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  1. Come on ppl- it's time to step up... these are some great chips here, trust me- he's always been luck when it comes to chips. These are all great little OverClocker's
  2. Thx for mailing the package, would have pmed you back but, you guessed it- "your full" take care of that shoulder, and your new little helper... I'm out...
  3. Congratulations "Z" hope everything turns out good, our best to your wife. Can't wait for a couple of pix of the newborn..... :angel:
  4. dunway

    Opteron 170

    "Absofrickinlutely" brother, my sentiment's exactly.... I'm hanging on for as long as it takes....
  5. Just picked up an Expert board from Zeldor, by any chance would you consider selling these singularly? I would be interested in the OCZ and the Opty 170....
  6. How bout pix of the 2g OCZ's..... and what is that in US dollar's about 170?
  7. I believe bryon has fallin off the planet... :confused:
  8. To bad you can't pull those sticks out and have a friend test them in there rig. It looks like you tried testing one stick at a time, if one slot didn't work did you try another's? It would be great to take the ram out of the equation. Here is one more possibility- in your bios under "PC Health Status" at the top you have "Shutdown Temperature" what is that set for? You mentioned you have a Vapochill Micro Extreme cooler- I was reading in a review that under load it's performance was poor- http://www.extrememhz.com/vchillmicro-p3.shtml- but sense your not overclocking I wouldn't think it would be a heat problem? You might want to test out the cpu heat thing by using something like CPU Burn-in and see if you get the shutdown. Sometimes it seems like there are to many variables to the equation, working with 4 sticks of ram is tough. Not the easiest thing to get right. good luck...
  9. "Zeldor has exceeded their stored private messages quota and can not accept further messages until they clear some space". Any chance you could make some room... :beer
  10. Great stuff man, taking a hard look at your ram.....
  11. There are some similarities between RB6 and gears, game play that is. Love how the enemy tries to flank you all the time, keeps you on your toes. Been trying it in realistic mode, they seem to be a better shot this time around.
  12. Thx thefade, I thought this board just had a problem with raiding any HD's so I used 3 Hitachi 80's I had laying around and raided then up, put windows on them and they booted up just fine. I'm thinking ExRoadie may be right about moving raided HD's to an Expert board, then back again. I'll be trying a few thing's after the Holiday's and If I don't get any results- well, if all else fails... format-format-format....
  13. Thx for the help but the Expert board is in my 2nd rig- it's working fine, so the original board with the original bios is the problem. I'll try switching sata ports and other combo's to see if that works. Merry Christmas.
  14. Yep, I guess that's alway's an option- I'm just hoping for a work around to the problem.
  15. Swapping headers? not sure what you mean, the strange thing is- I wish I could just reinstall. Put Windows over Windows but I put the cdrom as first boot in bios then reboot, it picks up the cdrom and starts, I get that first line on top- something about checking your files or something. Then it just fades away and I'm back to the black screen? Just don't get it....
  16. I was hoping for something besides that answer- but you may be right. I've never come across this before, of course I've never used the Expert board either. The bios in the ultra D was the 4/6/06, the expert board had the bios it came with. Had problems from the get-go so I put the old board back in, I guess that's all it took to mess thing's up.
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