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  1. Hello I think its time to GO. Going to get the E6750(GO) Just dont know which board yet. GIG.GA-P35-DS3L or DS4(REV2) or ABIT IP35 PRO.
  2. Hello Thanks to all for the very good replys its good to get some info. from ones who know what they are talking about. Even 2 replys from the big gun A.G. I do have the urge to make a new rig we all know that feeling plus its almost most x-mass and i have to buy myself something. Speaking of X2 i am looking at AMD 5000+(Black Edition) now.
  3. Hello my opty152 @ 3G (single core) we just play games, and surf on it here. Now if I go to E6750 OR E6600 some are saying you can get up to 3.5G. Will there be a big difference in playing Games? The motherboard I will get GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L. How hot do these chips get on air(E6750-6600) I know everyone has upgraded to dual core now. But I am not doing 3 things at the same time When p.c. is on we just want to play games on high mostly run & gun So the question is SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO!!!!(for all you clash fans) Thanks for any info. you give.

    Sound Cable?

    Thanks A.G. this is why you are #1 here ..........Thanks again for all the info.

    Sound Cable?

    Hi Going to get 360Prem. HDMI.What to hook up to p.c. monitor.I know i need special M.S. cable for that. But what do i have to get so i can plug my speakers in. I have 4 basic+1 surround sound setup.Now it is hook up to back of p.c. All info. will help thanks.
  6. Hi Jazzy I also live in a country where its hard to get good parts for p.c. I went to E-BAY check it out. Got my Opty 152 there (e-bay u.k) I have my socket 939 just over 3G runs all games @ high or better max temps on air around 50c.
  7. OK started playing it looks really good if your p.c. runs Stalker,Fear you should have no problems. Requirements not as high as RB6 VEGAS. When installing game it wanted me to get new Nvidia drivers 168.xx...did not. I have 97.94 and runs great so far. Runs good, looks good, plays good,
  8. Yes All O.C. Is Done In Bios..Just Had R.T. Running To See If Fans Went To 100% When Set. And To Check Out Temps. The CPU MHZ Only Jump Around On Game Play..Stays @ 3016 mhz When Just On Net.
  9. Hi Cool & Q. Disable.....Dont Know Anything About Thermal T. ??
  10. :confused:Hi My MHZ On CPU Are 3016 SP Stabil..When Playing Game And R.T.(v2.02) Running I See That The CPU MHZ Are Going Under 3000 And Over 3030. Is This A Glitch Or Do I Have Something To Fix Right Now?? Thanks For Any Info. And Help..
  11. SP2004 @ 3016 PASSED...................Just A Little At A Time Want To Keep My Timmings Low...I Think It Runs A Little Better When Low...Next Step 3029MHZ.....Will Let You Know If Good....
  12. HA HA Laugh Now Your Sober.. Come Back Tonight After 15 Beers And A Couple Of Shots..You´LL Be Saying She Not So Bad!!!!!
  13. Hi Voltage Readings From Bios.CPU Core 1.38..LDT Bus 1.20..Chipset 1.51..Dram 2.72..Cpu Vid 1.400..Cpu Vid SP Auto..LDT 1.20..Chipset 1.50..Dram 2.70.. My Nvidia Monitor Shows CPU 1.45 Volts
  14. Hi Voltage Readings From Bios.CPU Core 1.38..LDT Bus 1.20..Chipset 1.51..Dram 2.72..Cpu Vid 1.400..Cpu Vid SP Auto..LDT 1.20..Chipset 1.50..Dram 2.70..
  15. Hi Temp. Readings From Bios.CPU Core 1.38..LDT Bus 1.20..Chipset 1.51..Dram 2.72..Cpu Vid 1.400..Cpu Vid SP Auto..LDT 1.20..Chipset 1.50..Dram 2.70..
  16. Hello To All You Guys That Have Given Me Help. I Have Put Ram On Divider 9/10. HTT/[email protected] X 4 X (13). Now Ram @207(414DDR) Lower Timmings Back Down 2-3-3-5. SP 8HRS. Passed Temp 52c. 3D Mark 5..10400 P.C. Running Great. I Will Try To Up The HTT/FSB Some More Just To How Far Before She Gets To HOT!! Also The Flicker On Monitor Stoped. I Do Have 1 More Question (Maybe Stupid One) How Do I Take Screen Shot Of Memory In Bios For The OCDB When I Am Done..Thanks Again:cool:
  17. Plus I Really Dont Want To Put My Memory On A Divider. Looking Around Now For Better Sticks. Now @462(DDR) @1/1...3-3-3-7..
  18. Hi Crazy I Have Read Your Other Post You Say All Opty Can Run @65C 24/7 Are You Sure.. Because Now When CPU Is Running @ 100% My Temps 50-52c. Thats Why I Havent Started To Up Volts. Also When I Started To OC My 152 OPTY There Was Not Much INFO. On This Chip Not Many With It. Dont Know Why. I Think Many Jump On The C2C To Soon. I See Many With OPTY @3G And Above.
  19. Oh Yea Right Now FSB @231X13= 3003MHZ...TEMP 36C..I Will Do The 8HRS. Of SP2004 This Weekend. I Hate To Say This But I Think Theres More I Can Go. My Memory Still 1T @ 462MHZ(DDR)
  20. ok I Forgot About The PCI Freq. I Know Mine Is At 100 Now. I Will Bump It Up To 105. Hey The Worst That Can Happen Is My GPU Temps Gets Little Higher Right??.............Thanks
  21. ocing on cpu is not problem when i play at lower res. all is good just having some problem with 1280x1024. its a few lines going across the screen
  22. Hi Clay Now I Am @2977 @1.4Vid Buy The Way Its Not Dual [email protected](DDR) Still 1/1 Timings 3-3-3-7. My Temps 36c Idle- 8Hrs SP2004 cpu 100% Load 51c. Not Bad I Know I Can Go Over 3G. Just Taking My Time Dont Want Any Big Problems. Also I Have Notice That When Playing Games @Max Settings @1280x1024 Is When My Monitor Starts To Flicker (Some Lines Appear On Screen)
  23. The Stepping Is 1(one) Just Look At The Paper With The Info. Also Stupid Me Try Other Game And All Is Great Maybe Vegas Needs Patch. By The Way Cant My Ram Go To Almost 500MHZ? I Thought I Read That Somewhere. I Know It Says 400MHZ..... (CPU 2951MHZ) So Close Just A Little Little More.. Thanks Again
  24. Hi 8HRS SP2004 All Passed ..Voltage 2.70 Men. 1.40 CPU. 1.20 LDT BUS.1.50 Chipset....All Voltage Readings From Bios...And Guys Thanks For Trying To Help Me So Far....Trying To Get To 3G....
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