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  1. wildman2

    X370 bios update

    Thank you. I thought I remembered resetting bios before flashing to new bios, but Mr. memory aint what it used to be. Still leaning towards the carbon pro for my pc the sli plus for the wifes. Is the carbon pro That much better? MSI web site makes it seem like the audio section is the bees knees. Since it'll be doing dbl or triple duty music creation, graphics creation ,folding and maybe some video editing that one may be the better choice. Thoughts? In any event it will be a long drawn out process to get the stuff for both. THX again..
  2. Is it advisable to reset the bios to default before updating the bios.Got the ram dialed up from 2133 to 2933 and cpu up just a little also and that's it.Or can I just update it and go ,I'm leaning towards reset. Been a loooong time since Ive updated a bios on a motherboard.Think mmmm close to a decade.I seem to remember it was recommended to reset MB to defaults,makes sense. MSI has released a bios that supports the Ryzen 2000 and 3000 cpu's.Plus the cpu I have now is supported in the bios. I do have 2 motherboards to use the MSI x370 sli plus, that I luckily won in the Christmas contest here and an MSI Gaming pro carbon my son gave me cause he didn't want to update the bios for a new cpu.Both have same type of update I believe.I'm leaning towards the pro carbon one.Same process for both but more work.And sloooowly build a Ryzen pc to surprise the wifey with the Sli plus and the cpu I have now in it. What has brought this on is Ive been doing a lot of graphic stuff lately and the Cpu I have now is slower than Id like/need it to be, even overclocked a smidge. Was thinking more cores the better for the rendering/graphics stuff Ive been doing..The program i use can use 16 cores I have 4 now. With 2 video cards folding 24/7 the vast majority of the time for OCC that doesn't leave many cores for folding.Folding alone is taxing 50-60 % on all of the cores. Cpu now is still fast as it is but multi threaded performance is a bit lightish.Sorry for the rambling thread.
  3. Welp I found the box of boxes that had the power supply box in it yesterday. The 1060 is up and running FAH and doesn't seem to be affecting ppd of titan xp.
  4. wildman2

    Please rate my current rig. Time to rebuild and update?

    Id go with WhenKittensATK suggestion and maybe a larger m2 drive.Other than that it seems like a really solid machine.Boat loads of ram, 2 very good (still) video cards, cooling out the wazoo and a very capable CPU. I do love my 65 in OLED so maybe that also.Grand kids play games on it all the time looks real nice. No lag that I can see plus picture is sweet. Whats on the 2 256 ssd's they in raid?
  5. wildman2

    Official GUNS Thread --

    I don't have enough internet bandwidth to post all the pictures of my firearms lol...Pistols, shot guns, rifles.Most pistols and rifles are same caliber plus doubles of both so the wife and I can shoot at same time with same round with pistols or revolver or rifle of same caliber... redundancy is great...
  6. Yup its is PCIE 3.0 thank you for the response.
  7. Got a free 1060 video card and Id like to put it to good use in my pc and fold.Ive got a 750 dark power pro power supply from Be Quiet that should be enough power for both right?...Right now I'm folding on the titan xp 24/7 ,will the ppd drop going from 16x to 8x 8x? .MB is an MSI X370 SLI PLUS.Maybe moot if I cant find the box where the extra cables are wife moved it.grrr
  8. Windock looks pretty neat may work for what i want
  9. In other words .. I'd like to run 3 or 4 separate things on 1 tv with 1 video card say split 4 ways or 2 over 1 screen.I run 3 seperate 24 inch now..I have a multiple programs that I can drag/undock parts of the program to other screens.Id like to do that but with 1 large tv with the screen split multiple ways.I dont really game so screen lag wont be to big a problem I think.The pc is used more for music production and/or recording plus 3d content creation/graphics. texturing. Video card is a titan XP .The programs are Reaper a digital audio work station, EZ drummer from Toontrack and eleven rack from Avid..Plus other programs for graphics 3d content creation...I happen to have a 52in sharp aquos just sitting around Id like to use for it.I has 4 hdmi inputs.
  10. wildman2

    Official OCC 2018 Christmas Contest

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year..Good luck to all of those who entered the contest.
  11. wildman2

    [WTB] old CPUs i7 2600K, 2700K, etc

    How old are you looking for?
  12. Im not going to sell it ,pretty sure the boy would be ticked off if I did that... More than likely I'd put it in the pc I won here in the christmas contest..If I do that then a 1700x would go in mine maybe. Have to see if the wifey wants me to rangle together a pc from the mother board I have in my pc now for her. If so then the 1300x would stay on the board rape her pc and my old one for drives power supply case video card etc. She has never had a really good pc.Usually the hand me down pc from when I assemble a new one.Still kinda the same but mostly newer. Right now she is using my old,old pc, e-5200 cpu ,asus blitz ,4870 video card,Gskill ram and a corsair h60 or 80 cant remember.. Still runs pretty good. After I re-seated the video card and ram that is. Not exactly 100% sure what I'm going to do with it yet.Too many variables.But I'll have it.
  13. Well it looks like Ill be the owner of a new never used MSI gaming pro carbon woohoo...Son decided to just buy an x470 instead of messing with boot kits, Bios ETC..and has already shipped the MSI gaming carbon pro motherboard to me be here middle of next week..Early Christmas present.
  14. kinda hard doing that with a veeery curious 3yr old in the house..hehehe wouldnt leave it alone for a minute shell be dancing with a mother board tossing ram like rose petals at a wedding.
  15. I thought you needed a boot kit from AMD to boot to a gen 1 then update bios for gen 2.