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  1. 7 tests so far and no sign of errors.....settings read Ram : 200MHz (DDR401) / CAS : 3-4-4-8 / DUAL Channel (128 bits)
  2. Yeah, it's the floppy, because it did the same thing on another computer. Should I try making another????
  3. all that is happening is a column of numbers down the left side of my screen like this @X:1000 AX:0212 BX:CE00 CX:0301 DX:0000. These number are repeated down the left side of my screen. They are blinking, as if they are repeating themselves.
  4. running now (had to take a break,for sanity sake) Should I be see something like ax:0212,bx:8600 etc in a column down the left side of the screen
  5. You Guys are AWESOME, and very patient
  6. tested the floppy and something is wrong with it because it does the same thing. What am I doing wrong when I am tring to create this floppy. Definately getting "Brain Farts"
  7. Okay that problem solved light off, but now when I put in the floppy ...Remove disks or other media Press any key
  8. Light stays on both ways. Cleared cmos now getting these messages CMOS checksum error- Defaults loaded up top of the page Memory testing 1048576K ok CPU0 Memory information: DDR 400 Dual Channel, 128 bit tcl:3 TRCD :4 Tras:8 Trp:4(2T Timing) IDE Channel 0 Master : Quantum IDE Channel 0 Slave : WDC IDE Channel 1 Master Ide Channel 1 Slave
  9. Okay getting all screwed up here. Still getting the NTDLR crap, changed cables on the A drive lights on (nobody home). in CMOS setup I am showing first boot device floppy second is showing hard drive 3 cd rom boot other enabled. Can I clear cmos and start over or am I F...... I think this could be fun once things start happening ( for the good)
  10. Went to the BOOT up floppy seek, changed it to enabled rebooted it came back "floppy disk failed (40)
  11. Have memtest on floppy, still get NTLDR missing. I am trying to get it to boot from the a drive(floppy) but it won't. On start up it checks mem and says ok DDR400 128bit. It hangs at the " Verifying DMI pool Data.............
  12. Okay... After trying to boot from the cd I get this NTLDR is missing Press C_A_D (3 fingersalute)
  13. Don't know what I am doing wrong, but keep getting same message
  14. Trying to d/l memtest...Telling me to get permission from owner ?????????????????????
  15. Trying to locate memtest in my current bios. I go to genie BIOS setting and can't seem to find it there
  16. Where do I get memtest????Is it in the ultlity cd
  17. Finally go this "Bad Boy" running (not quite). Anyway after trying to load it keeps going back to the "Start Windows normally screen". Haven't loaded the ultility cd yet or anything else. So, what's next
  18. Don't want to look like a complete idiot(even though) but because the plug was attached to the plug that goes into the 20 and when removed it left it a 20 with a 4 hanging, and then you look at the board and right under is a 4 pin hole.....well hope everything works....cross your fingers. Thank you so much...Would you beleive I ordered a MSI just this morning(which I will send right back
  19. SOB!!!! I just tried that and at least the system started to try and boot..... Going to try the rest of the connector and a drive and see what happens.. I can't beleive this......
  20. The one that was attached to the 20 pin
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