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  1. It's very close to a build I want to do. I just plan on a lower end video card. I don't game at all any more, so I just need something to run a couple monitors. Per my Newegg order history, the core of my current build was purchased in 2011, so I think I am about due.
  2. I was excited to see that I won a game, Star Control - Origins. Before I got a chance to see if my machine could even run it, I saw the article here that it was pulled from Steam. Still, I am glad to see I won something! I love this contest every year. Thanks OCC!
  3. I looked up my account on Newegg. My Motherboard and video card were purchased in April of 2011. I never thought I would ever own the same computer for five years, much less for seven and a half years. The memory in that machine is from the OCC Christmas contest back in 2009.
  4. I look forward to this contest every year. As a stay at home dad of five year old twins, my time for gaming and computer usage has gone down. As a result, my computer has gone without an overhaul for years. This contest gives me a chance at an upgrade without having to justify the expense to the office of budget management (the wife).
  5. Entered! I love this contest!. Thanks for doing it again.
  6. Amazon has an Asus with an i5-8250, 8 GB of RAM, 1920x1080 14.9" display, USB type C, HDMI and a 1 TB 5,400 RPM drive. It just lacks an SSD, which can be added easily. It's $500 new, plus the cost of an SSD. SO about $600 I get a nicely equipped system for my needs. If I go used, I think I would target about half that price or less.
  7. I know this forum is mainly focused on desktops, but it's the only computer forum I am on. I am starting my MS150 training and need a laptop for my indoor trainer. I need to attach a USB dongle for speed/cadence data, wifi, bluetooth and the ability to connect via HDMI to my 13 year old Sony TV (720p/1080i). I would also like to use it for regular browsing, Office 365 and maybe, some light Photoshop Elements. And by light, I mean autocorrect and crop. Yes, I am that guy. I don't know how much I would honestly use it, so I am looking at the used market. I am thinking i5 or i7. How much have these chips changed over the years? Would I notice a huge difference in performance for my needs with a processor that is three or four generations old? Is it worth it to upgrade to an SSD and boost in RAM to help performance or is that money better spent on a new machine? I think a new laptop would be in the $700 range while my used price target is $100-$200.
  8. I won a game! I look forward to giving it a shot! Thanks!
  9. At least your processor is newer than mine...
  10. I always look forward to this contest. I've become brand loyal to certain companies solely because of the stuff I've gotten. I also once build a new computer just go with some RAM that I won.
  11. Isn't it winter down under? Just call it Australian Christmas.
  12. Update - I completely removed the AC86U from the network and am using just the N12. Everything is connecting, which leads me to believe something is wrong with the AC86U. don't know if I should try to deal with Asus on it or go buy something new.
  13. I have a 19 month old Asus RT-AC86U Over the past few days, it seems lost have lost connectivity with the interwebs through the wireless connections. You can connect to the network, but there is no internet access. I have the most recent firmware update, have rebooted it several times and even reset it back to factory settings and started fresh. Is it time to get a new one? Do I have to figure out how to assign static IP addresses? I have a second router, an Asus RT-N12, that I was using as a repeater to extend the range. Is there a way I can use that to handle the wireless while I keep the RT-AC86U as the main router while I figure out my net steps?
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