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  1. I agree 100% on where Ubuntu is now vs 10 yrs ago.Way better to use and Way easier to get started on now. Some things dont work easily in Linux like being able to monitor motherboard ,Cpu and other hardware temps connected to motherboard . Unless you like to play with the terminal right from the gitgo and possibly find a work around or app.
  2. All the programs I used were windows only also. Gimp is almost identical to what I used so I'm happy with that. Need to get a usb class compliant audio interface to test out the recording part of it. Reaper works in linux and ardour is already in linux . I'm real happy with the hardware I picked out.
  3. Ubuntu runs fine on my newish system. Picked up an MSI x570 Unity grabbed some Gskill trident neo 2x16 ram and a Corsair mp600 1 tb nvme. So far so good. Pretty much everything works. Network, audio, video card mouse keyboard etc. Still need to test out the wifi haven't hooked the antenna up yet. Even made an image in Gimp. The audio sounds better than the last MB. @ir_cow Thx for the tip on 3rd party plugins on install.
  4. Currently I'm without a pc.Going to use Ubuntu for audio recording/production maybe video/animation and 3d modeling etc. I Don't play games at the moment but that could change. Did see some quirky games on steam that perked my interest. Even a game maker one. Pretty much found out all of the MSI mother boards I'd be remotely interested in do use the nuvoton IO chip so that's good. I'd be using the titan because I have one. No sense in buying video card when I have one. Then keeping it in the box it came in.
  5. Looking for an x570 mb to use my 3900x cpu and titan Vidio card. Like to have one that's as compatible as you can get pretty much out of the box since I know very little about linux and how to fix stuff in it. Distro will be Ubuntu studio. So far the Asrock Tiachi seams to be it.Nuvoton super io chip for temps etc.Asus tuf seams to be ok also. Can add to the list MSI Tomahawk. Widows isn't an option even though it would be a lot simpler. I'm done with MS windows OS FOREVER.
  6. Well It's not Folding that's shutting pc down. PC rebooted overnight And mouse freezes are back grrrrrr. Odd that i have to login/ use pin everytime it does it.
  7. Only program that runs when I'm not using it is FAH. I shut Fah down before I went to anniversary dinner with wife didn't shut off. Came home did some cruising on the internet for about an hr or so and no/zero mouse problems at all... Narrowed it down a little more I'd think. Power supply or Fah or windows handling of fah. Did see pcie errors in the event viewer said some thing about legacy Have to find it again. Hate tracking down random errors.
  8. Ran Memtest86 had zero errors. At least its narrowing it down a bit as to what the problem is.
  9. This board does support 1 NVME. Memory "SHOULD" be fine I'm not overclocking it or changing any of the settings but I will checkout Memtest86 just to make sure. Did go into the event viewer and have seen multiple errors ,power to the kernel error and more..Total number of events 15,371 in event viewer most are warnings.
  10. Currently I'm not using the S/pdif on my amp I cant . My onboard sound card don't have S/pdif.I'm using 3.5mm to RCA cables. 3.5mm from onboard sound to inputs on the amp. The amp is a 7.2 home theater receiver from Yamaha with Klipsch 2 satellites and center, 2 Sony monitors plus 2 Optimus monitors from radio shack(old as methusila) and a Klipsch powered subwoofer.Yeah I know mixed speakers not a perfect match. Using the multi channel input on the amp to get the sound from Pc. The S/pdif may/could be used for a better audio production set of monitors is what I'm thinking. Run straight direct setting from amp to the near field monitors switch inputs and still have the rest of the speakers to play games(if I ever get into it again) and listen to music while I'm playing. Don't think the mother board likes this new processor. Pc reboots over night or after long period of me not doing stuff on it. Plus sound makes a grrrrrt elecrical sound thru the speakers now and again plus mouse randomly stops/freezes for 3-5 to 8 seconds when sound is heard sometimes. New MB may be coming up sooner than later. Maybe one of the updates from windows is the culprit. I know for a fact windows messes with reapers functioning if you put off an update for too long.
