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  1. Yeah IM good for a little bit at least till the GAS kicks back in(gear acquisition syndrome) Never bought an Intel hard drive before.Good to know options. I do plan on at least 1 NVME drive for this machine.Eventually 2 or more with the switch to a different MB. 1 for OS and programs, 1 to send work to and bigger spinners for storage and backups.Mb right now only has 1 spot for NVME and a bunch of SATA spots. Them PCIE Optane drives look interesting from Intel.Not too sure about suitability though.And they be pricey.
  2. I am sticking with the x370 for awhile.At least till Ive saved enough to get an x570 or whatever chip set AMD has at that time.My recordings right now are not that complex but stepsonish will be sending me his songs to do some mixing/mastering fairly soon..Then I'd more than likely need faster everything.Eventually I'd like to add a cpl of NVME drives.The PCIE 4 is faster so I can load plugins from them and have them react in a close to real time with out any or veeery limited lag/latency then render it out as high a quality as I can get it to be.Then an upgrade to a more professional 3d program that will use as many cores as I can throw at it. So renders don't take a loooooong time. And have more features which need more speed etc. Well that's the plan anyhow.
  3. Higher bit rate and s/n ratio does sound better. I've seen at least 1 onboard audio have 134 s/n ratio not sure if that was just for the headphones or not. Most are below 124 or less. I'm partially deaf in certain frequencies one frequency I don't hear at all but its in the really high range so its probably a moot point. I usually keep a good eye on the levels so I'm not saturating it with too much of certain frequencies when I record.Probably just get one with the highest s/n ratio and all the other fancy gizmos I'd like to have. A lot do the 44/24 that's why it sounds brash and garbled and distorted. Not clean.
  4. Wow this things a beast! idles at 37degrees not 50 like ive seen in the reviews ,in Cinebench it never goes over 68c seen random boosts up to 4.6 GHz. Was a bit concerned it took quite a bit to boot up but I was prepped for that from the reviews.Normal boot times are a smidgen longer not an insane amount just a touch.I can live with that.Real happy so far with it. Real happy.
  5. I've never considered the b550. Plus what would be recomended for the sound card?
  6. Ace is one of the others that I liked. Asus tuff is another along with crosshair VIII,Asrock tiachi plus others.Still narroowing it dn. My list of haves include blutooth,wifi 5 or 6,good quality VRMS and as many phases as possible for stability,onboard audio that's a step above(prolly most important). I don't need RGB but who knows I might like it. OK little of what I'm doing with the PC...... I do my own recordings of me playing bass.Also use EZ drummer with Reaper DAW ,stepsonish sends me stuff from his band I send him back stuff. Plus ALOT of rendering/and graphic stuff for his band. I'm retired so Ive got whatever time Ive got left to do what Id like to do, like maybe start gaming again.And I listen to a bunch of different music from different inputs USB stick,CD's,blutooth,internet or an actual turntable etc.Plenty of usb ports
  7. That's why I'm not going to use the included cooler. Ill be using the Dark Rock Pro 3 from Bequiet tdp of 250. Looks like they are 50a from 25c to 100c. Cool Im not going to be doing alot/any overclocking till I save up to get a nice x570 MB. Just whatever it boosts to maybe.May constrain it a little at first till I can verify what the vrms heat up too.Do have a hand held laser pointer type temp sensor gizmo so I can see what they are doing heat wise.Its pretty accurate,used it at work when maintenance was using one of their massive very expensive hand held ones that had thermal imaging.Held a 1-2c from what they got. May as well use for what its intended for other than a laser chase toy for my Mastiff.. 4 plus one does seem to be kinda light for that processor. Ive looked for that pdf info online and didn't find it in the past.THX ALOT!!! Been eyeing the aorus extreme/master from gigabyte and the tomahawk from MSI plus a cpl of others.Really like the godlike from MSI but that price eek gad.Thoughts?
