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  1. Got it to work Thanks to all and a special thanks to Nerm :thumbs-up: :thumbs-up:I ran Winsockfix first . Issue resolved
  2. No I have not tried the hard reset but I will thanks
  3. thanks for the help I will try it.
  4. My friend has a LINKSYS WAP54G Wireless router. It has been working fine for two years now but now her PC does not see the router and it is hard wired in. Her laptop works with the wireless connection. I replaced the cables did not work I plugged my laptop in and it works fine. When her PC is connected The light on the router and it is connected to the number one port if I switch it to the number two port the light comes on the number two light and so on. On the tool bar at the bottom right I have a yellow ! on the network connection. I ran the repair in network connection but it said it cant see the router but the light on. I all so put in a new network card I get the same problem. Could it be setting in window XP.
  5. hey that would be me. Hey AG how are you and Momma doing. Buck
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