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  1. Pretty sure Sodimms are used in laptops.
  2. With all that you are doing with it you'd prolly not need a really high powered graphics card.With pcie 2 expansion slots you are limited to that speed on the MB.Probably be able to use any of the video cards newer than the 8500gt you have now.I'm not a video card guru,but Ive seen benchmarks with that MB from a 1050 on up to a 3060 video card. An inexpensive newish lower tier video card should work.That 9800gtx I mentioned earlier in this thread would also work. Are you going to be using Linux as the OS?
  3. Be nice if someone had a spare 9800gtx to gift ya. Be loads better than the 8500.
  4. Gskill F4-3600C16D-32GTZN CL16-16-16-36 1.35V are B-die.I have that set, no trouble with them at all on a Unify X570.I believe they are on the QVL list from MSI which also tells you if Bdie or Hynix. One click in Bios they run as advertised(Axmp I think). I haven't tried to do an over clock yet thought.Also I'm just using 1 set of them.
  5. I do have the x570 unify. Pretty good board. Vrms are cooled pretty well. Heat pipe and big chunks of finned aluminium.
  6. MSI have equipped the UNIFY with a 12+2+1 power phase design, fed by dual CPU power connectors. There’s six IR3599 IR Phase Doublers, twelve IR3555 60A DR. MOS power phases and twelve Titanium Choke IIs, all of which are controlled by an IR Digital PWM module. The large heatsink structures are joined by a heatpipe for better performance. Hope this helps @ir_cow
  7. I agree 100% on where Ubuntu is now vs 10 yrs ago.Way better to use and Way easier to get started on now. Some things dont work easily in Linux like being able to monitor motherboard ,Cpu and other hardware temps connected to motherboard . Unless you like to play with the terminal right from the gitgo and possibly find a work around or app.
  8. All the programs I used were windows only also. Gimp is almost identical to what I used so I'm happy with that. Need to get a usb class compliant audio interface to test out the recording part of it. Reaper works in linux and ardour is already in linux . I'm real happy with the hardware I picked out.
  9. Ubuntu runs fine on my newish system. Picked up an MSI x570 Unity grabbed some Gskill trident neo 2x16 ram and a Corsair mp600 1 tb nvme. So far so good. Pretty much everything works. Network, audio, video card mouse keyboard etc. Still need to test out the wifi haven't hooked the antenna up yet. Even made an image in Gimp. The audio sounds better than the last MB. @ir_cow Thx for the tip on 3rd party plugins on install.
  10. Currently I'm without a pc.Going to use Ubuntu for audio recording/production maybe video/animation and 3d modeling etc. I Don't play games at the moment but that could change. Did see some quirky games on steam that perked my interest. Even a game maker one. Pretty much found out all of the MSI mother boards I'd be remotely interested in do use the nuvoton IO chip so that's good. I'd be using the titan because I have one. No sense in buying video card when I have one. Then keeping it in the box it came in.
  11. Looking for an x570 mb to use my 3900x cpu and titan Vidio card. Like to have one that's as compatible as you can get pretty much out of the box since I know very little about linux and how to fix stuff in it. Distro will be Ubuntu studio. So far the Asrock Tiachi seams to be it.Nuvoton super io chip for temps etc.Asus tuf seams to be ok also. Can add to the list MSI Tomahawk. Widows isn't an option even though it would be a lot simpler. I'm done with MS windows OS FOREVER.
  12. Well It's not Folding that's shutting pc down. PC rebooted overnight And mouse freezes are back grrrrrr. Odd that i have to login/ use pin everytime it does it.
  13. Only program that runs when I'm not using it is FAH. I shut Fah down before I went to anniversary dinner with wife didn't shut off. Came home did some cruising on the internet for about an hr or so and no/zero mouse problems at all... Narrowed it down a little more I'd think. Power supply or Fah or windows handling of fah. Did see pcie errors in the event viewer said some thing about legacy Have to find it again. Hate tracking down random errors.
  14. Ran Memtest86 had zero errors. At least its narrowing it down a bit as to what the problem is.
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