system if 1 breaks, and RMA. Ill just use something to get contact fastened without making any physical damage. The 1k watts is more expensive than 2 power& pc cooling in denmark, woot, expensive. Also the toll, and also shipping which is about 200 noks 50 usd in shipping and about 100 usd in toll + the 460 usd for the psu ending at 610 usd.
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