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  1. You posted about "change" and moving "forward" saying it would be a good thing. Well, change for the sake of change isn't good unless we're moving in the right direction. I'm not sure how many of you guys are fans of history but we've seen all this before. The last two times we were in this position things didn't turn out so well for the citizen.
  2. Immigration is not the problem. Criminal behaviour by illegal aliens is the problem. Why are people so ready to forgive and forget the criminal behaviour by someone just because they want to be in the United States? Becoming a citizen should be reserved for those that follow the immigration rules and enter the country legally. Legal immigrants have been the backbone of our country since its inception. We have welcomed many people from many countries over the years. It's only been in the past few decades that we've had to limit immigration. Our immigration laws have very specific sections that restrict criminals from entering the country. Since this is the law why not hold them to that law and require that they enter the country legally? It took my buddy almost three full years to get his wife entry from China after they were married. She thinks illegal aliens are criminals and should be refused citizenship.
  3. Has anyone else noticed how many times President Obama has said we need to "sacrifice" for the good of the country in the past few weeks. It just dawned on me what he means by sacrifice. He wants us to sacrifice our earnings in the form of higher taxes so he can redistribute our money to those that don't have as much. Based upon his upbringing, education and track record as a politician there can't be another reason for his choice of words. His writings that have been released to the public(sure would like to see all of his writings) all show a tendency toward the socialist side of things. The Black Liberation Theology of his longtime church preaches the redistribution of wealth. His voting record at both the State and National level all show a tendency toward punishing the rich and rewarding the "poor"(welfare recipients). Let's hope citizens keep in touch with their elected representatives to make sure they understand that we don't want a welfare state at best and full blown socialism at worst from this administration.
  4. Easy, enforce the existing laws. Threaten to put them in jail if they don't leave the country within 30m 60 or 90 days. Make sure they understand that any child born to an illegal alien is not granted citizenship since their parents are criminals. We don't need these illegal aliens to "help" the economy. The operate out of the control of our government for the most part and if they do pay taxes they have to use assumed names. The vast majority of the dollars they earn are simply sent down to Mexico via wire transfer so it isn't spent here. I've already been hit with trouble from the IRS because an illegal was using my SSN. I had to miss several days of work and spend countless hours on the phone to get a resolution to the issue that isn't anywhere near my satisfaction. Unless and until the borders are secured there can be no "immigration policy" because a policy only works if it can be enforced. If this administration tries to grant amnesty to the illegal aliens already here there would be a veritable flood of more illegals trying to get into the country for the next round of amnesty.
  5. The economy doesn't need fixing. It's government that caused the problem and is making it worse. The reality is that we follow a 60 year cycle of boom and bust. Sure there are peaks and valleys along the way but the larger cycle is what must be dealt with and prepared for. Another point is that when the economy retracts like it has, government doesn't. Spending in the market has decreased bringing about a decrease in tax collection. When an individual suffers a decrease in income there must be an appropriate decrease in spending otherwise the balance sheet fails. For some reason, government thinks that it's just fine to print more money when tax collections decrease so they can go about spending more money. Printing more money simply devalues the current dollars in circulation causing inflation. Government believes that by selling debt at today's dollar and paying it back with devalued dollars in the future is a fine way to do business. The sad part is that this game of dollars does nothing to help the citizens which bear the brunt of the inflation. In fact, the only two times this game has been played resulted in the collapse of the economy of Zimbabwe and the Weimar Republic. Those that fail to understand history are bound to repeat it.
  6. There is no such thing as illegal immigration. There are legal immigrants and illegal aliens. Anyone not here legally should be forced to leave the country immediately. Children of illegal aliens have no constitutional right to reside in this country much less be granted citizenship by default since their parents were criminals upon entry. Shut off all taxpayer money provided to illegal aliens. Seal the borders and enforce stringent fines and jail-time for anyone that hires illegal aliens. Once this is cleared up we can re-evaluate our city populations and more appropriately get an accurate census for political districts. This will return the proper value to "one citizen-one vote" that has been out of balance for far too long. Additionally, this would resolve the unemployment situation since there would be lots of jobs available for citizens to take. On the other hand, no one has the courage to stand up for citizens and put a stop to this anarchy. They promote illegal aliens as an integral part of our society doing jobs Americans don't want. The sad truth is that it's all political hooey and they've thrown citizens under the bus to further their political power.
  7. As Great_Gig's discussion about his friend illustrates. It's not so much really about god but about morality. Religion as a tool for good has a great capacity for good on this earth. Religion as a tool for bad has caused great heartache and pain on this earth. An Islamic terrorist blowing up a market in Baghdad is no different than some redneck blowing up an abortion clinic in Atlanta if they are using religion as a reason to hurt people. The point I'm trying to make is that human beings are flawed and since people are involved in religion mistakes will be made. An excellent source on religion and its place in our society is practically anything by Joseph Campbell.