  11. Does the sound on these mother boards with dacs in them actually route to the S/pdif ports? Most of the boards say the audio is electrically isolated,so will that have less noise using S/pdif wise. My amp already uses a burr brown dac on all the channels192k 24 bits. Just wondering cause my amp has an S/pdif port.
  12. Ive got 2 windows in the room that are covered in 4in of acoustic foam(zero light coming through) and 1 ceiling light with 3 daylight temperature 60w led light bulbs above and behind me.That should be a consistent enough light source for lighting and its not super bright up there.Basically a loft that I pretty much have that all to myself other than a boatload of rubbermade totes jam packed full of yarn for the wife and my instruments amps and a huge L shaped desk. Yup I do like the ambient light sensor that the i1 DisplayPro has, real good feature. I can see how that can and will help with my perception of what the colors will actually look like once printed. Then again it all depends on the printer. Any company that prints for a living should have the thing calibrated to the ninth degree. May try and send an image to the HP office jet 8702 printer we have for grins and giggles. Try the different papers etc. Just to see what it looks like. Your thoughts on curved monitors? I can see how while gaming they would be nice especially with 3 or more.Office productivity they would also be good But no real benefit doing the 3d graphics and editing stuff.
  13. Hmm apparently my card can do the 10bit thing for Open GL with the Studio update drivers.. Cool. Downloading drivers now. Yikes 542 mb. That will take a while on my connection lol.Think cup and string connection. 30K for a monitor bout spit my coffee out on my keyboard on that price. At that price it should make artwork for you with verbal commands. Been using that 32in 1080 Samsung tv for some time now and I like the size. Have 2 24's flanking it and I cant read crap on them unless I'm close enough to lick the screen.. (Yeah I'm getting old.)Guess a trip to the store that has 27's might be in order just to see if its feasible.
  14. Ive been crawling down that rabbit hole now for about 2 weeks. Trying to soak up the lingo as much as I can. It's a lot of info to digest for sure. Reading reviews from sites reading reviews from ppl who bought them etc. Kinda driving me insane. Not that it's that far of a drive though.Right now cost is the biggest factor and unfortunately a good one is pricey from what Ive seen so far. Pros and cons and compromises. And that's just for the monitor not the calibration device rabbit hole. Not sure who the band will be printing with. More than likely a very professional shop since the singer is kinda connected.Personally knows and is friends with a lot ppl in audio & video industry. So I'd like to get a monitor as close to true color as I can afford. Then upgrade when some cash is coming my way from it. I appreciate all the help so far..
  15. That Xrite i1studio looks sweet. Could come in handy when the wife gets me an iPhone 11 pro max for Christmas.Should work on her iPhone and iPad also. That dell monitor sure is nice but I'm not too sure the financial manager (wife)of the household would care for that price lol.Seeing as though Im still an amateur at this stuff(not paid) Did approve of the price range of the proart though. How close to true color representation is 80% Adobe RGB accuracy? The statement of any IPS panel does that include TV's? Rather have a monitor though,they seem to last longer/better made.
  16. Ive been looking for a good 4k 32in monitor to do some 3d and graphics work.Id want accurate color representation SRGB and Adobe RGB an IPS panel ,4.4.4 chroma etc etc.Been eyeballing the Asus pro art but some folks have a problem with dead pixels. Doesn't say much for quality control of the panels. There's also a cpl of Ben q Ive eyeballed that look promising. It more than likely wont be used for gaming but cant rule that out.Any others? Will be picking up a calibrator tool to reset/test said monitor for accuracy from time to time. Just to make sure it don't drift. The images/animations I make will be projected to a large screen behind a band ,some More than likely will go to print. It would be nice if it looks like what it's supposed too.More professional. Also I run 3 monitors. So the 4k one will be in the middle plus 1 1080 32in led TV's on either side mainly to undock parts of the programs to free up main screen space plus run other programs.