  8. Same here on how "compatible" it is. But Ive seen multiple x370 boards reviewed after it was installed and it worked fine. That said it seems all MB of same brand and model act differently to it. Ppl with a boat load stuff in their PC (HD's,lots of USB stuff etc)seem to have more trouble.Prolly a VRM issue I'd think. My pc is still fairly basic.2 HD 2-4 usb connected. Know of any free bench marking stuff /monitoring so i can do the benchmarks with current CPU and new CPU just to see exactly what has changed. I have Cinebench,Unigine,Coretemp,AMD Ryzen Master , CPUZ,GPUZ and HWINFO 64 do I really need any others? I was worried it would come all banged up seeing as though it got rerouted more than once.Box was in perfect condition from Newegg they could have put the air pillows in better positions to protect the sides and top. Seal from AMD intact and inner box good shape. Wont be using the included cooler in this machine.It'll go into the other MB my son sent me.Along with some swapping of other stuff from this machine.Making a render node out of his MB and old CPU from my PC that's connected to my router via wifi and or wired Ethernet to another pc(2011 socket Sabertooth with 3820 in it).
  9. The wife bought me an AMD 3900x for fathers day. Going to put it in an MSI x370 sli plus prolly tomorrow.It's out for delivery right now. Already updated the Bios and have been using it for awhile now with no complications no slow boots etc.And my son is sending me his old flare 3200 ram (He built a new pc)that will be here some time this week. Woohoo.
  10. Folding for the 11762 and 11763 right now.
  11. Thank you. I thought I remembered resetting bios before flashing to new bios, but Mr. memory aint what it used to be. Still leaning towards the carbon pro for my pc the sli plus for the wifes. Is the carbon pro That much better? MSI web site makes it seem like the audio section is the bees knees. Since it'll be doing dbl or triple duty music creation, graphics creation ,folding and maybe some video editing that one may be the better choice. Thoughts? In any event it will be a long drawn out process to get the stuff for both. THX again..
  12. Is it advisable to reset the bios to default before updating the bios.Got the ram dialed up from 2133 to 2933 and cpu up just a little also and that's it.Or can I just update it and go ,I'm leaning towards reset. Been a loooong time since Ive updated a bios on a motherboard.Think mmmm close to a decade.I seem to remember it was recommended to reset MB to defaults,makes sense. MSI has released a bios that supports the Ryzen 2000 and 3000 cpu's.Plus the cpu I have now is supported in the bios. I do have 2 motherboards to use the MSI x370 sli plus, that I luckily won in the Christmas contest here and an MSI Gaming pro carbon my son gave me cause he didn't want to update the bios for a new cpu.Both have same type of update I believe.I'm leaning towards the pro carbon one.Same process for both but more work.And sloooowly build a Ryzen pc to surprise the wifey with the Sli plus and the cpu I have now in it. What has brought this on is Ive been doing a lot of graphic stuff lately and the Cpu I have now is slower than Id like/need it to be, even overclocked a smidge. Was thinking more cores the better for the rendering/graphics stuff Ive been doing..The program i use can use 16 cores I have 4 now. With 2 video cards folding 24/7 the vast majority of the time for OCC that doesn't leave many cores for folding.Folding alone is taxing 50-60 % on all of the cores. Cpu now is still fast as it is but multi threaded performance is a bit lightish.Sorry for the rambling thread.
  13. Welp I found the box of boxes that had the power supply box in it yesterday. The 1060 is up and running FAH and doesn't seem to be affecting ppd of titan xp.
  14. Id go with WhenKittensATK suggestion and maybe a larger m2 drive.Other than that it seems like a really solid machine.Boat loads of ram, 2 very good (still) video cards, cooling out the wazoo and a very capable CPU. I do love my 65 in OLED so maybe that also.Grand kids play games on it all the time looks real nice. No lag that I can see plus picture is sweet. Whats on the 2 256 ssd's they in raid?
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