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  1. If you are having problems registering on OCC forums you might find this from their Forum Rules helpful.
  2. If you are still looking I have an Opty 165 CCBBE 0610 that was Prime and Orthos Stable @ 2.95 on my DFI LANPARTY UT nF3 ULTRA-D with a ThermalRight SI-128 and 1.5 vcore. I don't have any of the screenshots to prove it and don't have the board to duplicate it (the two S939 boards I have left won't run over 305 fsb). Since they seem to be going for $120 to 125 plus shipping I'm asking $110 for it. I only ran it that high for a couple of weeks then backed it down to 2.7 and a lower vcore. It was purchased new about a year ago. Don Heatware under MrNovi. I've done most of my trading over at PCPer where I spend most of my time.
  3. Bummer. I need to sell mine.
  4. Any interest in a GIGABYTE GA-965P-S3 LGA 775 Intel P965? PM sent
  5. I have a 165 that does 2.7. YHPM with price.
  6. US Cellular is NOT GSM and doesn't use SIM Cards. They use CDMA/TDMA and use the same phones as AllTel, Verizon, CellCom, among others.
  7. Any interest in a LANPARTY UT nF4 SLI-DR? I have the mobo, original box, I/O plate, SLI bridge, cables, and most of the accessories except for the original manual and driver CD. $90 shipped.
  8. Any interest in a Thunderbird 1200? It's a 100FSB model, but the multiplier is unlocked and has run at 1400 with no problems. It's an AXIA or AVIA. I'm at work and can't remember which at the moment, but it was one of those two good overclocking steppings. I didn't OC it for long, just long enough to find out what it was capable of (topped out around 1500 with a Thermalrights SK-6 if I remember correctly). LMK as it's just setting there unused at the moment. I only drag it out to test mobos these days. Heatware under MrNovi
  9. A couple of things. How much clearance is there between the CPU HSF and the side of the case? Also, what happens to temps if you take the side of the case off? Lastly, what is the cfm of the fan on the SI-120? Mr. Novi
  10. It was also a problem with the NF3 Ultra D 939 board. Mr. Novi
  11. I would love to know where you are finding them cheap. I can't find them anywhere. Mr. Novi
  12. Check again. He still has a Memory Stick listed for sale. Mr. Novi
  13. Yeah, sounds like it's time for the moderators to close this thread until the situation is resolved. Don
  14. That's why I started getting a phone number as well as an address for anyone I purchase from. Makes it easier to track them down. Of course with the Christmas holidays it's possible that he went on a trip of some sort and isn't checking messages, but he should have stated that in the thread. I do agree that it is sounding more and more like he is trying to hide, especially after reading his rants about PM's in the first thread. That's the reason that I didn't get the SLI-DR board. I just got a bad vibe from his posts. Mr. Novi
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