  8. This is only one in a series by kutiman.
  9. Man, this thread is wrong on so many levels!
  10. I stayed away from this thread while it was a hot topic since everyone was doing such a wonderful job of entertaining me and I didn't want to ruin anyone's fun. Way back on November 6th, 2008, I made a series of three predictions. http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.p...t&p=1601053 Let's see what I've gotten right and wrong in my prediction only two months into the new Administration. One has already come true as evidenced by the media coverage of the so called Stimulus Package. If you aren't completely behind the President and "Stimulus Package" you're considered an obstructionist and being cast about as a crazy in the media as well as by the Internet crazies just as I predicted. If it had been a "true" stimulus package much more than only $30 Billion would have gone to infrastructure and most of it would have been spent in the next two years. Some of the funds won't come available until just before the next presidential election. Go figure! On another point I was only partially right. The Democrats didn't change the rules but used their position to stifle debate on one of the most important pieces of Legislation since the Patriot Act. Can anyone tell me why the House of Representatives had such a short period of time to vote on the "Stimulus Package"? It wasn't that the President had to sign the Bill into law immediately since he waited four days before taking action. It was because Nancy Pelosi had to leave for her European trip. The biggest spending Bill in U.S. history and we had to pass it in 24 hours because a member of the House was going on vacation. Remarkable! And last but not least the "Fairness Doctrine". Well, that certainly didn't take long. The Speaker of the House has publicly stated that she's for the reinstatement of the "Fairness Doctrine" in multiple media reports. Senator Dick Durbin and John Kerry have stated their support for the return along with Jeff Bingaman, Debbie Stabenow and Tom Harkin. Even former President Bill Clinton has chimed in with his support for the return of the "Fairness Doctrine". Let's not forget what suchuwato said in his reply to my post... http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.p...t&p=1601054 Sometimes it sucks to be so right.
  11. In addition to the woefully inadequate gift there was no joint press conference or official State Dinner. Please let our friends in Great Britain know how much we appreciate them regardless of what our President and State Department displayed. As America's one true ally, I believe Prime Minister Gordon Brown deserved much better than he got. Since they don't accept email you'll have to break down and actually write and mail a letter with postage. British Embassy 3100 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington, DC 20008
  12. There are no "mini-guns" in use on a Secret Service motorcade. I repeat, there are no "mini-guns" in use by the Secret Service. The amount of collateral damage inflicted by such a weapon is wholly unacceptable. There is no strategic use for a weapon like that in the Secret Service motorcade that accompanies the President or other foreign dignitaries that are protected by the Secret Service. If the Secret Service had any idea that there was even the most remote possibility that they would need that kind of firepower, there's no way they would allow the President in the area. It's not gonna happen! As a witness to many Presidential, First Lady, Vice President and Congressional motorcades after hurricane Katrina including a visit on a 747 Air Force One, a VH-3 Sea King and a VH-60 Black Hawk Marine One, I've seen these vehicles up close. As described by the our Secret Service guide, the entire motorcade is designed to keep the President in motion between two points that have controlled access. In the event of an attack of some kind, the motorcade will proceed to a primary or secondary extraction point or medical facility if the President has been injured. The big vehicles carry a fast response team as well as communications gear that may be required during the event. BTW If any of you guys saw the National Geographic program on Marine one and remember where they had to stop filming for "security reasons" to make a stop between Quantico and the White House. This is where they were stopping. Anacostia Naval Station is where the "Nuclear Football" is kept between missions. The building is inside a double fence perimeter with a killing zone much like a high security prison. I'm not sure why they made such a big deal about it being "secret" since the whole facility is quite visible from I-295 and Ronald Reagan Airport. It was at the airport that I first noticed Marine One landing and taking off from Anacostia. I asked a Sky-Cap why it was landing there and he knew. Location link. Zoom out for context. http://maps.google.com/maps?ie=UTF8&hl...mp;t=h&z=17
  13. Regardless of the fact that it's a "red herring" argument doesn't mean that it has no merit. Sometimes a point of comparison is needed to put things in a proper light. Can you deny that the drive-by-media has been harping on the cost of the war while failing to report the cost of other parts of Federal spending? Why are American citizens forced to pay for Illegal Aliens? Remember that you aren't protected by the constitution like a citizen until you are a legal immigrant. These so called "immigrants" are felons under law and should be treated as such. The next thing you know, people will argue that a child born in the US gets automatic citizenship even though the parents were felons who had no legal standing in the country. That could never happen here!
  14. The problem with the zealots trying to get the list of citizens with CCW permits is that they aren't entitled to it since they aren't part of law enforcement investigating a crime. Question their motive and you've got the answer. In California this same group is publishing an illegally obtained list of people with "restricted access license plates". These plates are kept separate from the normal auto license database to protect the identity of the individual. Many are involved in private security or have high profile careers like prosecutors or legislators. The main reason they want to release the list of permitted individuals is to target them in an effort to shame them into giving up their CCW permit. People get a CCW permit for the explicit reason that they don't want to appear different than everyone around them and having their names published defeats the purpose.
  15. Best damn statement in the entire thread. But here's the important point. Education must start at home. Whether we're talking about the Three R's, driving or gun safety. Americans seem to believe that someone else is responsible for educating their children and we are a worse society for it. My parents taught me all the important things especially "how to learn". From trips to the library and family vacation travels to gun safety and how to drive responsibly(except on weekends with buddies and beer). Hell, we even had two sets of encyclopedias in the house as well as a subscription to National Geographic magazine. We weren't wealthy by any measure with a stay-at-home Mom and a Dad that worked shift work as a Boilermaker for a few extra bucks. The kids I grew up with turned out to be well-rounded citizens and did an excellent job with their kids.
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