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  1. Come on ppl- it's time to step up... these are some great chips here, trust me- he's always been luck when it comes to chips. These are all great little OverClocker's
  2. Thx for mailing the package, would have pmed you back but, you guessed it- "your full" take care of that shoulder, and your new little helper... I'm out...
  3. Congratulations "Z" hope everything turns out good, our best to your wife. Can't wait for a couple of pix of the newborn..... :angel:
  4. dunway

    Opteron 170

    "Absofrickinlutely" brother, my sentiment's exactly.... I'm hanging on for as long as it takes....
  5. Just picked up an Expert board from Zeldor, by any chance would you consider selling these singularly? I would be interested in the OCZ and the Opty 170....
  6. How bout pix of the 2g OCZ's..... and what is that in US dollar's about 170?
  7. I believe bryon has fallin off the planet... :confused:
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