  17. Yeah IM good for a little bit at least till the GAS kicks back in(gear acquisition syndrome) Never bought an Intel hard drive before.Good to know options. I do plan on at least 1 NVME drive for this machine.Eventually 2 or more with the switch to a different MB. 1 for OS and programs, 1 to send work to and bigger spinners for storage and backups.Mb right now only has 1 spot for NVME and a bunch of SATA spots. Them PCIE Optane drives look interesting from Intel.Not too sure about suitability though.And they be pricey.
  18. I am sticking with the x370 for awhile.At least till Ive saved enough to get an x570 or whatever chip set AMD has at that time.My recordings right now are not that complex but stepsonish will be sending me his songs to do some mixing/mastering fairly soon..Then I'd more than likely need faster everything.Eventually I'd like to add a cpl of NVME drives.The PCIE 4 is faster so I can load plugins from them and have them react in a close to real time with out any or veeery limited lag/latency then render it out as high a quality as I can get it to be.Then an upgrade to a more professional 3d program that will use as many cores as I can throw at it. So renders don't take a loooooong time. And have more features which need more speed etc. Well that's the plan anyhow.
  19. Higher bit rate and s/n ratio does sound better. I've seen at least 1 onboard audio have 134 s/n ratio not sure if that was just for the headphones or not. Most are below 124 or less. I'm partially deaf in certain frequencies one frequency I don't hear at all but its in the really high range so its probably a moot point. I usually keep a good eye on the levels so I'm not saturating it with too much of certain frequencies when I record.Probably just get one with the highest s/n ratio and all the other fancy gizmos I'd like to have. A lot do the 44/24 that's why it sounds brash and garbled and distorted. Not clean.
  20. Wow this things a beast! idles at 37degrees not 50 like ive seen in the reviews ,in Cinebench it never goes over 68c seen random boosts up to 4.6 GHz. Was a bit concerned it took quite a bit to boot up but I was prepped for that from the reviews.Normal boot times are a smidgen longer not an insane amount just a touch.I can live with that.Real happy so far with it. Real happy.
  21. I've never considered the b550. Plus what would be recomended for the sound card?
  22. Ace is one of the others that I liked. Asus tuff is another along with crosshair VIII,Asrock tiachi plus others.Still narroowing it dn. My list of haves include blutooth,wifi 5 or 6,good quality VRMS and as many phases as possible for stability,onboard audio that's a step above(prolly most important). I don't need RGB but who knows I might like it. OK little of what I'm doing with the PC...... I do my own recordings of me playing bass.Also use EZ drummer with Reaper DAW ,stepsonish sends me stuff from his band I send him back stuff. Plus ALOT of rendering/and graphic stuff for his band. I'm retired so Ive got whatever time Ive got left to do what Id like to do, like maybe start gaming again.And I listen to a bunch of different music from different inputs USB stick,CD's,blutooth,internet or an actual turntable etc.Plenty of usb ports
  23. That's why I'm not going to use the included cooler. Ill be using the Dark Rock Pro 3 from Bequiet tdp of 250. Looks like they are 50a from 25c to 100c. Cool Im not going to be doing alot/any overclocking till I save up to get a nice x570 MB. Just whatever it boosts to maybe.May constrain it a little at first till I can verify what the vrms heat up too.Do have a hand held laser pointer type temp sensor gizmo so I can see what they are doing heat wise.Its pretty accurate,used it at work when maintenance was using one of their massive very expensive hand held ones that had thermal imaging.Held a 1-2c from what they got. May as well use for what its intended for other than a laser chase toy for my Mastiff.. 4 plus one does seem to be kinda light for that processor. Ive looked for that pdf info online and didn't find it in the past.THX ALOT!!! Been eyeing the aorus extreme/master from gigabyte and the tomahawk from MSI plus a cpl of others.Really like the godlike from MSI but that price eek gad.Thoughts?
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