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  1. Looking for a good replacement batt.
  2. Having troube getting past Antlion in chapter 2;I go left of where the Guardian entered the cave -- into another yellow, blood stained area for cover from its charge attacks. Wait for him to retreat, and then exit the tunnel again. Continue down the tunnel and ready your shotgun. While running, you are supposed to come across a boarded-up wooden passageway. This is in chapter 2 I can't find the passage-way. I've ran through the 2 tunnels at least 6 or 7 times.
  3. Both have jumper which should make them 1.5
  4. I am willing to try anything
  5. IDE disconnected,going to try firmware even though 1st drive works fine and is older Tried both sets of headers 1&2 3& 4
  6. order is set to hd on boot order and boot priority
  7. trying to install 2nd Sata drive. Put them on Sata ports 3 &4,put jumpers on both. Now upoon start-up it only goes as far the DMI pool and ten repeats try to boot. f I take off 2nd drive it runs perfect. I've tried ports 1 &2 also with no difference. Anybody have any ideas??
  8. Using port 3 right now. When I try using 3&4 it does the same as when I try 1 &2. Boot order is to HD and that works but as soon as I try the 2nd drive nothing
  9. Haven't oc'd but will try diff ports
  10. Okay 1st it's not overclocked. Now I have 1 sata connected trying to get 2nd going.What should I do in the bios because comp refuses to boot if I try booting with both drive connected and plugged into 1&2
  11. How much trouble (if any) will I encounter when I try to hook-up 2 Maxtor 6L300S0 HD's. I have one installed already. I gues one would install to SATA 1 AND the other to SATA 2
  12. Looking to replace my Logitech rumble pad (wireless) any suggestions
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