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  1. wich driver are you using ? default microsoft or nvidia ? thanx bye
  2. after some problem with old ati driver now all good great performance and fun great buy !!
  3. just buyed an sapphire 2600xt 256 ddr3 agp :) stay tuned
  4. chipset nvidia , vidoe card ati ... no problems ? i hope :angel:
  5. they are some incompatibilty with this 2 items ? can i buy the grafic card with confidence ? thanx
  6. no im not running vista ... i would like to ... but in future
  7. anyone no interested ?? where is it nf3 users ?? hello ???
  8. ok good news but you have an nvidia card ... i would like an ati hd2600pro ... is possible ? i think no ...
  9. i am unable to oc again my newark :( i dont remember settings and i crash continuosly
  10. hi i would like to buy a new agp card for my system that support dx10 and planning to switch from xp sp2 to Vista in future i would like to buy an ati hd 2600pro 512mb ddr2 but i read and i say that nf3 is not supported from nvidia drivers vista ... anyone can help me to do not make a buy for recicle byn .... :eek2::eek2: thanx bye
  11. ok i will try sorry but i understand only a bit english ... thanx bye
  12. thanx but i think that i dont have chaged this values i control this night and report you bye
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