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  1. Hi Cool&Quite Disable.. Vid Card No OC 595/695. In Bios All Rails Good My PSU Is 620W. That Should Be Enough.Did Not Have Problem Playing Game @2.925 Just Raise It A Little More Now Flickers. HT Link 908MHZ ...Mem 454MHZ(DDR) Is That ok? Just Keep It Under 500mhz Right?
  2. Hello @2.925(225x4)..x13 ran SP2004 for 3HRS All Good Temp 50c Now @2.950(227x4)..x13 Play a Little Rainbow Six Vegas And Monitor Starts To Flicker.My Question Is Do You Think It Is Timming On The Ram Now @3-3-3-6 Or Have I Reach My Limit On The CPU? Any Info. Would Be Helpful..Thanks
  3. i am up to 2.9 now.. cpu core 2925mhz..ht link 900mhz..memory 450 (ddr)mhz cpu temp still low 36c...system 35c...i had to change my timmings from 2-3-2-5......now 3-3-3-6 .....3dmark05 [email protected] [email protected] will try a little more this week just to see how close i get to 3 before the smell of smoke fills the room..........
  4. Hello @2.8 all is good except now my chipset temp is 48c(1hr stalker) cpu is still good 38c(1hr stalker play) not to sure but i think i read chipset temp can go to 60c and still good?? does anyone know if true? dont really want to take out MB and put better paste on chipset fan.
  5. Hello again ok right now cpu is @2.8 just did 3DMARK05 got score 10300 temps still under 40c.Now i need to find stability test, will keep you posted.
  6. ok thanks Hemidare...thanks for all the info.i will try some more over the weekend.I will post results...thanks again
  7. Question if i drop the LDT/FSB to 4 then my HT will be 840 is that to low? yes i am going to raise the FSB BUS even if i can get it to go to 3G my HT LINK will be around 920..so my question is dont you have to be around 1000 instead 850-900...............
  8. Hi Hemidare...right now HT LINK is 1050.3
  9. Hello again am i going about this the right way now? FSB BUS FREQ. was 200MHZ. now its 210MHZ. LDT/FSB FREQ. was AUTO. Now x5 did not change anything else now. CPU TEMP 35C now. just play FEAR 1/2 HR. all seems to be [email protected] now..Have new ram coming this week 2g..then i try to go more...just let me know if i am on the right track .....thanks...
  10. hello again can anyone get me started with some settings plz. i dont know if i should leave the mult. at x13 and start to raise the 200 to 220...or should i start lowering the x13..????
  11. Hello i have search and search to find some oc info. on this opty 152 it looks like i am the only one that has it.Can anyone have some info to try to get this turned up a little.If i can get this to around 3(2.6 now) maybe i will not change over to DDR2 Setup so soon....Thanks If You Can Give Some Help...
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