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  1. Hi my registration was on 5/14...when i try to activate my account on the link i get to the page and it says cant disabled ?? I been trying for over a week now.


    Hi now i can play Doom 1 on my mobile.(TYTN II) so i guess some things do get better as time go`s on....


    Hello just look what has happen in the last 10yrs. These are the system requirements for Quake2 (1997 it came out) Quake II System Requirements - Windows® 95 or NT 4.0 with 100% compatible computer system - Pentium® 90 MHz Processor (133 MHz recommended) Memory: - Win 95 - 16 MB RAM Required (24 MB recommended) - Win NT 4.0 - 24 MB RAM Required - 100% Sound Blaster-compatible sound card - Joystick and mouse-supported (3-button mouse recommended) - Supports network and internet play via TCP/IP - Minimum Install Additional Requirements (Play from CD-ROM) - Quad-Speed CD-ROM drive (600k/sec. sustained transfer rate) - Hard Disk drive with at least 25 MB of uncompressed space available - Normal Install Additional Requirements (Play from Hard Disk) GLQuake II Additional Requirements - 24 MB RAM for all operating systems - GLQuake II supports some OpenGL 3D accelerator cards
  4. Hello.... Ok thanks guys that`s what i wanted to hear i have read alot of reviews on Newegg and many have said good temps. high clocks. I wanted some of the guys here to let me know. (trust u guys more). I will get 1 now to see how much better it is than my very good E6750. Will still keep this chip for awhile just in case.
  5. Hello Guys so far no one with air you guys are using water getting 3.8-4G i am trying to find out if these high clocks can be done on AIR.
  6. Hi Branjo Did a quick Orthos 30mins. the highest it went was 47c stay around 44-46c most of the time. I know these are good temps. but if i can get this kind of temps. with a E8400 @ 3.6-3.8. that is way i am asking if anyone here has one (E8400)
  7. Hello Is it true what i have read about this chips 3.6-3.8 low temps on air.If anyone has one on air let me know if you are getting close to 4G air. I have E6750 now 3.3 @ room temp 22c playing COD4 temp 40c. If i can get to 3.8 around the same temps with E8400 let me know. Thanks
  8. Hello Thanks ReelFiles it is working now, i just dont understand just by changing drive letter made it work.but it does and that s all that matters.........thanks again
  9. Hi at disk man. i have CD-ROM 0 DVD(D) That is the IDE that wont work are you saying to change the 0 to 1?? Then on the CD-ROM 1 DVD(F)SATA. Change that to 0
  10. Hello no i dont think thats it. The drives i have listed (F+D) are not hard drives those are the drives the DVD Player(D) and DVD Buner(F) are on. the game is on hard drive C. I just cant get the DVD Player (IDE) to work now. its making me put all DVDs in the DVD Burner (sata) to work now............................ Try to make it easy to understand have 2 DVD drives (1 is IDE)+( New 1 is SATA) Both Samsung. Now when i put a DVD in the IDE drive i get a message to put it in the other drive(SATA) no DVDs will work in the (IDE) drive now. I try to Google this no luck i cant be the only person in the whole world to have this problem....
  11. Hello 2 days ago i install dvd burner (samsung sata drive F) now when i put my crysis dvd (samsung IDE drive D) it will not work get message to put orignal dvd in drive F. The crysis dvd is orignal.I want to get the player (drive D) to work so i dont have to use the burner all the time. Any info. will help.Thanks
  12. Played it 3 times already and there will be a 4th. Its so good that C.O.D.4 starts the game there!! Also i know it came out at the very end of 2006 but if i could i give Rainbow Six Vegas a vote.
  13. Hi also a friend of mine just got a DS4 now they are ver2.1 with the F8 bios which now you dont have to push Ctrl+F1 to get into the ram settings.
  14. Hi I have the DS4 the silent-pipe has better cooling also will support 45nm processors so far not one problem with board.
  15. Hello my E6750... 400x8 @ 3.2G no problem i have not even touch vcore yet plus these chips not as hot as AMD..
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