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  1. Lets keep in mind that 'restructuring' in multi-billion companies can mean still making a profit but can cheapen their labour costs to increase their competitive stance; contracting out or overseas. The top 3 gaming companies are beginning to show some similarities with the top movie companies. That is crap out 5 movies/games and hope one is a winner or continue with sequels.
  2. Yeah very good call that's what I was thinking. Still projected for release around spring 2010? I guess I'll play around with Linux and try to fool around with partitions in order to save files.
  3. Hey there, I've run several versions of Linux off of a USB stick before, mainly Backtrack. Currently I switch from 3 computers daily; work (XP), gaming (Win7) and laptop (xandros). So I was thinking of creating a USB stick that could be my new work computer that can go anywhere. I was just wondering if it is possible to use an OS on a USB and save your work. Could I just partition an area to save my documents, downloads and bookmarks? Essentially cloud computing would be ideal for me, especially since i use Google Docs. I could do stuff remotely but I want try to have the USB to take anywhere easily and use on any computer.
  4. hmm interesting, I think I might want to try that out. Which Usenet servers do you use mostly?
  5. Was pretty excited about this game, especially the 2-player co-op. A little ticked when the release date got pushed, but managed. Now this?! Now L4D2 and Borderlands are my top prospects.
  6. Hey everyone, I was unsure where to post this. But has anyone had issues on piratebay? I'm starting to wonder if someone is interfering with it. Basically, when I search I get "no hits" randomly. If I reload and try again it works. And I have the "all" tab checked. Then when I click on a torrent sometimes, it will give me an empty description uploaded from 1970-01-01 01:00:00 GMT, no size, no seeds...even when I know the torrent has a description and has had comments on it. Then last week my browser would automatically close when I was searching on piratebay, but that hasn't happened again. By the way I'm using Chrome and Windows 7 7100.
  7. So what? The cheapest 2 item prices are usually a difference that is under $10. And item prices are just a guideline really, it's the additional fees you end up comparing. I'm just saying Newegg.ca tags you with a $30-40 handling and fees charge that others don't.
  8. I go with them for little stuff that is pointless to ship. I've never had a problem there yet though, what city do you live in? It's a typical growing company that cuts costs by hiring cheap labour to follow retarded policies. On the plus side, I got a free Steelseries mouse pad because the new guy forgot to ring it in! Anyways NCIX and directcanada are far superior. newegg.ca is too overpriced when you get to the shipping fees.
  9. ah cool. I know this is a little too late, but, so Sony removed backwards compatibility for loyal PS2 customers, so that they have to re-buy games that they already have and only Sony benefits?
  10. what are the more features than all the new models?
  11. I can sometimes down some Budweiser if I have to. I find it hilarious how on the side of the beer, they claim that it is their most expensively made beer. Ha! And that's the best they could do?!
  12. Innis and Gunn (when someone offers to buy) otherwise anything dark and bitter usually a mixture of Guiness, Kilkenny, St. Ambroise and London's Pride.
  13. It's too obvious when you read it, much better when you say it. Whats long and hard and full of seamen? A submarine.
  14. Did you hear about the gay midget?? He came out of the cupboard.
  15. Nah just media showing more cases. Female crime has increased, but male as well, so the disparity remains. Also female crimes on average tend to be 'common' female crimes such as shoplifting. It's also interesting to note the lack of correlation between capital punishment and deterence or crime rates. The US and Japan (maybe it's China) have capital punishment (some states), but still have increasing rates of crime, especially violent crime. Obviously it's not working up to its expectations. But us Westerners are programmed to think the ancient law of lex talionis. Long story short, yes the woman is an idiot and should not have had that child.
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