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    Asus P5N32-E SLI 680i Mobo/7.1 Sound (BIOS Rev. 1403)
    Intel Core 2 Quad CPU @ 3.6 Ghz
    4 x 1 Gb RAM Elixir PC2-6400 @ 805 Mhz
    2 x Gigabyte 8800 GTS 512 Mb (G92) @ 820/1120 Mhz SLI
    3 x 160 Gb SATA II 16 Mb Cache/3.0 Gbs HDD's
    EZ Cool PS-07 1050 Watt PSU
    Ultra MicroFly Aluminium Tower
    2 x Acer X223W TFT Monitors
    Windows XP Pro 64 and Windows Vista Ultimate 64
    10 Mbps Virgin cable Broadband Ethernet Connection
  1. Ok I stripped out the whole machine to the shell, cleaned out every component and reseated them all. Tried a minimum hardware setup. Still nothing. I replaced the CPU fan with a new one but still nothing. I did the jumping the two pins again, still no go. It must be the motherboard. I think it may be easier and more cost effective to build a new one. I built my other rig and it is great. I should never have got one built from a store lol.
  2. Ok weird thing... Now when I plug in the power lead, without pushing the power button, the CPU fan is spinning constantly but no other signs of life, still no lights or beeps etc. EDIT: I unplugged and plugged back in and the CPU didn't spin, then I unplugged and plugged in again and it spun again. I think the fan has a dirty/sticky spindle or something but it has power going to it through the mobo. But still no power anywhere else.
  3. Hi Wevs, yes it worked for 2 years without any problems. No one ever tried overclocking this system it just stopped turning on one morning. The PSU was clicking so I tested it and swapped it out with a 500w new PSU. EDIT: I forgot to say it is not the system in my sig it is my daughter's eMachine 370.
  4. I installed a tested new PSU and apart from a slight initial movement from the CPU fan by a couple of mm's there's no signs of power from the mobo whatsoever, no lights, sounds, nothing. There's no noticeable bulging caps on the motherboard or visibly burnt traces.
  5. Lol. I stripped it down and rebuilt it to make sure all connections were solid. The PSU is definitely working and I just tried a new power switch and still nothing. What's next? MOBO? How do I test that?
  6. Hi all, I just tested my PSU and it is working so next is what? The power switch? Mobo? What should I test next and how? I know the PSU is ok as I replaced it and tested it with a paper clip and chasis fan. But when I install it and press the power button nothing happens. Please help
  7. I'm leaning towards the J30 as they are both the same price online
  8. Hey all, I need to find out which gaming chair is suitable for a 13 year old girl using a PS2? Any ideas for a budget chair that is ok? Thanks
  9. I keep getting lock ups and restarts...as well as the occasional shut down. No idea why. I changed the ram, hdd's and cpu...could it be the mobo?
  10. Would this work? Plug something like this in to a USB1.1 machine to gain use of a USB2.0 wirless adaptor??? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/USB-2-0-4-SQUARE-POR...id=p3286.c0.m14
  11. Hey I got hold of this old laptop, but when I try to use my Netgear wireless adaptor which is USB2.0 it won't connect, I assume this laptop has USB1.0? It's Netgear WG111 v2, I have all the old and newer drivers. I'm using XP Pro. o2 wireless. Is there anything I can do to get this laptop online with this adaptor? Thanks
  12. I was going to use the one on the mobo, I just assumed it was the one to use and setup in BIOS. Didn't realise I might need another card. ASUS P5N32-E SLI 680i is my mobo
  13. Ok, new question, on my 2 new 80gb drives (Western Digital WD800JD Caviar SE) the jumper settings say: Master or slave no jumper required, Jumpered pins 5+6 enable SATA 150mb/s only operation. So is it better for performance speed in RAID 0 to leave the jumper off or put it on pins 5+6? Thanks.
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