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    thank you.I will try when I get home tonite.I will let u guys know
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    I can't take a screenshot as I cannot see anything in the new window that pops up.I cannot adjust the display properties either as I cannot see the new window. i can only see icons.
  3. A friend of mine was using my comp.she was messing with some settings now my desktop,taskbar and basically anything I can type on is nothing but black. including the search feature of google.the only things I can see are icons.I am using Windows XP home.Is there anyway to reset a disater like this?ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated!
  4. Hope everything works out for you.Like I said I have my 8800 and I LOVE it!
  5. How ya doin General! Just a little note on the 8800GTS,I myself have the 640MB card and I absolutely LOVE it! After doing a little research i have come to find the the minimum requirement for power is only 400 watts.We all know that OCZ makes some pretty good power so with that in mind I would keep your power supply and get the 8800,just probably won't be able to OC very much.Hope this helps you make a decision that is right for you.Good luck!
  6. It's me again folks.Trying to get this problem figured out.Anytime I put a CD or a DVD into my drive,it takes about 10-15 seconds before it shows anything up.Could this be a driver issue or is my drive junk.Any thoughts questions or criticism VERY much welcome.Thanx in advance!
  7. LOL.Sorry about that,was frustrated and overlooked one simple driver issue.Thanx for at least viewing my post
  8. Been a while since I've needed help here.It started after I installed Vista but decided to switch back to XP PRO.Now after looking in my device manager I get 3 instanced of my primary IDE controller,3 of my seconday controller and 3 of my Standard dual channel PCI IDE cointroller.Any ideas on what to check? I noticed when backing up my DVDs that the speed has gone down,not so VERY slow,but MUCH slower than usual.ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  9. Hi! Write down your settings then do a long clear on your CMOS then load optimized defaults.Then put everything back to the settings you wrote down.The first time I tried to OC my Sandie I had a similar problem that the short CMOS clear wouldn't fix.Hope this helps,and good luck getting to 2.9!
  10. To answer your first question.....50c tops!!!!! I wouldn't go any higher.To answer your second question,I belive you set the voltage in BIOS then move the jumper.I don't see why you really need to do that unless you are wanting to lower your multi. and raise your FSB.when you get into higher bus frequencies you are going to want to raise your LTD volts also.Hope this helps
  11. Welcome to the forum! I hate to disappoint you but I think you have a bad stepping for overclocking.You might be able to get a LITTLE higher if you go with a watercooling setup but I doubt you will be able to get much higher than 2.7Ghz.Sorry for your luck.However,if you have heard of phase-change coolers,that might be another option for a higher over-clock.The downside of this is the price,these types of coolers aren't cheap and you must add extra protection to protect from condensation.Hope this sheds a little light on you.Good luck!
  12. That might not be a bad idea.Good luck!
  13. R U using the cables supplied with the MB or different ones?U may try turning your system off then unplugging that HD and plugging it back in and makes sure the cables are secure.I misread your sig I though I saw 3 hard drives,MY bad! anyway I ran into a problem similar to this a few years back as I was using a bad copy of windows,maybe you could try a different disk.or better yet,I should ask which version of windows you are installing,if it is Vista,well,then there is your problem.
  14. which sata ports are you using?R U using RAID?did you install windows on a RAID array?
  15. Might be your power supply.after you set your rig up and booted for the first time did you load your optized defaults?
  16. well,I am running a pretty high Vcore...about 1.58,ok so it is a VERY high Vcore but I have added 10C to the Bios so readings should be pretty close,I am also running everything with a 12 multi and 1:1 divider at 1X.I am hoping after I get my new heatsink and RAM I will lower the multi and still be able to keep the 1:1 divder @1T.I was only testing this processor to see the potential OCing capabilitiesBTW the stepping is KAB2E week 0549.if you guys would like to see the settings let me know,maybe you guys that have more experience at OCing could help me get better settings.I realize that this kind of Vcore should most likely but on water but,it never got above 50C.I don't plan on running this setup 24/7 and I don't reccomend anyone else to try this but was trying to see how close I could get to 3Ghz on stock cooling.
  17. It is my understanding that windows should NOT be installed on an overclocked system and I guess I don't understand how you are overclocked AND running on optimized defaults(if that is the case) anyway,try CMOS clear,load optimized defaults,instal windows,THEN set it up to your overclock.Hope this helps.
  18. Ok folks ,think I found the max OC on the stock cooler(can't wait to get the SI-128).................................................2.9Mhz! temps are pretty high as it seems to idle @41C and load @49C.anyway if anyone wants the numbers let me know and maybe you guys cam help me adjust to eek a few more Hz out of it .hope this is a good start!Forgot to add that this was tested stable for 14hrs w/prime95
  19. just got it up to 2.8 and haven't even started messing around with the mem timings yet,just using a divider.Temps are still WAY below 50 with the 10 extra added in BIOS! I LOVE my DFI board!
  20. Hey there Kid! Good to see ANOTHER member in Iowa! Actually,I have read around in other posts and it seems when you are in your BIOS the CPU is around 80%.
  21. Have you tried upping the cipset voltage a little?Seemed to help with a few other overclocks.
  22. I am testing the 4000+ Sandie to see what the linits are in this case.Right now I am up to 2.75Mhz on stock HS/F my idle temps are about 38C and load temps 44C.I have enabled 10c adjustment in bios.Is this a good overclock for stock?
  23. Not that I am all for removing the IHS but if you plan to overclock,doesn't that void the waranty?Obviously they won't ship another CPU back to you ir you have removed the IHS but is there a way to tell if you fry the chip and send it to them?Also,anyone have better temps when removing the IHS and cleaning off the old TIM and replacing it with AS5 then super glueing the heatsink back on?Sorry if this hijacks your thread,but it seemed related to your topic
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